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Access AI Builder

Write Custom SQL and VBA Code With AI Assistance

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Welcome to the future of database management with the revolutionary Access AI Builder. This cutting-edge template is a game-changer for both SQL / VBA experts and beginners alike. Imagine the ease of interacting with your database using simple, everyday English, and having an intelligent AI seamlessly translate your needs into complex SQL queries and/or VBA code. 

Whether you're looking to quickly generate reports, streamline data management, or empower your end-users with the ability to query databases without SQL knowledge, the Access AI Builder is your solution. This tool not only simplifies your workflow but also opens up a world of possibilities for efficient and effective database interaction. Get ready to transform the way you interact with your data, making database management more intuitive and accessible than ever before.


  • Version 1.2 adds the ability to write custom VBA code based on the tables, queries, and fields in your database!



This is a developer-level template; however, one does not have to be an advanced developer to utilize it. If your sole intention is to employ this database for SQL generation and you do not aspire to become a developer, that is perfectly fine. You will simply need to correctly place the API key, which is shown in the Developer Guide video. Nevertheless, should you prefer to use this template as is, merely as a tool for SQL writing, you may do so. If your objective is to augment your databases and introduce additional functionality, the choice is entirely yours. You hold the power to unleash the full potential of this code, with the sky representing the only limit. Please note that you will need to acquire an API key from OpenAI.

Sample Database

Unlike the majority of my templates, a sample for this particular database is unavailable due to the necessity of a paid API key for its functionality. However, I kindly recommend that you refer to the freely accessible TechHelp videos I have provided above. By following the instructions outlined in those videos and constructing the database independently, you will have the opportunity to secure an API key from OpenAI. That will give you a good indication for how well AI works with Access. This template just adds additional SQL functionality.

Full Developer Database

Once you have purchased the full developer database template, and obtained your OpenAI API key, you may come back to this page and download the full template. This will give you access to the ZIP file containing the Template ACCDB file. The full version will run on 32-bit or 64-bit Access 2007 or higher. Be sure to watch the Developer Explainer Video (above).

Purchase Template

Please be sure to read the Before You Purchase section below before buying this template.

Order Now


  • Natural Language Processing: Communicate with your database using plain English; no SQL knowledge needed.
  • Automatic SQL Translation: Converts your English queries into efficient SQL code.
  • Advanced Query Capabilities: Handles complex queries, including joins across multiple tables.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use for both beginners and seasoned database professionals.
  • Real-Time Results: Quickly view and assess query results with the click of a button.
  • Customizable Queries: Flexibility to modify and save queries for repeated use.
  • Action Query Feature: Includes capabilities for more advanced actions like updating or altering data.
  • AI-Powered Accuracy: Leverages the latest AI technology for precise and reliable query translations.
  • Template Integration: Easily integrates with existing Microsoft Access databases and templates.
  • Time-Saving Tool: Drastically reduces the time spent writing and debugging SQL queries.
  • End-User Empowerment: Allows non-technical users to create and run their own queries.
  • Tutorial Instruction: Comes with a instructional videos for setup and use.
  • Multi-Bot Functionality: Option to set up different AI personas for diverse query responses.
  • Developer-Friendly Extensions: Additional coding options available for more advanced customizations.
  • Regular Updates: Ensures compatibility with the latest Microsoft Access and AI developments.
  • Community Support: Access to a community of users for tips, tricks, and shared experiences.
  • Scalable Solution: Suitable for both small projects and large-scale database management.
  • Enhanced Data Interaction: Makes data analysis and report generation more accessible.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for expensive SQL expertise or additional software.
  • AI-Generated Bullet Lists: And yes, I asked ChatGPT to make this list of features for me. LOL.


  • Version 1.1 (2023-12-06): Added data types to the list of fields sent to the AI. Added the ability for the developer to specify which tables and queries are sent to the AI.
  • Version 1.2 (2023-12-07): Added the ability to write custom VBA code based on the tables, queries, and fields in your database!

In the first release of the innovative Access AI Query Builder, you'll discover the power of conversing with your database in plain English. This tool remarkably translates your spoken requests, like querying customers who are late on payments, into precise SQL. It's not just about simplicity but also about sophistication, handling complex queries with ease. Whether you're saving these queries, running reports, or performing custom database tasks, the Access AI Query Builder is designed to make SQL accessible to all, from database professionals to end-users with no SQL background.

The real magic of this tool lies in its ability to handle varied and complex database interactions. Demonstrated through examples, the Access AI Query Builder effortlessly deals with different scenarios – from simple customer queries to more intricate requests involving multiple tables like customers, contacts, orders, and details. The tool is not just about fetching data; it's also capable of executing action queries. A standout feature is its precision in merging tables and executing right joins, a typically challenging aspect in SQL. The results are not only accurate but also instantaneous, showcasing the AI's advanced capabilities and the tool's efficiency.


Wrapping up, the Access AI Query Builder is more than just a query tool; it's a comprehensive solution for modern database management. It's built for today's needs, requiring an OpenAI paid account and leveraging ChatGPT for processing requests. The package comes with an instructional video and extended features for developers, including setting up multiple AI bots for varied responses. This tool is a testament to the fusion of AI with database technology, simplifying SQL queries and opening up new possibilities for efficient and effective data management.

Order Now

Sample Commands

Here are some sample commands I gave the AI Query Builder and it was able to successfully return good SQL. I encourage you to try lots of new ideas, and see what you can come up with. And remember, the AI isn't always 100% accurate, so double-check the results and if it doesn't seem right, just send the same command again.

  • Single-Table Queries
    • List of customers
    • Customers from florida (FL)
    • Customers from FL with a family size of at least 3 people
  • Two-Table Queries
    • Customers that have been contacted this past week
    • Customers that have not been contacted in the past 7 days
    • Customers that have been contacted this past week. Show me just name, email, contact date
    • Customers who have not been contacted this year
  • Three-Table Queries
    • List of customers with unpaid orders
    • List of customers with unpaid orders and what their total amount unpaid is
    • List of unpaid orders that are 30 days late with order totals
  • Action Queries
    • Add $50 to the credit limits for every customer in FL

Before You Purchase

A few important notes before you purchase this template:

  • Please ensure that you have viewed the complimentary TechHelp OpenAI video (above) and successfully implemented its instructions before cpurchasing this template. It is imperative to bear in mind that all sales are final. No refunds if you can't get this working and you didn't setup the free database first.
  • Please note that this is designed to be a standalone template. If you purchase the database you will get the unlocked source code and you can modify it yourself however the coding in the database is quite complex and I will not support you if you're trying to make changes to it yourself.
  • Backup. Backup. Backup again! Always make a backup copy of your information before relying on this database. If you're not sure how to do that, please see my Backup video.
  • You will require an API Key purchased from OpenAI in order to use this database. I have zero control over these keys. I will not be liable if for any reason OpenAI changes their API Key policies in the future, changes their pricing or stops offering this service.
  • Remember, we do our best to help you here in the Forums on the website, but technical support is not guaranteed.
  • This application is indeed a 1.0 version. OpenAI constantly improves its technology, yet it is still not flawless. Occasionally, the AI may overlook certain rules, resulting in unusual SQL statements. However, simply re-running the application usually resolves the issue.
  • I have tested this only on small databases containing a moderate number of tables. However, if you have lots of tables, it is possible that you may encounter a problem. In the future, I may develop a solution where you can select the specific tables to include in your AI call. If such a need arises, we will address it accordingly.

Notes After Purchase

  • Please watch the Developer Guide Video, above. This template isn't very difficult to use but if you don't follow the instructions carefully you may run into problems. If you post a comment saying that it's not working, and you didn't follow the instructions, I'm going to say "I told you so."

Possible Future Upgrade Ideas

If you have ideas on things you'd like to see added to this database, please post a comment below. If a particular feature garners enough interest or if I consider it to be a particularly good idea, then I will definitely consider adding it. Some ideas already suggested:

  • The ability to create groups of query sets. For example, you may want to query the AI on just customer and order information. Another set could include contact management tables. This would be to help the AI determine exactly what tables you want to use based on the type of query involved. Really large lists of queries and fields may confuse it.
  • Another tool that writes VBA, creates forms and reports (very possible, although this will be a major version upgrade)
  • Save the table/query set list with each specific bot (maybe).


For internal use only. This template does NOT come with a royalty-free license. You may only customize the template for your business needs and for use within your organization at one location ONLY. You may not resell or distribute any form of this template to others without express written permission. Contact me for additional information on obtaining a license to distribute if you plan on including this template in a product you are reselling. Additional licenses are required if you plan on using this template with more than ten (10) employees or in multiple locations within your organization.

Not a Finished Product

Please keep in mind that most of my template databases are not designed to be finished products that are ready to go in a working environment. My templates are meant as starting points for you to customize for yourself so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. This requires that you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Access development. To work on most of my databases you should have completed my Access Beginner series and the first couple levels of my Expert series at a minimum. Most of my databases require knowledge of SQL and VBA as well. 

Customize For Your Needs

If you would like to discuss customizing this template for your needs, and integrating it into your current setup, please see my consulting page for details. While I no longer accept custom jobs that are specific to a single user, I may include your features in a future version of this template if they have mass appeal. If you are looking for custom enhancements made to this template just for you, visit my Developer Network.

Technical Support

Please note that technical support is NOT guaranteed for any of my courses, seminars, or templates. If you require help with modifying this template, you may post a question in the Forums, however an answer to your question is not guaranteed. If this template comes with an accompanying Seminar, then you should purchase that Seminar to see how the database was constructed. If not, then you should have taken the suggested courses. Most of my templates are designed on a Developer level and you should have a thorough understanding of SQL and VBA before attempting to modify them. If you have a problem with one of my databases, I will only support the unmodified database exactly as it's downloaded from my site. If you have modified it in any way, it may not be something I can help you with. You can post in the Forums, and I may be able to help you, but if the issue doesn't exist in my unmodified database, it's not something I can support.


Got sales or customer service questions about this template? Feel free to contact me. If you have technical "how do I" questions about this template, you discover a bug, or want to suggest a new feature, then please post your comments below.


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