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Welcome to the Visual Basic Forum. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, you can watch VB Beginner Level 1 for free, and then purchase Level 2 for just $1.00 here. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

You can post questions about any version of Visual Basic, Visual Studio, VBA, VBScript, or whatever you like. Right now, my only course on VB covers the old Visual Basic 6, and of course I cover VBA for Microsoft Access in the Developer and 300-level classes. I'm going to be releasing courses for Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2019 soon, including the free Community edition.

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My Code Works Link 
Richard Rost         
5 days ago

I have no idea why

Alex Hedley         
5 days ago
If it's working I don't tempt fate by checking, it might change it's mind :p
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Column Resizing Link 
Kevin Robertson       
6 months ago
I was wondering if it was possible to prevent a  user resizing the columns in a ListView control.

After several google searches I am unable to find any documentation.
Alex Hedley         
6 months ago
I'm surprised this isn't a properly, looks like you have to go down into the Win32 API.

Could you use a DataGridView instead?
Kevin Robertson      
6 months ago

Actually found some code that works.

In the ColumnWidth Changed event:

        Static blnChangeWidth As Boolean = True

        If blnChangeWidth = True Then
            If e.ColumnIndex = 7 Then
                blnChangeWidth = False
                lvwCurrentAlarms.Columns(e.ColumnIndex).Width = 0
                blnChangeWidth = True
            End If
        End If

Then in the ColumnWidthChanging event:

e.Cancel = True
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Simutanious Event Handling Link 
Kevin Robertson       
7 months ago
I have a program that has a PictureBox (Time Machine) that moves alolng the width of a Panel (Time Line). I need the Panel to flash while the picture is moving.

The problem is the Panel only starts flashing after the picture has finished moving. How do I get both to occur at the same time? Read More...
Richard Rost        
7 months ago
That's a tough one. One of the problems Visual Basic has is that it doesn't handle asynchronous actions very well. Access VBA has a DoEvents command that you can use to allow background processes and user interaction to run while a process is in progress. I'd have to play with your project to tell you for sure how to get that to work.
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Who Wants VB 2019 Lessons? Link 
Richard Rost         
7 months ago
Well, I finally broke down and installed Visual Studio 2019. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. There have been some nice changes.

Who here is looking for some updated lessons in Visual Basic using Visual Studio? Remember, this is NOT VBA for Access or Excel. It's for building standalone programs.
Alex Hedley         
7 months ago
I'd loved to see Access Developer 14 the Easy Access POS as a VB.NET app.

I know connecting to an Access db was planned for the original VB6 courses. Might need a few beginner courses first though.
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Convert RGB to HSV Link 
Kevin Robertson       
7 months ago
I am building a new version of my color picker program in VB2019 (I built a very basic version in VB6). I have successfully converted the RGB values to HSL, but cannot figure out how to convert to HSV. Read More...
Richard Rost        
7 months ago
Hi Kevin. I've never done this myself, but here's a page I found with a quick Google search that shows the math behind how to get it done: RGB to HSV Color Conversion
Alex Hedley         
7 months ago
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TXT to ListView Link 
Kevin Robertson       
9 months ago

I am building a small program to store my study schedule. I have successfully added the item to the List View and appended to a text file. How do I read all the data from the text file back into the List View? Read More...
Alex Hedley         
9 months ago
Hi Kevin

You can use System.IO to read in the text file.
Then use Split function by comma to convert to an array.

Then you could loop the array and run

Or there might be an AddRange
Kevin Robertson      
9 months ago
Cheers Alex. Got it working perfectly.
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Cant Find VB Link 
KELVIN W       
2 years ago
I have Windows 10 and I cannot find Visual Basic on it. Any suggestions?
Richard Rost        
8 months ago
Visual Basic doesn't normally come with Windows. You have to purchase it separately or download one of the free editions. Office applications like Excel and Access have VBA built in. See this post about the different options.
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Determine case in combo box Link 
Kevin Robertson       
2 years ago
Hi Alex,

I am looking for a more efficient way of writing the following code;

'set the case for items in combo box
If strMediaType = "cd" Or strMediaType = "Cd" Or strMediaType = "cD" Or Read More...
Alex Hedley         
2 years ago
How is strMediaType being set, is this a input that a user can input?

I tend to change the case first then you know you only have to check say all lower.

The other option is to intercept the key entry and force it to be upper/lower etc then only check for the allowed option.
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Vscroll in VB 2012 Link 
Kevin Robertson       
3 years ago
I am attempting to add a spinner button using the vscroll control in vb 2012 to change a numeric value in a label. How do I determine which button is clicked on (up or down)?
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VB6 App in Win10 Store Link 
Alex Hedley          
4 years ago
Putting (my VB6) Windows Apps in the Windows 10 Store - Project Centennial

Find those old apps and get them published
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