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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses, which you can do for as little as $1. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Birthdate in Function Upload Images   Link 
Ina van Rooyen 
15 hours ago
I want to use the birthdate as the date.  I tried it like this and inside quotes "birthdate" but it doesn't like it.
Public Sub UpdateAge()
    CurrentAge = Null    
Richard Rost
15 hours ago
What do you mean by "it doesn't like it?" Are you getting an error message? If so, what is it? Which line? Read this please.

What are you doing with HowLong? It's a function that returns a value. So you'd need to say something like:

AgeFieldOnMyForm = HowLong(BirthDate, True, "ymd")

See Access Developer 2 for the difference between Subs and Functions.
Richard Rost
15 hours ago
Also, the way you have that written, if there is no BirthDate in the table for that dog, it will return a NULL and throw an error. Wrap DLookups like that in Nz.

BirthDate = Nz(DLookup("BirthDate", "DogT", "DogID=" & DogID),0)
If BirthDate = 0 Then Exit Sub

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Sort List Box from Combo Upload Images   Link 
Brent Rinehart 
19 hours ago
I have two combo boxes that need to filter a list box (BidList), Filter by Office and Year the year is being filtered from the BidDate from the PropT, which stores the full date. YearCombo is populated from YearT and is unbound, Column 0 is YearID, Column 1 is YearSort and Column 2 is YearNumber. OfficeCombo is populated from OfficeT and is bound to OfficeName, Column 0 is OfficeID and Column 1 is OfficeName. Read More...
Kevin Robertson
19 hours ago
Hi Brent,

You are referencing your ComboBoxes inside the quotes.
Try this:

"WHERE YEAR(BidDate)=" & YearCombo.column(3) & " " & _
"AND OfficeName =" & OfficeNameCombo.column(2) & " " & _
Richard Rost
18 hours ago
Don't forget quotes around OfficeName

"AND OfficeName = """ & OfficeNameCombo.column(2) & """ " & _
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Google Drive Upload Images   Link 
Ibrahim Hasouna 
21 hours ago
I though google drive are Evil that don't work well with Access as you said in Access Evil Access stuff, yet you use it. Actually; I can't compact and repair when I but my DB on Google Drive folder, I have to take on my PC, compact and repair it, then get it back on google drive, if I didn't do that the DB goes too large, ... advice please
Richard Rost
20 hours ago
I use (and love) Google Drive and the Backup and Sync. But you should never run an Access database that's INSIDE that folder. Run it a difference non-synch'd drive and back it up to your Google drive. Same goes for compacting it. Copy it to your desktop or somewhere else first.
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Size of Images Upload Images   Link 
Carol Herriot 
2 days ago
I would like all of the images I load into the Image Boxes to fill the box e.g. width = 100% and keep aspect-ratio??
"Stretching" the image causes distortion.
Alex Hedley
2 days ago
Are you setting the sizemode?
Carol Herriot
2 days ago
Yes.  It is set to zoom.  Stretch distorts the image.
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Get totals from another table Upload Images   Link 
David Wilcox 
2 days ago
Once again, I must come and kneel before the master in search of wisdom. I have a main table that 'counts' the number of records and also 'sums' the total dollars at the bottom of the table. Is there a way to retrieve those two data items and show them in text boxes another form? For example, on my main dashboard form I'd like to be able to show a 'current number of records total' and a 'current contract value total' amount on the main dashboard form. As I mentioned, the table for that main dashboard form already totals those columns as needed. I just need to know 'if' and 'how' I can get those figures to populate text boxes I have set up at the top of my dashboard form so that the users can quickly see how many records and what the total value is currently when they open the database. As always, thanks for being the "Best in the Business" when it comes to teaching the 'unteachable' about Access! Live long and prosper!
Alex Hedley
2 days ago
Look at the DOMAIN Functions, DSUM, DCOUNT etc
Richard Rost
2 days ago
Alex is correct... look at DSum. Start by learning DLookup. It's a close cousin, but easier to understand.
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Multi Value Combo Box Upload Images   Link 
Austin Ritner 
2 days ago
Just learned about multi value combo boxes. I set one up based on how I was told on the microsoft website. It's control source is a query. Whenever I select multiple values and move to the next item in the form, Access freezes, shuts down, and opens back up. Any ideas?
Richard Rost
2 days ago
No. No. No. Do NOT use multi-value combo boxes (or multi-valued fields). They are on the the Evil Access Stuff list. If you need to select multiple values, use a multi-select list box or a subform with check boxes.
Austin Ritner
2 days ago
Got it.
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Access Form to Formatted Excel Upload Images   Link 
Mark Pierce 
2 days ago
I have a request to create an export from a specific record set view in a form to an excel sheet. However they want it formatted to look similar to the Access form. Are there any help videos that goes over this? Export to excel is very straight forward but to a formatted sheet if very different. Read More...
Richard Rost
2 days ago
So you want to take the data as it looks in a standard Access form (single form view) and export to Excel but have the fields and labels all laid out like that in the spreadsheet? Yeah, I'm sure it could be done, but that's a tough one. You could do something simple with a CSV file and just export the field names, values, and blank values for where you want spacing.
Richard Rost
2 days ago

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AfterUpdate Event Coding Upload Images   Link 
Mark Hanstad 
3 days ago
How would I code the following:

I have a form with two fields -- Purchase Date   and Refill date

Also, I have two checkboxes
1. 30 Day Refill Date = yes/no
2. 90 Day Refill Date  yes/no
Adam Schwanz
3 days ago
What do the checkboxes do? So if you bought your prescription 7/1 and then on 7/31 when you came for your 30 day refil you just want to check the 30day refil checkbox and update the refill date? If so just put an after update refilldate = purchasedate + 30. If you are going to continue to push the button more than once, maybe say if refilldate - purchasedate > 30 then refilldate = refilldate + 30 else refilldate = purchasedate + 30
Mark Hanstad
3 days ago
once a prescription is purchased 7/1/21  and the checkbox is checked for a 30 Day Refill Date, I want the Refill date to show 8/1/21.

for a 90 day script of a purchased date of 7/1/21, and the checkbox is checked for a 90 Day Refill Date, I want the Refill date to show 10/1/21.

does that help?
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Link databases as separate mod Upload Images   Link 
Garry Smith 
3 days ago
I would like to see a TechHelp video showing how to use separate databases much like modules that can be added at a later date when someone requests added features such as adding a checking account module when they already have the Custome/Contacts database. If the Customer/Contact database is split how can this be accomplished when the user is using Access Runtime?
Richard Rost
2 days ago
That would be tricky. You'd have to shell out to another copy of Access and load a 2nd database file. The data could all be shared to the same back-end.

The way I plan on handling "modules" for my ABCD database is to have them all built into the ACCDB file and then when the user registers their database, they will unlock whatever features they've paid for. The invoicing, mail merge, etc. modules will all be in there, but you only get the functionality you pay for, which is easy to lock down in an ACCDE file.
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Pass Value to Parent Form Upload Images   Link 
Dg Ewing 
3 days ago
I was struggling to create code that would pass a value from a subform [IcwID] to the mainform .  

One of the attempts used the subject syntax/code which did indeed pass the value from sub to main. Read More...
Scott Axton
3 days ago
Are the pictures in the previous post relevant here?

Typically the form -> subform  setup is more of a top down situation.  You are producing records in tables in the subform that are related to the parent or main form.  I don't recall any teachings by Richard that involve passing data backwards from a subform to the parent form.

If you are getting that error it is because you are likely directing Access to insert a record using the ID field which you can't do if it is an auto number field. That is what causes the duplicate value error.
Scott Axton
3 days ago
To accomplish what you are speaking about,  you will more than likely have to have a separate form. One that has your data that is currently in your Subform as the "parent" and relate it to the data that is currently in your parent form as the subform.
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