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Intro to PCs

00. Introduction (6:11)
Introduction to computers for beginners
Helpful definitions in computing
Detailed discussion on computer hardware
System components overview
Peripheral devices explanation
Data storage information
Using the keyboard
Keyboard keys and their functions
Using the mouse
Ergonomics and safe computing practices
Tips for beginner computer users

01. Computer Hardware, Part 1 (20:42)
Why learn this stuff?
Basic definitions
PC v Mac
System Components
Importance of learning computer hardware
Basic computer definitions
Difference between PC and Mac
Definition and function of computer hardware
Definition and function of software
Understanding the binary system
Significance of bits and bytes
Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte sizes
Types of computers (tablets, laptops, desktops, servers)
Core computer system components
CPU (Central Processing Unit) role and measurement
Differences between Intel and AMD processors
Variations in computer case styles
Safety with power supply units
Random Access Memory (RAM) and its purpose
Hard drive storage and types (SSD vs traditional)
Magnetic fields' effect on traditional hard drives
Comparison between RAM and hard drive storage
Using the desk analogy for RAM vs hard drive
Motherboard (system board) as the computer's backbone
Usage of expansion cards in computers

02. Computer Hardware, Part 2 (17:52)
Data storage, peripherals, power protection
Data storage evolution
Floppy disk technology
Magnetic storage media
Evolution of storage capacity
CD-ROMs and their capacities
CD-R and CD-RW differences
DVD storage capabilities
Modern trends in optical drives
External DVD drives as accessories
Impact of high-speed internet on storage
USB flash drives and portability
Versatile storage capacities of thumb drives
Plug-and-play convenience
Built-in security features on flash drives
Cloud storage advantages
Data management with cloud services
Synchronization across devices
Major cloud storage providers
Importance of local backups
Evolution of computer monitors
Transition from CRT to LCD/LED screens
Printer categories and their issues
Inkjet printers and cost considerations
Laser printer economics
Thermal printers and specialized media
Legacy of dot matrix printers
Scanners and digital file creation
All-in-one printer-scanners
Smartphone as a scanning tool
Sheet-fed scanners for high volume
Webcams and video capture devices
Built-in webcams and privacy features
Gaming peripherals and joysticks
Speakers and microphones for desktops
Headsets for private listening
Network adapters and connectivity options
Legacy modems and their history
Surge protector recommendations
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

03. Using the Keyboard (19:20)
Different keys on the keyboard
Numeric keypad (numpad)
Enter or Return key function
Space bar key function
Backspace key function
Delete key function
Tab key function
Escape key function
Arrow keys function
Num lock key function
Function keys F1-F12
Function keys on laptop keyboards
Modifier keys: Control, Alt, Shift
Control C and Control V shortcuts
Control Alt Delete function
Caps Lock key function
Windows Key and its shortcuts
Right-click key (context menu key)
Insert key function
Scroll Lock key function
End key function
Print Screen key usage
SysRQ key history
Pause-Break key history
Page Up and Page Down keys
Special-purpose buttons (e.g., sleep, wake-up, power)

04. Using the Mouse (15:56)
Computer mouse as an input device
Description of a computer mouse
Proper mouse handling techniques
Fingertip grip style
Palm grip style
Maintaining a neutral wrist position
Using a wrist rest
Considering arm and shoulder movement
Difference between pointer and cursor
Mouse pointer function and appearance
Cursor as an active insertion point
Distinguishing between the pointer and cursor
Pointing with the mouse
Mouse clicking actions
Right-click functionality
Double-click technique
Click and drag operation
Selecting text by click and drag
Scroll wheel usage
Variations among different mice models
Alternative pointing devices like trackballs 
Laptop touchpad functionality
Touchscreen interaction with devices

05. Rick's Tips (16:47)
Computer Caveats
Tips for Noobs
Computer workstation setup
Monitor positioning
Importance of posture
Adjusting your workspace
Eye breaks and exercises
Preventing vision-related headaches
Using proper eyewear
Wrist rest recommendations
Footrest alternatives
Benefits of a standing desk
Adjusting desk height

06. What's Next (3:06)
Using the Windows operating system
Software included with Windows
Finding Windows Beginner Level 1 class
Microsoft Word overview
Microsoft Excel overview
Microsoft Access overview
Navigating Computer Learning Zone website
Accessing free lessons on various subjects
Participating in student-moderated Q&As
Providing feedback through surveys
TechHelp series for specific questions
Submitting questions for TechHelp videos



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