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Photoshop Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 years ago

This forum is for the discussion of Adobe Photoshop. Also, if there are other Adobe products you'd like to discuss, you may do so here.

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Photoshop to GIMP Upload Images   Link 
Gailen J 
9 years ago
How close are the Photoshop lessons with any version of GIMP? Or is GIMP something that could be lesson in the future? GIMP is in my price range and I am a complete newbie with either.

Reply from Richard Rost:
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adding layers Upload Images   Link 
Ray Lammbert 
10 years ago
I'm an addict for Photoshop Books and have been buying them since starting with Phoroshop 7. The best I've found is "Layers" by Matt Kloskowshi ISBN 10 #: 0-321-53416-6. Publisher Peachpit Press.
It's fairly old published 2008 but I still use it to prompt the old grey cells. Hope this helps
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1exadecima1 colour code5 with meaning Upload Images   Link 
Mubeezi Micah 
10 years ago
Dear Alex,

What a site! I just tried copying the color code into an Access form and it works perfect.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
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1exadecima1 colour code5 with meaning Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
10 years ago
Just found a cool site []

Lexadecimal: A hexadecimal colour code whose letters and numbers form an English word.

Found Access #acce55 and it's actually light green, guess Microsoft need to change it from purple :p Read More...
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adding layers Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
This should be easy, but I have not used PS in years. I cut an
image that I want to impose over a new background. I have the
2 images but I can't combine them. I also want to add text
when I get the composite image. Help
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cutting and pasting faces Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
I was able to cut a face from one photo and paste it onto teh head of a second photo. However, I am unable to figure out how to:
1. Resize the pasted face so it fits the scale of the body Read More...
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Reducing size of jpg photos for clarity Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
I'm creating a website that will have avatars of several book covers. Whenever I scan a book cover and reduce it for my website the image loses most of its clarity; the text becomes unreadable. The same is true for book covers I have created on my computer. What can I do to prevent the loss of clarity? Thanks. Read More...
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Photoshop hotkey Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
New…                    Ctrl+N
Open…                    Ctrl+O
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best photoshop cs3 book i can get Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
I have the adobe cs3 master suite. But my focus is in phototshop and later on how to coordinate them with the other programs in the suite. So can you suggest any tutorial or book that can get me in hand very well with photoshop. Especially starting at the basic level and goes all the way up. THANKS IN ADVANCE! Read More...
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diplomas/degrees ?? Upload Images   Link 
11 years ago
I just started working for a private vocational school ... and they are STILL typing and hand lettering their diplomas/degrees !

What SIMPLE software could you suggest for printing these at the end of every sememster ? Read More...
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