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Limit Long Text
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   15 days ago

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Add to a Long Text Field Upload Images   Link  
Garry Smith 
12 days ago
I want to add to a LongText field in a table PersonNoteT(One to One relationship with a PersonT table) with a query.
I have previously created a record in the PersonNoteT with a query and inserted some text into it. Now with another query I would like to add additional text to the end of the existing text in the PersonNoteT LongText field.
When trying to do this with a query I get a error message that all of the records have validation problems.
Any ideas on how to solve this with a query?
Scott Axton
12 days ago
Garry please show us your work.  (I knew I should have taken Richards mind reading class - LOL)

This should be pretty straight forward.
How are you pulling up the query?
Is it one at a time per ID or an add on for all, etc.

Pretty much you should be able to do something along the lines of
PersonNoteT = PersonNoteT & vbNewline & "New Text to add on"

Probably have to wrap it in a If statement to test for ID.

Typing  on phone so not exact.  See what you come up with.
Garry Smith
12 days ago
OK, problem solved, dumb mistake on my part.
One other ask, when using update to in a query to update a LongText field, How can I start a new line for the additional information that is being appended to the LongText field?
I have tried vbNewLine and CRLF but Access insist on changing to a string.
Then I tried creating a function to return vbNewLine as a Variant but no luck.
Kevin Robertson
12 days ago
Use Chr(10)


IIf(IsNull([Notes]),[Notes] & "My NEW text",[Notes] & Chr(10) & "My NEW text")
Garry Smith
12 days ago
Thanks Kevin.
I just tried Chr(10) with no results.
Any other suggestions?
Kevin Robertson
12 days ago
Did you zoom in to the field (Shift + F2)?
For some reason the new line doesn't show up in Datasheet view even though it is there.
Kevin Robertson
12 days ago

Scott Axton
12 days ago
Richard pointed out in another thread just recently that if the notes filed is set to Rich Text type that you have to treat it differently.  I believe it was to use a break character  
Scott Axton
12 days ago
html is getting removed above <_br_>  
Take out the underscore
Garry Smith
12 days ago
Thanks Scott. The "<br>" worked. I forgot about that video.
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