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I realized up there that our planet is not infinite. It's fragile. That may not be obvious to a lot of folks, and it's tough that people are fighting each other here on earth instead of trying to get together and live on this planet.

-Alan Shepard
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Comments for Visitor Forum
Age Subject From
6 daysAccess to get data from SAGEAnnelise Blair
7 daysDecision Tree Database SeriesRyan Wynn
10 daysData will not display in Qry or FormTerry McMillan
10 daysSwapping combo boxes with 1 buttonSamuel Comer
10 daysCreate Jobs from ProductsGraham Heron
11 daysDuplicate a FormKellie Hawkins
14 daysACCESS VBA ProgrammerMartin Treadaway
16 daysForm filterFred Zwalm
16 daysRevision System with ApprovalSiti Athirah Jalaludin
21 daysAutopopulateKane Hamilton
21 daysUpgrade Access V200 to Office 365Mike Gregan
22 daysor without creating newMarc Drummond
22 daysImporting a CSV file into AccessVelina Lovell
25 daysVehicle MaintenanceRic Stephens
31 daysSubforms selection entire new recordBienyamien Manuel
32 daysAccess Combobox 600 record limitMiguel Ramos
33 daysCascading Combo BoxRobert Stott
33 daysName ErrorChristina Prindle
34 daysButton to run camera on the tabletKuba Kuba
35 daysMicrosoft Access Beginner level 1Alison Grey
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