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I'm Done With Twitter
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   2 months ago

Bye Bye Twitter, X, Whatever They're Calling it Now...

I've never been a huge fan of Twitter. Even from the beginning, I thought their character limit was ridiculously small, and it's extremely hard to follow threads and conversations. However, it has always been good for broadcasting short messages. For example, if my website was down, I could post something there, or if I just released a new video, I could post it on Twitter and people would see it. But I've never relied on it to communicate with my customers. I do my best to track where business comes from, and I can't say that I've made any decent money off people who found me on Twitter. But it's there, people use it, and it's easy to post on. 

For the last couple of years, I've used a service called Zapier, which automatically reads my RSS feed - meaning the things that I post on my website - automatically posts them to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a couple of other places. As we all know very well, I absolutely hate Facebook, but pretty much everyone uses it. And because I can use Zapier to automate it, I'll continue posting my stuff on Facebook.

Well, I just found out from Zapier that Twitter is no longer allowing them to automatically post to their site. This means that I would have to log on to Twitter myself manually and post updates. So, I won't be doing that, since it's not worth my time. As you know, I post something pretty much every day, and I'm not going to waste 10 minutes of my time logging on to Twitter for pretty much zero returns.

Personally, I think Twitter is dumb. This whole rebranding to 'X' is stupid. Why would you take a very popular brand that almost everyone knows and waste it? It was to the point where Twitter in the popular lexicon - just like you Google something, you send a tweet. This whole thing of changing the company to 'X' is lame. But hey, whatever; if you want to destroy your brand, go for it.

So anyways, in the future, I will continue posting to Facebook and LinkedIn because it's still automated. LinkedIn is another service that I barely use. The only reason I keep it around is because it's owned by Microsoft, and I'm hoping one of these days it gets good. But I get tons and tons of spam from LinkedIn, and I complain that it's spam, and they keep telling me it's not spam. When someone that I don't know at all sends me a message and says that they want to schedule a phone call so they can talk about helping my business with their (insert whatever service here), you don't think that's spam, LinkedIn? Really? Yeah, and I guess you could say LinkedIn Learning is a competitor of mine, but not really. They don't come close to touching my Access courses. 😎

I used to use Twitter for website outage notifications, and I will say that since I've been with WinHost, it hasn't really been a problem; the site almost never goes down. But if it did, I would post a notice on Twitter. So, in the future, if that happens, I will post a notice on my YouTube page, since that is definitely where most people find me, where I get 90% of my business from, and where I personally spend a lot of time. So, if you ever can't log on here, check my YouTube page. There's a Community tab that is basically like a message board.

Okay, that's all for today. Rant over.




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