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ChatGPT Gift Shop
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   14 months ago

I absolutely LOVE ChatGPT.

I decided to use it to add more sample orders to my TechHelp Free Template database (the one I use for classes). I told it:

"Thinking about the rock group Rush, make a list of witty items from their songs to be found in a gift shop."

It's reply was nothing short of beautiful:

Rush, the iconic Canadian rock band, is known for their thought-provoking lyrics and intricate musicianship. Here's a list of witty items inspired by their songs that could be found in a gift shop:

"Tom Sawyer" paint set: A creative painting kit inspired by the song "Tom Sawyer," complete with brushes, easels, and a selection of bold colors to unleash your inner artist.

"The Trees" bonsai kit: A gardening kit featuring a miniature bonsai tree, pruning shears, and instructions on how to care for your very own "forest" inspired by the song "The Trees."

"Red Barchetta" model car: A finely detailed model of a red sports car (possibly a Ferrari Barchetta) inspired by the exhilarating song "Red Barchetta."

"Closer to the Heart" pendant: A heart-shaped pendant with the phrase "Closer to the Heart" engraved on it, paying homage to the song's message of compassion and understanding.

"2112" graphic novel: A beautifully illustrated graphic novel based on the epic sci-fi concept album "2112," telling the story of a dystopian society and one individual's quest for self-expression.

"Subdivisions" jigsaw puzzle: A challenging jigsaw puzzle featuring an image of suburban streets and homes, inspired by the song "Subdivisions," which critiques conformity and suburban life.

"YYZ" luggage tag: A stylish luggage tag designed with the recognizable "YYZ" Morse code pattern, inspired by Rush's instrumental track named after the airport code for Toronto Pearson International Airport.

"Fly By Night" sleep mask: A comfortable sleep mask with a whimsical design, featuring an owl in flight, inspired by the song "Fly By Night."

These creative and unique gift shop items pay tribute to some of Rush's most memorable songs, allowing fans to express their appreciation for the band's music and lyrics in fun and imaginative ways.

OK, so then I decided to have more fun with it and asked, "now give me a list of funny gift shop items from Alex Lifeson."

While there aren't many songs or lyrics specifically attributed to Alex Lifeson alone, as a member of Rush and known for his sense of humor, you can still find inspiration from his personality and experiences for funny gift shop items:

"Blah Blah Blah" Speech Bubble T-Shirt: A humorous T-shirt featuring a speech bubble with the text "Blah Blah Blah," inspired by Alex Lifeson's famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech in 2013.

"Lerxst" Guitar Picks: A set of custom guitar picks featuring the nickname "Lerxst," which is a moniker used by Alex Lifeson throughout his career.

"La Villa Strangiato" Dream Journal: A quirky dream journal with illustrations inspired by Rush's instrumental song "La Villa Strangiato," which was based on Alex Lifeson's strange and vivid dreams.

"The Big Nose" Disguise Glasses: A playful set of disguise glasses featuring an oversized nose, a nod to Alex Lifeson's self-deprecating humor about his own nose.

"Lifeson's Guide to Air Guitar" Book: A tongue-in-cheek instructional book on mastering the art of air guitar, as if written by the legendary guitarist Alex Lifeson himself.

"Rush Golf Classic" Golf Balls: A set of branded golf balls inspired by the band's love for golf, with Alex Lifeson's signature printed on them, perfect for Rush fans who enjoy the sport.

"The Bag" Canvas Tote: A canvas tote bag featuring a humorous cartoon of Alex Lifeson carrying his infamous "bag," which he brought to band rehearsals in the early days of Rush.

"Alex's Silly Faces" Photo Album: A photo album filled with pictures of Alex Lifeson making his iconic funny faces throughout various stages of Rush's career, capturing his playful spirit.

These lighthearted gift shop items celebrate Alex Lifeson's humor and personality, offering fans a fun way to pay tribute to the guitarist and his contributions to Rush.

This is absolutely world changing. Like Rush. I added a bunch of Star Trek related items too (and some others). If you haven't used ChatGPT yet, what are you waiting for?

So if you see these items in the database template in the future I wish I could take credit for them but I'm not that creative. LOL.


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