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you don't understand it well enough.
-Albert Einstein
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Welcome to the ASP Forum. I love Classic ASP. My whole web site is built with that, Javascript, and of course HTML from scratch. Post your questions here. Feel free to ask about ASP.NET too. I'm not an expert (yet) but I can make my way around it, and yes, I'm brushing up my skills to I can prepare some ASP.NET lessons soon.

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Connect to Access Database Link 
Kevin Robertson       
5 months ago
I am attempting to connect to my database using ASP.Net in Expression Web. I am using the following code:

dim conn
dim rs
conn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.open ("StoreDSN")

When I navigate to the page I get the following result:

Repeating for every record in the database. Any ideas?
Richard Rost        
5 months ago
I've never liked using DSNs. Try this instead:

DatabasePath = "/full/path/to/your/database/whatever.mdb"
set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open Server.MapPath(DatabasePath)

You shouldn't need the rs.ActiveConnection line.

And remember you don't need parentheses around statements that aren't functions and don't return a value. For example:

response.write rs("ProductName")

You don't need parens around that because you aren't returning a value from it.
Kevin Robertson      
5 months ago
Thank Richard, finally got it working. Initially ran into the same problem until I made the followong change:

response.write (rs("ProductName").Value)

Set is apparently no longer supported, so had to leave it off.
Tried without the parentheses and got on error message.
Compiler Error Message: BC30800: Method arguments must be enclosed in parentheses.

Thank you once again and keep up the great work you are doing.
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When will ASP.NET be available? Link 
Gerard Gates      
6 months ago
When will ASP.net be available? I hope you eye gets better soon..

Richard Rost        
6 months ago
This is a difficult question to answer. I've got a lot of projects in the works right now, mostly Access-related. I still have to update my Office lessons for 2019 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) I really love ASP and I use it every day. My site is built mostly with Classic ASP, and I've been teaching myself ASP.NET slowly. So it's something I really want to dive into for my own enrichment too. If I had to GUESS, I'd say this fall.

And thanks for the concern. Still blind, but I'm seeing a specialist next week.
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SQL Server Anyone? Link 
Richard Rost         
7 months ago
I just realized while looking over my old ASP courses that I used an Access back-end for the database source in those classes. Is anyone here interested in learning how to connect ASP to an SQL Server backend?
Ray White     
7 months ago
Yes Please
Mubeezi Micah    
7 months ago
Yes sure.
i am familiar with this connection string.
'declare the variable that will hold the connection string
Dim ConnectionString
'define connection string, specify database driver and location of the database
ConnectionString="Driver={SQLServer};Server=your_server_name;" &_

but am curious to know how this one works

'OLE DB and OleDbConnection (.NET framework) Connection Strings

Standard Security:
'declare the variable that will hold the connection string
Dim ConnectionString
'define connection string, specify database driver and location of the database
ConnectionString="Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=your_server_name;"
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My First ASP Video since 2008 Link 
Richard Rost         
7 months ago
Prove you're human! A quick way to foil spam bots. This is my first ASP video since 2008. It's been a little while. In this Active Server Pages tutorial, I'll teach you a quick way to foil spam bots on your web site with a simple math question. We'll look at using text and images to make sure you have a human entering information.
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What Replaced Classic ASP VBScript? Link 
Mubeezi Micah     
7 months ago
Hello Rick,
I am now coming to terms that i have to let go of classic ASP. Which alternatives do i have? I would be good that you recommend something where the learning curve from Classic ASP will be easy. Thanx
Alex Hedley         
7 months ago
Hi Micah,

Classic ASP was replaced with ASP.NET.
So you have a couple of options, one is to learn VB.NET and the other is C#.
Alex Hedley         
7 months ago
The other thing to think about is how do you want to build it?
Originally there was WebForms but I wouldnt use that.
MVC (Model View Controller) is an option.
You can then split your projects out into FE (Front End) and BE (Back End), make a separate API that you can call to get data etc.

SPA (Single Page Application) this could be done in Angular or Vue etc.
Blazor is new (Web Assembly)

Sorry for a lot of options but it might be worth doing a little reading.
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SQL Server Temp Tables on Web Link 
Mubeezi Micah     
7 months ago
Hi Rick,

I use temp tables a lot in Access and local SQL server installations and they work 100% of the time.

However, in a REMOTE web server when using ASP, it fails many times. For example, Read More...
Richard Rost        
7 months ago
Honestly, the only real advise I can give you here is GOOD LUCK. I've worked with SQL Server installations on a variety of platforms, and they all seem to have their own attitudes and personalities. What works on my in-office SQL Server might not work all of the time on my GoDaddy-hosted web server or on AWS. It's weird! Even spacing sometimes can throw you off. Like <5 might work on some machines whereas you need to space it out as < 5 on others. I really can't tell you how to fix something like this without playing with it.
Richard Rost        
7 months ago
I will say this, however... I am one of the top experts with Microsoft Access. I've been using it non-stop since it came out way back in 1992. I know Access like the back of my hand. SQL Server on the other hand is something I've only recently been seriously developing with - for about the past 5 years or so. So I'm nowhere near the expert in SQL Server as I am with Access.
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Strange observertion in ASP Link 
Mubeezi Micah     
7 months ago
Hi Rick,
Today i was trying out something on my server and noticed something strange:

response.write "< Test" 'works
but if i remove the space character between character < and T, the response.write doesn't work and throws no error. Read More...
Richard Rost        
7 months ago
ASP and/or HTML sees it as the start of a tag. You would need to HTMLEncode your text to display brackets on their own. I cover this in ASP 103 and 201.

Mubeezi Micah    
7 months ago
Thanx a lot
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ASP.NET Lessons Link 
Noctis Yamazaki     
8 months ago
Thank you very much for the update! I really appreciate it! It's rare to see such a systematic training course on ASP 3.0 these days. Would you also release ASP.NET related courses soon?
Richard Rost        
8 months ago
Yeah I probably will because a lot of people use it. To be honest I still use classic ASP myself. My whole website is built with it and I love it. Granted there are some things that you really can't do easy like file uploads but aside from that I can pretty much do anything I want with just ASP itself and it works great with my back-end SQL Server database and even with Access. I've got a bunch of other projects on the burner still first including revising my beginner lessons for Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint and Outlook and of course I need a Windows 10 class and I've got a bunch of Access Developer lessons on the burner but after all that when I'm looking for new stuff to do sure ASP.NET is definitely on my list as well as SharePoint.
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Active Server Pages Forum Link 
Alex Hedley          
2 years ago
Hi Kelvin,
ASP stands for Active "Server" Pages, this means you need to host the code in IIS and have it serve the pages you have written.
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Active Server Pages Forum Link 
KELVIN W       
2 years ago
I wrote my first ASP page in NOTEPAD and saved it as Default.asp but it would not open in Internet Explorer. It did open with Firefox but it didn't show the current time. I guess Firefox doesn't support ASP. Any suggestions?
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