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Microsoft PowerPoint Forum
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This forum is for the discussion of Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Read No PowerPoint Fans by Bruce R @ 12/10/2014
PowerPoint is I think taken for granted until someone has a presentation to complete by a certain deadline. I think PowerPoint is probably the most underutilized application of the Microsoft Office family. I think that with the advent of the team leadership concept, PowerPoint will experience a renaissance of use, as Excel, for the most part, has become commotized as far as one being able to obtain free training online (from a number of sources). In my opinion, Access MVPs can still make money teaching Access online. In the final analysis, PowerPoint experts can make the most impact, as it is a very visible tool that if done right can affect multitudes of people.
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Read clip organizer in powerpoint 2010 by Bruce R @ 12/10/2014
If you read most of the recent literature regarding effective presentations, clipart is considered to be somewhat dated, and photographs are currently the flavor of the month.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

They've discontinued the Clip Art now too.
Although depending on how you use it it can be effective
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Read Post by Tommy @ 10/5/2013
I have a Powerpoint slide that I have placed a short video clip on. I have set all the Transitions, timings, size etc etc to my liking. All fine so far.
Now I have another 499 similar short video clips that I want to place on individual slides, however I don't want to have to set up all the attributes over and over again for every single slide.

When I copy the original slide there is no menu item that allows me to simply "replace video" as there is when you "replace" a picture?
I have tried simply deleting the video and replacing with another which results in all the settings reverting to default an not those I set on the original slide.
Its going to be a HUGE pain in the Ar** if I have to manually set everything for all 499 of my slides!!

Is there a way I can replace a video clip on a slide whilst STILL keeping all of the formatting etc that I originally created??

Most appreciated, thanks!
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Read clip organizer in powerpoint 2010 by clifford @ 6/10/2013
Hi Ross,

How do you access clip organizer in powerpoint 2010. On your powerpoint 101 unit 7 you showed how to get it for powerpoint 2003

Reply from Richard Rost:

It's gone. In PPT 2007 and 2010 you click on INSERT > CLIPART and select from what's there. In Office 2013, Microsoft has actually gotten RID of the clipart. Yep, Office no longer ships with clipart. You click on INSERT > ONLINE PICTURES and then you can search Microsoft's site for images.
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Read PowerPoint for Email by Richard Rost @ 12/20/2009
If you click on Office Button > Publish you should be able to publish those slides to any location (a folder on your hard drive or even a web server).
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Read PowerPoint for Email by Lorne @ 12/16/2009
Thank you for your help above.
Next question: I have compressed the photos and prepared the slides with text, etc. How do I save just the slides for sending on the internet without all the tools bars and screen peripherals? Lorne
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Read PowerPoint for Email by Richard Rost @ 12/7/2009
Lorne, you'll need to compress your images. Use smaller graphics or click on the COMPRESS PICTURES button on the pictures toolbar. This should make your file a bit smaller. You can also ZIP it.
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Read PowerPoint for Email by Lorne @ 11/26/2009
Greetings: How do you keep PowerPoint presentations small enough to send over the internet. I have prepared one slide show of 20 photo slides with text and it takes an hour to down load.
Thank you, Lorne
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Read Font Color on Hyperlink by Richard Rost @ 10/24/2009
AFTER you apply the hyperlink, then set the font color. It will override the hyperlink color settings.
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Read Font Color on Hyperlink by valhallinan @ 10/23/2009
Can Anyone tell me how to keep the font color the same if one is adding a hyperlink? Now, it turns purple and I want to keep the same color as the rest of the typeface.
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Read PowerPoint - properties of master title text box by robert @ 9/1/2009
I am working with a very long pre-existing PowerPoint presentation (several hundred slides).  

I need to leave the Master title text box (as set up in the master slide) intact as far as location and content, but create a different text box as the Master title text box.  

What I would like to do is insert a different Master title text box in the master slide, put what I want in it in every slide and change the existing Master title text boxes to regular text boxes.  I do not see where there are any property settings to do this.

I tried to go to the master slide and create a duplicate of the Master title text box and then try to convert the original one to a regular text box.  I first just tried to create a duplicate of the Master Title text box, and I got a duplicate text box, but PowerPoint ignores it as a Master title text box.

Anyone know how I can create a new Master title text box in the master slide and convert the old Master title text box to a normal text box?

Ultimately what I am after is to use the fewest possible characters in the master title text box for use in hyperlinking so that I do not run out of memory for the hyperlinks.  That is, instead of 10 - 30 slide titles, I can cut them all to just 3 or 4 characters, freeing up a lot of memory.  I would like to avoid having to copy the text from the title slide to a new text box, align the new text box, and then enter the smaller title (for use in hyperlinking)in the existing master title text boxes.  And then making this text white (to be invisible) and moving it out of the way.  That is a lot of steps to go through 230 times (for every slide, that is).  

And yes, I know that another option is to break up the presentation into pieces (4, for example) and then hyperlink each of them to a small master presentation, thus allowing maybe 4 times the memory for hyperlinks since the hyperlinks would now be spread over 4 sub-presentations.  But that also involves a complicated structure that many of the users may have difficulty coping with.
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Read A number of PowerPoint questions by Richard Rost @ 6/11/2009
1. Covered in PowerPoint 201
2. I haven't covered any IF/Then conditions in PP yet.
3. If you copy/paste-LINK data into PP from Word or Excel, it should automagically update when you open the presentation.
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Read A number of PowerPoint questions by Kathy Boyette @ 6/7/2009
Hello, Richard. Yes, back for more information. If you could help me nail down a number of topics or direct me to concise information about the following:

(Specifically, this is for an interactive employee safety orientation Powerpoint presentation.)

1. Hyperlinks w/in the PowerPoint presentation, w/out, i.e., to Word documents or Excel graphs/charts.

2. Conditional answer; returns to tutorial @ approp issue or if answer to question is wrong and user needs more instruction.

3. Update w/ other ms programs: Excel, Word as information is updated
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Read No PowerPoint Fans by Richard @ 4/30/2009
I can't believe NOBODY has posted anything about PowerPoint yet. No PP fans out there? Or is PP just that easy to use that nobody has any questions? :)
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