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Access Web Sync Seminar

Use Access to Power your Web Site, Collect Data

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This seminar covers integrating your Microsoft Access database and your Web Site. You will learn how to use Access to feed your Web Site with data and use Access to read information from the Web.


Main Seminar Goals

  • Use Access to pull information off of Web pages
  • Collect data on your Web site and download it into Access
  • Update your Web site with data from your Access database

Topics Covered

You will begin by learning how to pull information from different Web pages into your Access database. We'll see how to read the current temperature, and how to pull down current stock prices.


Next, you will learn how to create a customer data collection database on your web site. You will collect names and email addresses and then pull that information down into your Access database.


Then you will learn how to use Access to maintain a product database and upload that information to your Web site. The benefit is that someone with absolutely no skills with Access or Web design can maintain and update your Web site with just the click of one button.


You will learn how to use the Microsoft Web Browser control inside of Access so you can use it to load and analyze any page on the Web.


We'll program a timer event to make your Access database automatically go out to the Web every couple of minutes to download real-time stock quotes and store them in your database for analysis.


Next you will learn how to create a form on your Web site to collect user information: name, email address, etc.


Then we'll learn how to use Access to download that data from our Web site so we can collect the names and addresses every day - or whenever there is new data.


Next we'll learn how to use our Access database to control the content of our Web site. We'll store the text for each of our Web pages in our Access database and then with the click of a button be able to update our Web site. This way, someone who doesn't know Web design can easily update the content on your Web site.


Finally, we'll do the same thing with a product database. We'll create a local product table and form in our Access database, and then with the click of a button update our Web site with all of the product information that has recently changed. Again, it's one-click maintenance of your Web site, and it allows you to synchronize the data between both databases.


This seminar is for anyone who wants to work with their Access database and the Web. Whether you're pulling information down from your Web site, collecting data from other sites, or even pushing information back up to the Web, this seminar is for you.

This seminar is long (over five hours) but it's broken up into 30 easily managed lessons of about 8 to 15 minutes each. You can sit down, watch a lesson, review the material, test the code out yourself, and experiment. Do a little bit each day. It's long, but it's comprehensive - you won't miss a single step as I've recorded everything from start to finish.

All of the sample database files are available on the Web site. There is also an optional printed (or PDF) handbook you can purchase to go with the course that has full screen shots and source code listings to follow along with - or refer back to afterward.

You can use the information from this seminar to gather data from Web sites, collect data from your own site, keep your Web site information up-to-date, etc. The list goes on, and the sky's the limit. Of course, if you have any questions about whether or not this seminar is for you, please contact me.



This is a Developer-Level Seminar. There will be a lot of VBA. It is strongly recommended that you have completed my entire Access Beginner and Expert series. My Developer 1 class is highly recommended so you understand the basics of programming in VBA. If not, at least watch my free Intro to VBA video.


I am using Access 2007 in this seminar. The version of Access that you have doesn't really matter. This will work with anything from Access 2007 up. I use Classic ASP for the web site. That's perfectly fine too. My site still runs on it. I used Expression Web as a web page editor. That's no longer available. I recommend EditPlus now. Also, some of the web sites mentioned in this seminar may no longer be available.

Important Notice: Keep in mind also that this seminar is OK for anyone who has real simple data needs. If you want to get serious about powering your web site with a database, I strongly recommend my Access SQL Server Online Seminar instead.

Enroll Today

Enroll now so that you can watch these lessons, learn with us, post questions, and more.


Please feel free to post your questions or comments below. If you are not sure as to whether or not this product will meet your needs, I'd rather help you before you buy it. Remember, all sales are final. Thank you.


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