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Access Beginner 2 Quiz
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   29 days ago

Microsoft Access Beginner Level 2 Quiz

Here's the quiz for Access B2. Whether or not you've watched it, give this quiz a try and see how well you do.

Post your score below in the comments.

And once again, these questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. I gave it a quick read-thru, but I haven't taken the quiz myself yet.



P.S. A few of them are worded to where there could be multiple correct answers. In that case, I want the best possible answer. 

P.P.S. If you haven't taken the Access Beginner 1 Quiz, you should do that first.

01. Getting Started (9:01)

Q1. Why should you not run an Access database directly from inside a zip file?
A. It makes the database run slower.
B. Access can't open files from zipped folders.
C. It could potentially lead to data corruption.
D. Windows makes it easy, but it's not recommended for database integrity.

Q2. What does the "Active Content has been disabled" security warning indicate when opening an Access database?
A. The database is corrupted and cannot be used.
B. Visual Basic Programming or macros in the database have been disabled for safety.
C. The database is missing necessary files.
D. The database is from an untrusted source and cannot be opened.

Q3. How can you avoid receiving security warnings when opening databases in Access?
A. By always running databases directly from the downloads folder.
B. By setting up trusted locations on your computer or network.
C. By disabling all security features in Access.
D. By only opening databases in zip files.

Q4. Which of the following is NOT recommended for sharing Access databases?
A. Over a local network using a shared server folder.
B. Through personal Google Drive or OneDrive.
C. By setting up a trusted location for each user's workstation.
D. Via email attachments.

Q5. What is necessary to create on your desktop to avoid the Active Content warning each time you open the database?
A. A new shortcut to Access itself.
B. A trusted folder or location where the database will reside.
C. A zip file containing the database files.
D. A link to the online version of the database.

Q6. What was set as a criteria in the query "CustomerActiveQ" mentioned in the video?
A. IsActive set to False
B. IsActive set to True
C. CustomerID set to AutoNumber
D. CompanyName set to non-null

Q7. Which of the following is a function of a table in a database as discussed in the tutorial?
A. To interface with data on the screen.
B. To store all the data.
C. To print out data.
D. To set security protocols for data.

Q8. What is the primary function of queries in Access as per the video?
A. To print reports
B. To store data
C. To manipulate and view data based on criteria
D. To create visual forms for data entry

02. Form Design 1 (12:51)

Q1. What is the primary purpose of designing user-friendly customer forms in Access?
A. To make them difficult to use for better security
B. To make them visually appealing only to the designer
C. To ensure easy usability for end users who are not computer experts
D. To use as many colors and fonts as possible

Q2. How is the record source for a form in Access specified?
A. By writing a special database query in SQL
B. By manually entering data into each form field
C. By programming each control to fetch its own data
D. By selecting a table or query from the property sheet 'Record Source' property

Q3. What should you do if you want to move a field and its label together in a form in Access?
A. Click on the field and type the new location
B. Drag the field while holding down the Alt key
C. Click on the field to see a four-way pointing arrow and then drag
D. Delete the field and re-add it at the desired location

Q4. What is the function of using the Ctrl key when moving objects in Access form design?
A. To delete the selected object
B. To lock the object in place
C. To move the object one pixel at a time
D. To replicate the selected object

Q5. When working on form design in Access, what is a recommended practice regarding saving your work?
A. Save only at the beginning and end of your session
B. Save often, especially after every major change
C. Save once per day
D. It is not necessary to save manually as Access saves automatically

Q6. How can you indicate to the user that a field in a form should not be changed?
A. By removing the field from the form
B. By setting the text color to red
C. By setting the background color to gray
D. By hiding the field label

Q7. When aligning multiple fields in an Access form, what is the correct procedure to make them align to the left?
A. Drag each field individually to the left edge of the form
B. Select all fields, Right-Click > Align > Left
C. Adjust the margins of the form to force alignment
D. Use the align tool on the Form Design toolbar/menu

Q8. What is the keyboard shortcut to save a form in Access?
A. Ctrl+A
B. Ctrl+S
C. Ctrl+F
D. Ctrl+D

Q9. Why would you possibly delete labels independently from their text boxes in form design?
A. To correct typing errors automatically
B. Because you can rename the text box easily
C. To reposition text boxes without their labels
D. To link the text box to a different field in the database

03. Form Design 2 (12:52)

Q1. What is the primary focus of Lesson 3 in the video?
A. Database management techniques
B. Advanced form design and formatting
C. Data entry and manipulation
D. Creating and managing databases

Q2. How can you add an existing field to a form in Access?
A. Write a VBA script to automate field addition
B. Drag the field from the Field List dialog
C. Double-click on the field name
D. Use the Quick Access Toolbar

Q3. If grid lines are visible instead of grid dots, what is the probable system setting?
A. The system is set to English measurements
B. The system is using Standard Colors
C. The system is set to metric measurements
D. The system has advanced graphic options enabled

Q4. How can you align multiple objects to the grid in Access?
A. Use the Align tool in the Home tab
B. Set each object’s position manually
C. Right-click > Size > To Grid
D. Drag each object while holding the Shift key

Q5. What is the consequence of bringing the IsActive field into a form?
A. It generates a dropdown menu
B. It defaults to a Currency format
C. It appears as a Checkbox
D. It creates a hyperlink

Q6. How can you make changes to multiple labels at once using a specific style in Access?
A. Use the Style Setter in the Design tab
B. Apply Conditional Formatting
C. Use Format Painter
D. Copy and paste formatting attributes

Q7. What was the special effect chosen for the Notes field to resemble sticky notes?
A. Glow
B. Shadowed
C. Reflection
D. 3-D Rotation

Q8. What setting does the video instructor prefer for aligning fields within the form?
A. Center alignment for all fields
B. Right alignment for some fields and left for others
C. Left alignment for all fields
D. No specific alignment, random placement

Q9. How does changing Themes affect the form’s appearance in Access?
A. It adjusts the layout dimensions only
B. It changes fonts and colors set to default
C. It modifies only the font size
D. It alters fonts and colors according to the selected theme

Q10. What does the instructor use to make the Notes field look like a yellow sticky note?
A. Changing the field type to Memo
B. Adjusting the Foreground and Background colors
C. Embedding an image of a sticky note
D. Using a sticky note template from Access

04. Intro to Relationships (15:53)

Q1. What is the primary reason for using a relational database system?
A. To make the system look more complex
B. To improve the graphical user interface
C. To minimize errors, increase efficiency, and eliminate duplicate data
D. To maximize the use of storage space

Q2. Which of the following best describes a "Primary Key" in a database?
A. A key used for opening the database
B. The main password to access a table
C. The key that uniquely identifies a record in a table
D. A secondary reference point

Q3. What kind of relationship allows multiple records on one side and one record on the other?
A. One-to-One
B. Many-to-Many
C. One-to-Many
D. All-to-All

Q4. Which data type should be used for a "Foreign Key" in Access when designing a relationship between tables?
A. Text
B. Memo
C. Number with a field size of Long Integer
D. Currency

Q5. What purpose does the "AutoNumber" data type serve in a database?
A. To calculate sums automatically
B. To generate a unique identifier for each record automatically
C. To count the number of entries in a table
D. To filter data based on numerical values

Q6. What function should you use in Access to set a default value for a field to be the current date and time?
A. =Time()
B. =Date()
C. =Midnight()
D. =Now()

Q7. Which of the following fields is NOT likely to be auto-generated by Access as a default when creating a new table with unique identifiers?
A. AppointmentID
B. CustomerID
C. Description
D. VehicleID

Q8. In the context of "Foreign Keys", why is it important to link these correctly between tables?
A. To prevent hackers from accessing the database
B. To ensure data accuracy and facilitate the connection between related records
C. To increase the processing time
D. To enhance the color scheme of the database

Q9. What default value would be most appropriate for a field named "IsOpen" in an appointment tracking table?
A. No
B. Yes
C. 0
D. 1

Q10. When setting up an appointments table, which type of relationship typically exists between customers and their appointments?
A. One-to-One
B. Many-to-Many
C. One-to-Many
D. None of the above

05. Appointment Form (20:25)

Q1. What is the primary purpose of assigning the "Record Source" in the properties of a form in Access?
A. To specify the color of the form's background
B. To define which table or query the form should retrieve its data from
C. To link the form to a report
D. To set the default view of the form

Q2. Why is it beneficial to include a Combo Box in an appointment form?
A. To enhance the visual design of the form
B. To display all customer records sequentially
C. To allow easy selection of an entry from a drop-down list without needing to remember specific IDs
D. To automatically generate new customer IDs

Q3. What is the function of setting the "Hide key column" in the Combo Box properties?
A. It hides the form from the user interface
B. It displays all columns from the linked table
C. It prevents the user from editing the fields in the form
D. It conceals the ID column while still using its value for operations

Q4. What does the Command Button Wizard enable a developer to do in an Access form?
A. Automatically resize all form elements
B. Create fully functional and interactive buttons that triggers specific actions like opening a form showing only certain data
C. Change the form’s data source ORM properties
D. Validate data entry in real-time

Q5. What does setting the tab order affect in a form setup?
A. The sequence in which the cursor moves between fields when the tab key is pressed
B. The alphabetical order of records displayed in the form
C. The visual layout of the form being edited
D. The speed at which the form loads

Q6. In the context of Access forms, what advantage does pasting a formatted field from one form to another offer?
A. It secures the data by implementing field-level encryption
B. It allows reuse of formatting settings and properties, saving time and ensuring consistency
C. It increases the form’s data processing capabilities
D. It automatically updates data entries across multiple forms

Q7. When renaming the Combo Box to "CustomerCombo", why is it advisable to include the suffix ‘combo’ in its name?
A. To ensure it sorts at the top of an alphabetical listing
B. To make clear its function as a combo box when handling form and programming tasks
C. To enhance the visual style and appeal of the user interface
D. To facilitate automatic data binding with external data sources

06. Q&A From Students (25:12)

Q1. What was a frequent issue causing the textbox on a form to not display any text?
A. Missing text box properties
B. Corrupted text box data
C. Foreground color set to white
D. Text box locked from editing

Q2. Is it possible to print a form in Design View in Access directly from the software?
A. Yes, using the print option
B. No, instead use a screen capture tool
C. Yes, by exporting to PDF
D. No, you have to copy the design to another program

Q3. Can you start AutoNumbers in Microsoft Access at a value greater than one?
A. Yes, but it's not recommended
B. No, it always starts from one
C. Yes, using a special add-in
D. No, it only starts from zero

Q4. What type of tool did the instructor accidentally create when intending to make a combo box?
A. Data box
B. List box
C. Command box
D. Action box

Q5. What is the maximum size allowed for a single Microsoft Access database file?
A. 1 gigabyte
B. 10 gigabytes
C. 5 gigabytes
D. 2 gigabytes

Q6. What does the green triangle in a text box on a form typically indicate?
A. A syntax error in default values
B. An invalid control property or duplicate keyboard shortcut
C. A background color issue
D. A formatting problem

Q7. What is the purpose of the Compact and Repair feature in Microsoft Access?
A. To enhance color schemes
B. To format the text boxes
C. To fix database issues and remove empty spaces
D. To rearrange database records

Q8. Is Microsoft Access available natively for Mac operating systems?
A. Yes, with full functionality
B. Yes, with limited features
C. In development stages
D. No, but can be used via a PC emulator

Q9. What does a pinned thumbtack in the recent file list indicate in Microsoft Access?
A. The file is corrupted
B. The file is set to read-only
C. The file is locked to the top of the list
D. The file is being shared

Q10. What is an LACCDB file associated with Microsoft Access databases?
A. A backup file
B. A file locking file to manage multi-user access
C. A settings file
D. A plugin extension

Answers can be found in the comments section, below.

DISCLAIMER: Quiz questions are AI generated. If you find any that are wrong, don't make sense, or aren't related to the video topic at hand, then please post a comment and let me know. Thanks.

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