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The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.

-Michel Legrand
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These are testimonials from actual customers. Thanks for all the kind words.

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I Got It! Upload Images   Link 
Nancy Moore 
12 days ago
Thank you, Richard! After the 3rd lesson on Many to Many Relationships in Expert 7, I GOT IT! Somehow that one matched my situation and it worked for me. Thanks to you, my database is getting closer to showing the boss. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Richard Rost
12 days ago
That's awesome. I love it when my students tell me the light bulb finally went on! :)
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Great Lesson! Upload Images   Link 
Julie VanDeburgh 
18 days ago
This course helped me to understand the tremendous value of setting up my fields first before blazing out there with data entry. Going back a little further, this course helped me see value in drawing out on paper ahead of time what I want my forms to look like and exactly what I want them to do for me and my end users. I am encouraged to know that I can change field properties after the fact though, since my needs will likely change and as I acquire more knowledge and experience using Access. Great lesson! Read More...
Richard Rost
18 days ago
Julie, thank you for your kind words. As I stress in class, one of the major benefits of Access over Excel is that by setting up your fields first, you are forced to enter specific data types. You can't put a text string where a currency value is supposed to go. Relationships are coming very soon (Expert 1). I want people to get comfortable with the basics before diving into a very important concept like that. I take plenty of time in Expert 1 and 2 explaining the ins and outs. And yes, I wish Access had a zoom feature too. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel all let you zoom in and out, but Access - once again - is the red-headed stepchild of the Office family. You can build your forms bigger (larger boxes, bigger fonts, etc.) but you can't zoom in design view or datasheet view. Lame! Believe me, if Microsoft would listen, I have a WHOLE LIST of things for them. Even being a 2-time MVP doesn't do squat. LOL
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Breath of Fresh Air Upload Images   Link 
Sharon Tapper 
46 days ago
May I say - Your courses are a breathe of fresh air - finally someone who understands how to relay information. You are a great teacher and there are a lot of not so good ones out there. I have been an MS access user off and on for a quite a few years and would class myself at intermediate stage. Information on access I have found in the past is generally too technical for a novice or too sketchy to follow. I have watched all of the beginner classes. I am finding the courses very well structured, easy to follow and most importantly easy to understand and digest. Thank you so much for providing these courses.
Richard Rost
46 days ago
Thank you, Sharon. I appreciate that!
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Do Not Mess With Perfection Upload Images   Link 
Annette Fadul 
50 days ago
I enjoyed this informative course. I learned the concepts well by watching the demonstration videos. The presenter was well versed, easy to follow and understand, and explained himself very well. There is not anything I can say to improve this course. I do not mess with perfection. Read More...
Richard Rost
50 days ago
Thank you so much, Annette. I'm glad to be of help.
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I Knew Absolutely Nothing Upload Images   Link 
Ashley Flott 
2 months ago
I love these courses. I knew absolutely nothing about access before I started watching these classes. Now I'm in the process of building my small company a database which will help us tremendously!! These classes are not just for computer whizes, they are for anyone. Easy to follow and understand and they build off each other.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Thanks, Ashley. I appreciate the kind words.
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Wait Before Starting Projects Upload Images   Link 
Mark Wright 
2 months ago
I am a couple of lessons away from beginning the Expert classes, and I cannot thank you enough. Your knowledge is extraordinary, and your style of teaching incredible! I am so glad I didn’t build my database after watching the first few lessons. Yes, I need to get it build, but I think the delay is more than warranted based on what I am learning.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Thanks for the compliments, Mark. I constantly tell people DON'T start your main project right away! Few listen. LOL. Learn Access FIRST. Then once you're confident with your skills, and only then, begin working on your major project you have in mind. You're going to learn a lot from Beginner 1 to Beginner 9. You're going to learn even more (stuff that will completely blow your mind) between Expert 1 and Expert 3. Be patient.
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Excellent Teacher Upload Images   Link 
Rebecca Mathias 
2 months ago

You are an excellent teacher.
You make Access understandable.
Thank you!
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Thank you, Rebecca. I appreciate that. :)
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Cannot Say Enough Good Things Upload Images   Link 
Joe Hood 
3 months ago
I can not say enough good things about your lessons and Seminars from Beginner 1 all the way through the Developer series. I have enjoyed the process from the very start. Definitely found that your suggestion of building the database's along with you is spot on. When you start building your own, it really helps to have done it before. Not to mention the ability to go back and review particular lessons whenever you need to.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Thanks, Joe. I really appreciate it. And yes, people don't believe me when I tell them in Beginner 1, "don't try to use this for work right away! Build my database first. Build a hobby database. Then once you've mastered the topic, apply it to your work database."
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Phenomenal Instructor Upload Images   Link 
Neal Groeling 
3 months ago
I love all of the courses. Rick is a phenomenal instructor, who teaches slowly and clearly. I love his "walk before you run" philosophy, his patient repetition, and his humor. Hard to find fault with anything from my perspective.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Thanks, Neal. I really appreciate the kind words!
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Hard to Find Elsewhere Upload Images   Link 
Don Stine 
3 months ago
VERY WELL presented with concise information, and good pace, and very thorough Especially for a Beginners course. You have removed most of the intimidation of creating nice looking forms in access and answered questions that other on-line courses don't. Read More...
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Thank you so much for your kind words, Don.
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