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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

-Marie Curie
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Dwight Arroyo 
8 months ago
Richard Rost is the best when it comes to teaching database concepts.

There isn't anyone out there who can match his style and clarity in getting across to the student the "what, where, and why" of databases, let alone the experience he has accumulated.

All the questions posted by students (which are difficult I must say) he answers.

For any developer out there working with database technology, Richard is the man. What you learn in Access can easily be brought over to other platforms.

Just to provide an example, I saw his video on "Form Customization" and the skills he showed outside of Access just blew my mind. I am sure he is as excellent in all the other courses as he is in Microsoft Access.

Top of the line training for sure and well worth the prices! Just look at all the training he provides us for free!
Dan Jackson
8 months ago
I'm sure he really appreciates your kind words Dwight. As a student of his for only 8 months, he has really opened up a bright future for me and i'll be eternally grateful. If only he could have replaced my school teachers, i'd be a regular Einstein by now!

I agree on the pricing too. When you consider how much universities charge for courses, you get MUCH more bang for your buck with Rick. If you're serious about becoming an Access Developer, is not only THE best way to go but also great value.

I'm sure he'll drop a line to you when he gets round to it. I know he has heeps of work to catch up on, but he'll get there... eventually!!!
Dwight Arroyo
8 months ago
I cannot agree with you more! Rick is a God send and he has such a special way of making you look at complicated things and just making them simple. His logic is off the charts and trains you in so many different ways on how to think and come up with solutions. Not only in Access but in life. I am sure Rick is a great guy, excellent family man and best friend of those privileged to know him closely. Very happy to be on board again, and maybe I can learn some more. On my end, there is always room for that. Thank you, Dan for your reply!!
Richard Rost
7 months ago
Aw... gee... shucks... guys... you're making me blush.  :)
Dwight Arroyo
6 months ago
I am glad to see Rick is online again. Also, grateful for the update he provided us during the hurricane. I am glad his family is all well and safe. Life is truly the most important thing! I am sure we have all been praying for Rick and his family. Nonetheless, back to the help tech videos as always and I hope Rick's efforts will be generously rewarded by the man above. I know I have learned so much in so little time!
Richard Rost
6 months ago

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