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Debunking Myths
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   29 days ago

"5 limitations of Microsoft Access" by HyperOffice

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Hey folks, this is Richard Rost with I don't do this often, but every now and then, I come across a webpage, article, or post that is just so blatantly wrong about Microsoft Access that I feel compelled to debunk these myths for the Access community and those considering it. I found a page titled "5 limitations of Microsoft Access" [sic]. It's a couple of years old, but I often encounter such pages, typically promoted by companies selling alternative products, hence motivated to deter people from Microsoft Access.

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The first item claims Access is not available over the internet, stating its biggest limitation is not being groupware. While it's true that Access can't be used over the internet by itself, there are numerous options for using your Access database and data online. You can upgrade your backend to SQL Server, use SharePoint, or Access Database Cloud, among others. I'll post links to some alternatives below the video.

Calling Access a glorified spreadsheet shows a lack of understanding that Access is a full relational database. The claim that Access is not suitable for team use is simply wrong. Access is designed for more than single use; it's arguably the best local area network database front-end. It's ideal for small businesses or teams up to 20-30 people. While there's a limit of 255 users, and larger user bases should consider SQL Server for the backend, Access remains a viable front-end. Many misunderstand that Access is more of a database design program than a database server. It can be used with a backend database server like SQL Server. If your database is slow with 5-10 users, it's likely due to improper database construction. I've set up systems for companies with 20-30 users, and even 200 users with SQL Server, running smoothly.

The claim that Access is only suitable for small databases due to a 2-gigabyte limit per file is misleading. You can have separate 2-gigabyte tables for customers, employees, products, etc. If you have larger tables, a database server is recommended, but this doesn't limit Access as a front-end. The assertion that Access slows down considerably with data excess is false; it's a matter of database design.

Access does tie you to Microsoft Windows, which is a valid limitation. However, alternatives exist for Mac or Linux users, such as remote PC access, virtual machines, or using parallels. As a Windows-based application, Mac users might not find my classes suitable, but they can still remotely access company databases.

The notion that Access is not user-friendly is incorrect. It's an exceptionally user-friendly database, and such a claim indicates a lack of understanding of Access. Access is not clumsy and clunky compared to new no-code applications; it was the original no-code application. You can build robust databases without any code, yet it also supports coding for advanced functionality, making it suitable for all skill levels – beginner to expert developers.

While Access isn't perfect, and I have my critiques, the criticisms in the article are mostly invalid. Access is not being discontinued, despite rumors. Web apps were experimented with but didn't pan out. For internet usage, options like SQL Server exist. Access is effective for small offices, and if it's slow on a network, it's often the network's issue, not Access. I've resolved many such cases by addressing network infrastructure.

That's my rant for today. I felt the need to counter these unfounded limitations. The only valid criticism is its incompatibility with Mac, but it's not a Mac application. I'll link the article below for you to read, and I welcome your comments. Post them below, and live long and prosper, my friends. I'll see you next time.


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