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Microsoft Windows Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 years ago

Welcome to the Windows Forum. This forum is for the discussion of anything Windows. Regardless of your Windows version, I'm sure we can help you out.

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Recommend a good PC TuneUp program Upload Images   Link 
Kevin Robertson  
6 years ago
I like Ashampoo Winoptimizer and TuneUp Utilities
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Recommend a good PC TuneUp program Upload Images   Link 
6 years ago
Can anyone recommend a good PC TuneUp program to use with Windows 8
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Upload Images   Link 
6 years ago
After following the recommendation to open Windows Defender in the Windows 8 tutorial I have a recurring problem.

1/ Defender keeps closing down
2/ It will not complete a update
3/ It will not complete a scan
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Dual Boot Acer Aspire One Upload Images   Link 
6 years ago
I have Acer Aspire One with Windows7 Starter and Android. I know how to set it up to boot up on either Windows desk top or Android. Is it possible to switch from the windows desk top to the Android desktop without restarting and changing the Acer Configuration Manager for Andriod. Read More...
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Exciting News Upload Images   Link 
Kevin Robertson 
6 years ago
Microsoft is offering a FREE upgrade to windows 10 for qualified devices running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 who upgrade in the first year.

Here's the link for full details:
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block websites using windows 8 Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago
How do you block websites using windows 8.. I can do it with earlier versions. Doesn't seem to take with windows 8
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Update to Win 8 1 Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago

I gonna unbox a new HP Probook 470. It comes with win8. Should I immediately update to 8.1 before I do anything or should I firs work with 8 for a while and then update?

Reply from Richard Rost:
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The Windows Update from 8 to 8 1 Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago
I did a lot of research on Windows 8.1 and seen the apps open very slow and other web sites.  Also there is so much running on 8.1 that if you have a laptop it runs hot all the time and the cooling fan is running all the time. Read More...
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SHIFT F3 shortcut in Windows 8 Upload Images   Link 
7 years ago
Hi Rick!

I got it finally. On my laptop, i have to press the Fn key as well.


Reply from Richard Rost:

Oooooh.... you didn't say you were using a LAPTOP. Yes, that's one of the things that angered me a little while ago. I bought a new Toshiba laptop and they share the upper row of function keys with their system control keys, so the volume up/down buttons are shared with F9 and F10. In order to use the function keys, you have to press the blue FN button. I hate this! It should be the other way around... and there is a way to switch them permanently if you go into the Toshiba setup software. Now I only have to use the FN key to use the Toshiba features. Read More...
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The User Profile Service failed the logon Upload Images   Link 
Kevin Robertson 
7 years ago
Has this ever happened to anyone when trying to login to Windows?

The User Profile Service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.

Googled the problem, so here is how to fix it. Read More...
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