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Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

-Bill Gates
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These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words.

Feel free to add your testimonial below.


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Paul Brand 
27 hours ago
In 2000 I started at the bottom as an employee and now I am currently one of the owners of a small cnc machining company in WI. We recently split our company into 2 locations in 2 separate towns. We are pretty much a service company and have always used purchased software to track our time on each job. When we split our company last year the software we were using at that time became even more painfully slow than it already had been. We had contacted the company and they told us that was normal. I had already been using the data we collected through their software to create the custom reports we wanted in Access and thankfully at some point I ran across your video's on YouTube and decided to build our own database. Thank you for creating your company and all your video's! It is a great service to people like me who want to learn! Because of your teaching I (someone who did not go to college or have any classes on access) have been able to build a split database that works better for  us for our needs than what we were using and I look forward to learning much more! So many small businesses could benefit from Access and unfortunately they don't even know it! Seriously...Thank you!!! Read More...
Richard Rost
27 hours ago
I hear that a lot... people who had older database systems grow out of them all the time. Access is a great platform to switch to for a small or mid-sized company. And then when you grow out of that, you can switch to SQL Server on the back-end and still keep your Access front-end. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks!
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Edward Mastoloni 
3 days ago
A little about me, for years I have played with Access and become adept with Excel, all self-taught at night.  I have an accounting background and an MBA in corporate finance.  I am currently the CFO and Operations Manager for a small manufacturing company with only 46 employees in NYC. Our ERP is Microsoft Dynamics NAV (now call Dynamics 365 Business Central ), which is awesome and very powerful, but simple tasks like data retrieval, simplified forms and customized reports for many less savvy users is very difficult.   I have been following Richard's Youtube channel for years but only became a full member a few months ago.  It's been some of the best $ we have ever spent on software and I wanted to take a moment thank you for everything and briefly explain my usage of Access.  Developed a few very simple databases.  I was always amazed by its simplicity, but never learned anything beyond the absolute basics (I didnt think I would ever learn VBA).  When I would ask others in the database programming world, if Access was good, I always got the response that it was nothing more than a toy for small businesses and couldnt handle large data tables.  So for years, I never thought it would be worth my time. During the downtime from COVID, I started to think, how can I use this time to help what other people in my company have been complaining about for years with our ERP.    Now, I have been able to do so many things with Access now that I would have otherwise had to pay huge development fees to our ERP developers that charge me $250/hr.  I have developed an Access DB (with linked tables to our SQL based ERP), thanks to you, with tons of customized forms and reports. Though we don't allow any data entry via Access (for many different reasons but most are related security and triggers in the ERP that would otherwise get bypassed by Access), the vast majority of the users only need it for data retrieval and analysis. I have also developed another Access DB that is available to our traveling sales force and whose table are imported automatically from TXT files (exported from the ERP on a schedule). The next step would be to somehow publish the sales reps DB online so they can access the data via a browser instead of RDP for only a laptop. Every day or so, I am adding new features to both Access DBs, all thanks to Richard!
Richard Rost
2 days ago
Thanks for the kind words, Edward. So glad I could help you out. :)
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Duane McKitterick 
8 days ago
I would like to tell you my story with access as you are involved with it.  I hope you read it. LOL!  I will warn you it is lengthy, but I think it is worth it.

I retired in 2014 and took a break from Access for a while. Which is why I hadn't logged in since then.  I never totally abandoned it, but I took a break from the daily grind. I used to work for the Michigan Department of Corrections.  Yes, I used to be a prison screw. Hahaha!   Read More...
Richard Rost
8 days ago
That's an awesome story, Duane. I love hearing from students like you who went on to make awesome projects with Access! And yes, definitely, the next time you're in the Fort Myers area, lunch sounds great. :)
Brent Davis
8 days ago
Awesome story Duane!!! I too would echo your sentiments about Richard. I am not and never will be a developer. I am a sales representative. I wanted to learn and I needed better access to information, pun intended. So I started watching You Tube videos and ran across Richard and his Tech Help videos. His teaching style is the best by far!!! I have learned so much over the past year about data and how it can be used to make me a better prepared and organized salesperson. My calls are better, my insight on how to provide solutions to customers has been enhanced!  But most importantly it helped me LEARN!! And for that I am grateful! What you are doing here matters!! And I think you for the avenue you have provided to share your knowledge so others can LEARN!!


Brent Davis
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