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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses, which you can do for as little as $1. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Create Default Settings Upload Images   Link 
Brent Rinehart 
3 hours ago
I know Richard has mentioned this before and maybe I should know by now how to do this, but it's not clicking how I should do it. I want to have a table that would store default settings for various forms. such as default path locations, default user choices specific to a user on their front end copy of their database, and more as they come down the road. Would I link to the table or do something like a DLookup to the table to get the value? I would think I would have to go this route because the table would hold settings for multiple forms. Read More...
Scott Axton
99 minutes ago
Brent you just described exactly how to do it.
Create your table.  It only needs one record.  I call mine dbSettingT.
Add a field in for each setting you want to store.  What ever you want - FilePath, TaxRate, etc. Pretty much any thing that would be "global" to everyone.  The advantage is this is persistent from session to session.

For settings for an individual you could make a "UserSettingT" which would have the user preferences.
You could allow them to choose things like form colors, default printers, etc.
This table would have a record for each user.
Of course this would require that you have individual user logons and a ton more in your code to allow for user settings.

In both cases your DLookup would find the values needed at the time that they are needed.
The other alternative would be to set global variables in a global module when you start up your db.

Pointers to specifics?  Pretty much all of this web site.  The   Lego Pieces   are scattered around.
Richard Rost
97 minutes ago
There are so many different ways you could implement this. A simple DLookup from a table would work. If you want to have it unique per user, then add username as a field. If each form has different settings, then just add FormName as a field. It's just really name/value pairs.
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Relationship Delete Upload Images   Link 
Richard Lanoue 
6 hours ago
I am having difficulty deleting a relationship field in Access.  I created a field and wish to delete it but it says I have to delete the relationship.  I cant fint it in Database tools.  What do i do? Read More...
Kevin Robertson
5 hours ago
Database Tools > Relationships
If you don't see the Relationship you are looking for click the All Relationships button.
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Payment Screen Upload Images   Link 
Marily Cruz 
22 hours ago
Hi Richard, I work for a government agency where we contract a variety of vendors to perform a variety of tasks at any of the housing units we own. We use a 7 digit code to identify labor and materials and type of vender. For example 4437 labor & 757 electrical. Each housing building has its own 8 digit code that looks like 20-178-111. We must show all those numbers when we prepare a payment request to send to finance. How can I make a payment screen that would automatically enter all those codes and at the same time deduct the payment from the contract's balance? Any suggestions??
Scott Axton
21 hours ago
I highly recommend that you look at, and consider ordering, the Access Work Order Seminar

Your question sounds like a PERFECT fit for this. You can watch the first two lessons first for free, before deciding.
Plus as a Learning Connection and Gold member - don't for get to use the link(s) Richard sent you to take advantage of the substantial discount your eligible for.

When I first went through this, I was way over my head but Richard explains things so well I was able to get it running for one of my business partners with out too many issues. It was certainly a game changer for me.

Regarding the labor and materials etc I would create a "product table" to store those as items.  Then just add them like any other order detail for an itemized list for your invoice (order)

Scott Axton
21 hours ago
Wow sorry for the typos!

forget not for get.
you're eligible - not your
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at delivery amount date Upload Images   Link 
Bruno Segers 
28 hours ago
Hi Richard, I would like to add the delivered amount and date to my delivery status in my orders, which in turn will replenish the stock correctly. If everything is delivered at once, it will still be possible to work out. But if the goods arrive in 2 or 3 times, this is a other question for me. How do I best work this out? Read More...
Richard Rost
105 minutes ago
I haven't covered partial shipments yet. It's on the list. Coming soon. Hang in there.
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Replicate Inventory Upload Images   Link 
Walter Hamilton 
30 hours ago
I'm building an inventory management system and need to be able to replicate systems.  We have several systems that are made up of several boxes which each contain numerous component items.  I have three tables set up: Read More...
Adam Schwanz
27 hours ago
So you want to be able to choose an EndItem to replicate, and have it also replicate the associated Containers and Items?

Access Developer 19 Nested Recordsets
Walter Hamilton
26 hours ago

Thanks.  I'll check it out now.  I really appreciate it.
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OpenForm Nested Subforms Upload Images   Link 
Elaine Heltman 
31 hours ago
I want to create double-click event using docmd.openform to open a form with nested subforms. How do I construct docmd.openform with 2 conditions: LesseeID from the main form  (MatterDetail_F2), and the LeaseID from the subform (TestLease_SubF). Read More...
Adam Schwanz
28 hours ago
Are the forms not linked like a parent/child? You should be able to just open the main form and have the child (subform) fill in automatically. Otherwise if they are not linked, an image could help see what you're trying to do.
Elaine Heltman
26 hours ago
Yes, they're linked. Here's the whole process: Via a search form (thank you Search Seminar), double click on a "Well" result and the WellDetail form opens, showing the Well details (whose Record Source is a query that includes LesseeID and LeaseID) and also showing the user the related Lessee and the related Lease. Lessees and Leases have a 1 to M relationship, as do Leases and Wells. From this WellDetail form the user can doubleclick on the Lease and another form opens with more detail - easy. But, when the user doubleclicks on the Lessee, I want a different form to open (the nested form) that shows the Lessee (in the main form) and opens to the Lease (subform) as was shown in the the WellDetail form, not just the first Lease in the subform, which are in numerical order. I'll attach 2 snips that I hope will clarify. I appreciate your help.
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Dlookup Checkbox syntax Upload Images   Link 
Teeka Leone 
2 days ago
I haven't found an example ANYWHERE of how to get the value of a checkbox using Dlookup so wondering if it's not supported in Access?  The control on the form is a checkbox which matches the datatype on the table I'm looking it up from. On the properties of that checkbox on my form I have: =DLookUp("SSOchk","EnvironmentsT","EnvID =" & [Forms]![DeploymentsF]![EnvID])  I have the code in the default value property of the control because this is a bound field. I have the control name in the control source property as I need it to get the value from the environments table via DLookup, but then write that value to the deploymentsT. If there's a better way of doing this, I'm all ears!
Teeka Leone
2 days ago
Never mind.  I think my testing was faulty.  DLookup doesn't seem to work when the field is bound.  The code only works when the form control is unbound and the DLookup Code is in the control source property.  Correct?
Richard Rost
109 minutes ago
Nope... actually it's the other way around. DLookup looks up a value FROM A TABLE OR QUERY, so the field NEEDS to be bound. You can't DLookup an UNBOUND field on a form. But you wouldn't need to. You'd just say =Forms!FormName!Field
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Control button with long text Upload Images   Link 
James Beland 
2 days ago
I have Windows 10 Pro. Using Access 2013. I have a field named "LastName" in EmployeeT. I tried to build a list to access from a button on a form. I've done this a lot but now with 13, I'm having problems. I did notice a few problems using short text Vs. long text for this. Now I can't even see my query list when building a button.
Richard Rost
111 minutes ago
James, I need a lot more information to help you. Please explain in more detail.
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Search combo boxes Upload Images   Link 
William Dowler 
2 days ago
I have several combo boxes on a form. For simplicity sake let's say one is: 1 Bill, 2 Sue, 3 Thomas with the id (1,2 or 3) being the bound field that is stored in the table. I want to use the find/find next functionality to show records with a particular value in order as I press the Find Next button (say all with the value "Bill") so that the user can navigate through the table, via the form for all the records with "Bill" in a particular field. The search doesn't find records with "Bill" it will only find the records with "1" the bound field which is information the user will not have. How can I set this up to find the text value instead of the ID value? Many thanks.......
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago
Make An Expression in the query like ComboFix: DLOOKUP("RealName","TableName","ID=" & ID) then when they search on that field it will find it.
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago
Or bring that second table into a query and bring in the actual name. Either way.
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Buttons Dont Work Upload Images   Link 
Agatha Miller 
2 days ago
I am following the genealogy seminar and I'm on Lesson two at 48 minutes into the lesson. I was able to add the command buttons for mother and father but I can't get the command buttons to work in the child sub-form to add mother or father. I have re-watched the video several times and retraced my steps but the buttons don't work. My buttons don't even open the PersonAddF form the way it does in the video.
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago
Saying your command buttons don't work isn't enough. We need more information.

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Agatha Miller
2 days ago
I don't know what else to tell you. I copied the button from the Add mother button just like Richard shows in the video, then I enter all the coding Richard shows and after saving my work, I close my PersonF and reopen it and try to add a mother in the child sub-form but nothing happens. there is no error message or anything. It just doesn't work.
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