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Email Seminar Lessons

Welcome to Access Email. Total running time is 11 Hours, 49 Minutes.

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New 64-Bit PickFile Function

  • This seminar was released back in 2014 when 64-bit Office was relatively new and very few people had upgraded to it. At the time, in fact, Microsoft was recommending that only people with a specific need for 64-bit actually upgrade to it. I belonged to that camp. Flash-forward to 2022, and now most people are using 64-bit Office, and in fact it is the default standard. So, I had to replace the SelectFile function that you see in video 7 (Attachments) with a new PickFile function. All you have to do is put PickFile in the module where all the SelectFile stuff is and change anywhere you see:

       SelectFile (Me, FolderName)


       PickFile (FolderName)

    That's it. I've updated the code on the Source Code page in the Code Vault, and I've updated the database file in the ZIP file archive that you can download. It's in the "Access-Email-Seminar-Complete.ZIP" file. Look in the Email-Seminar-NEW.accdb file. That's it. Super simple.

Gmail Update

  • To use this Seminar code with Gmail, you will need to make a Gmail App Password for your Google account. I did not cover this in the seminar because it wasn't required at the time. That link contains a video that walks you though it.

Other Updates

  • Note that sending email via CDO.Message as shown in Lesson 10 does NOT work with Microsoft Exhange Server as of August of 2021. According to this page: "The MAPI/CDO library has been replaced by Exchange Web Services (EWS), Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), and Representational State Transfer (REST)* APIs. If an application uses the MAPI/CDO library, it needs to move to EWS, EAS, or the REST APIs to communicate with Exchange 2019." Thanks to Moderator Scott Axton for finding this one.


Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. If you have questions about a specific lesson, please specify the lesson number and the time index in the lesson where the issue occurs. Thank you!

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