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Intro to PCs

Introduction to Personal Computers for Beginners

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Welcome to Introduction to Personal Computers. I'm Richard Rost, your instructor. If you're a complete newcomer to computers, you're in the right place. We'll start from scratch, covering computer basics, hardware components, keyboard and mouse usage, and essential tips for beginners. Even if you've never touched a computer before, you're welcome here. No prerequisites are needed.

For those well-versed in tech, please consider sharing this course with friends, family, or co-workers who might benefit. Like all of my introductory courses, this one is completely free to all.


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Topics Covered

In Lesson 1, we will learn about computer hardware essentials. We'll cover everything from understanding why hardware knowledge is crucial, to exploring core system components like CPUs, memory, and storage options. We'll learn the difference between PC and Mac. I'll simplify complex terms such as the binary system, and provide practical tips on informed buying, servicing, and upgrading your system.

In Lesson 2, we will learn about data storage options from floppy disks to cloud services, use various peripherals such as printers and scanners, and understand power protection for your devices. Gain practical insights into evolving technology and how to best equip your computing setup.

In Lesson 3, we will learn how to navigate and utilize your keyboard effectively, from mastering alphanumeric and symbol keys to function and modifier keys. We'll also explore the handy tools embedded in your keyboard like the space bar, backspace, numpad, and various system keys to enhance your productivity.

In Lesson 4, we will learn how to comfortably use a computer mouse, differentiate between the pointer and cursor, and master clicks, double-clicks, and drag-and-drop techniques essential for efficient navigation and interaction with your PC.

In Lesson 5, we will learn how how to optimize your workspace ergonomics and manage computer safety, with essential tips for protecting both your equipment and wellbeing, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user. This is a lesson I call "Rick's Tips." Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting out, these insights will prove invaluable in ensuring your computing experience remains comfortable, efficient, and trouble-free. Additionally, we'll provide helpful tips tailored for newcomers, affectionately known as "noobs." This term is used endearingly and is meant to provide guidance to those taking their first steps in the digital world.

What's Next?

Windows Beginner Level 1 is currently still in production, but the first couple of lessons are posted and you can watch them right now.

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