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Moderator Tip Jar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   2 years ago

Show Your Appreciation!

I'm passing the tip jar around. If one of my moderators has helped you with a problem in the past, show your gratitude!

I am very fortunate to have a great group of guys that help me run the Forums on this site. I don't have time to personally answer all of the questions people post, so my awesome moderators take a huge load off my shoulders.

They don't get paid. They're not employees. They are volunteers who have dedicated a lot of time and effort to helping my students. And they do a fantastic job, every day.

Send Your Tip

Moderator Paypal Venmo CashApp Zelle
Alex Hedley alexhedley      
Adam Schwanz adamschwanz      
Scott Axton ScottAxton212      
Kevin Robertson KevinRobertson1975      
Dan Jackson danjo5      
Juan Rivera juanrivera1286      
Sami Shamma SamiShamma @sami-shamma $SamiShamma [email protected]

Important: please be sure to select "sending money to a friend" instead of "paying for goods & services." This way you won't be charged a transaction fee and all of your tip money will go to the intended person. Thanks!

If one or more of the moderators have helped you with a particular problem, and you would like to show your gratitude, your tip would definitely be appreciated. The moderator you choose will get 100% of your tip. This is also a way to insure that, should you need more assistance in the future, they will be more than willing to assist you again.

Thank you!


Comments for Moderator Tip Jar
Age Subject From
3 monthsAny other option than PayPalEileen Blake
5 monthsUnlisted ModeratorsMichael Olsen
6 monthsPayment as a thank youLudwig Willems
13 monthsFriends Family InternationalJoseph Rosenfeld
18 monthsThanksAmanda McDonald
2 yearsPaypal transaction feesWilliam Schall
2 yearsHow Much to TipJennie Collins
2 yearsCode Help Thank youAllan McConnell
2 yearsThank YouAllan McConnell
2 yearsThank youMo Albedah
2 yearsTipAlexis Cao
2 yearsTipJuan C Rivera


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