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Microsoft PowerPoint Forum

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Lisa Messer 
5 months ago
Not sure if this will even be looked at but I have a complicated question for Power Point. My company is using PPT and Access for LMS training for employees. We use the Power Point as the presentation with voice over in it, sometimes small videos. There is a slide at the end that is a Macro enabled slide so that when you hover over the word "Finish" the video completes and the Access screen that had "take the quiz" button is now unlocked to take the quiz. I have found a way to disable the space bar and arrow keys and enter keys by putting the presentation in Kiosk mode under Slide Show> Set Up Slide Show > Show Type>Browsed at a Kiosk. This disables all of those choices to advance the presentation as well as the Finish slide (I don't want that), that I want them to be able to click on Finish to get out of the PPT.  What can I do at this point?
Richard Rost
5 months ago
Hi Lisa. Of course your question will be looked at... but I don't know if I can deliver you an answer. Without seeing your presentation, I really can't tell what you've got going on there. I'll be completely honest, I haven't done anything with PowerPoint VBA automation in YEARS, so I'm a bit rusty. Not something I could answer off the top of my head without digging into the code.
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Joseph Okechukwu 
2 years ago
I am aspiring, longing, and waiting to see an upgrade on PowerPoint that is aligned with the latest windows;for it is long overdue. I believe it is in the pipeline
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Yes, Joseph. It is coming. I need to BADLY redo Word and PowerPoint very soon!
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Maurice Lubert 
2 years ago
3 different topics:

1) I am now nearing the last of the Access Developer courses I have (Developer 13). I thought Id get the next ones automatically. apparently, I was wrong. So  I am pleased to order Developer 14 (and the coming ones as well). You have my credit card details. Read More...
Richard Rost
2 years ago
Hi Maurice. Thank you so much for the kind words. Let me address your items.

1. You are on the Waiting List for Developer 15. I haven't processed Waiting List orders yet. I'll be doing that today.

2. To be completely honest, I've never done any work with integrations between Excel and PowerPoint. What you're doing sounds incredibly interesting, but I would be completely in your position and have to Google stuff myself. I've got some books here on MS Office Programming, but none of them really go into too much detail about Excel/PP combos. I'd suggest looking on Amazon to see if someone has written something like this. Googling stuff can sometimes be a maze.

3. Thank you so much. I've got the master index listed here: Access Index. I've been wanting to spend some time linking the different topics in the Index to the exact courses that the item is contained in (and maybe even jump to the time index) but that would be a LOT of work, and I've switched from the old Theater to the new way of posting classes right on the web site. So... I don't know how I'd handle that. But, I'd love to see what you put together.
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