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I am convinced that the act of thinking logically cannot possibly be natural to the human mind. If it were, then... our species would not have taken several millennia to figure out the scientific method.

-Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Gary James 
2 months ago
Richard, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort you've put into the free Tech Help, and now Beginner lesson videos. I'm a 72 year old disabled Vietnam Vet with a background in Basic, C, C++, Fortran, FORTH, Visual Basic, and C# programming. However, SQL and Database programming has always been foreign and ethereal to me. I accidentally discovered Access as I was looking at the "extra" programs that came with the MSDN subscription my last employer gave me. I had no idea what it was or what I could do with it, but the deeper I looked, I was astounded at what it could do. Since then I've been reading and watching everything I could find on the internet looking for more information. Then I discovered your videos. You have the most infectious teaching style. I literally feel like I'm in a classroom with you in front of the class standing next to the overhead projector (yes, I am that old) with a pointer stick in your hand. Thanks again for giving me the intellectual push I'm needing to overcome the Access learning hump. Gary James
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Thanks, Gary. I appreciate that! :)
Juan C Rivera
2 months ago
Good Morning Gary, what did you use Tandy or Commodore?  LOL
Gary James
2 months ago
I designed Windows software for the Electronic.Test & Measurement industry.   My programs controlled Electronic Instruments, configured the hardware to collect data, downloaded the data, and performed analysis on the data, displaying the results of the analysis.   The hardware measured almost every type of phenomena including Voltage, Current, Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Frequency, RPM, etc.    Over the years I worked for Victoreen Instruments,  USAF working on B52's, KC135's, & U2's, Br'el & Kj'r, Keithley Instruments, Gould Instruments Division, IOtech Inc, and National Instruments, until I retired in 2010.
Juan C Rivera
2 months ago
Nice I worked F-106 and B53 G/H then F4E F16 and A10 last one before stepping out was the F117.   Where did you work U2 Black Cat?
Gary James
2 months ago
After my year at U-Tapao AFB Thailand July 70-71 working on B52's and KC135's, my next base assignment was to Davis'Monthan AFB near Tucson, AZ  in the 100th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing.    By the way, the U2's where referred to as 'The Dragon Lady' not a Black Cat.

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