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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Having problems with your Access database? Before posting your question, check to see if it's already been answered. You can use the Search feature to look for keywords. There's also the Access Troubleshooting Checklist which covers solutions to many common problems. If neither of those things help, make sure you post exactly what you're doing, what the specific error message is, what you've tried, and any other details we might need to help you. Don't just say, "I get an error." Tell us what the error is and what you're doing. We're not mind readers. I wish. LOL

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Access Front End for SQL Server Link 
Geir Arne Hansen     
21 hours ago
Richard, do you have any plans to create a seminar on how to use Access as a front end with SQL server?
Richard Rost    
19 hours ago
Yes, absolutely. It's on my short list. Coming very soon. It will have two parts: one will be for setting up SQL Server Express (the free version, which is good enough for most small businesses) for your in-house network and using that to host your Access tables. Part two will cover using SQL Server from an online ISP provider (GoDaddy, AWS, Google, Azure, etc.) and hosting your data online so that people can work with your data remotely.
Juan C Rivera    
10 hours ago
Good Morning ALL... Rick, will you be showing how to use Visual Studio to build an HTML that links to Access Data?  If yes count me in.
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Nested Subform Link 
William Dowler     
2 days ago
Hi Richard,
I have a form (Customer) that has a subform (Project) which itself has a subform (Material) which is a continuous form. I sum the Material Price in the footer of the Material subform but of course this is not visible when viewing the nested forms. I want to show the total $$ for Materials on the Project form in a textbox and have it update each time a MaterialAmount is entered (or updated) on the Material subform but I can't seem to get that to work. I could do it if there were only two levels (Parent form and subform) but not when there are three. What do I put in the ControlSource for the text box on the Project subform? Many thanks....
Richard Rost    
13 hours ago
It shouldn't matter whether the subform is nested or not. In your MaterialF subform, make a SumMaterialPrice field which will be =SUM(MaterialPrice). Now that's on the innermost subform. Above that in the Project for, you would make a text box with a control source of: =MaterialF!SumMaterialPrice

Make sure everything is named correctly and it should work. If you don't want to SEE that SUM in the MaterialF that's fine. Make it invisible, but you'll need it there to calculate the value AND you'll probably need a Me.Requery in the AfterUpdate event for the innermost subform so it gets refreshed when you add new values.

If you can't get it working let me know. I can make a TechHelp video about this. Haven't covered it yet.
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Products Disappear from Orders Link 
Michelle Seidelin     
2 days ago
Hello Richard I'm wondering if you could tell me why the invoice details is not coming from order detailed table what is happening I discovered if you delete an item which is no longer available in product table when you pull up the invoice that item does not show up the quality does but not the item itself e.g. 3 TB hard drive wondering if you could tell me how do I get around this is some of my items are no longer available, the information is of course displaying perfectly on the screen I am guessing it is pulling the information from ProductT when it makes the invoice is it possible to change this to order detail T as the invoice does show everything properly I also noticed quite a few lessons back I think it was expert level IX when you teach how to make the invoice and show how you can put in items which are not in the table this is in lesson 22 but when you open the invoice it is blank I am guessing this is because it's got no reference number two Paul that information up for lighting invoice any help you can give me how to get around this problem as I am able to delete items which are no longer available to not have them in my list/combo box would be appreciated Read More...
Richard Rost    
13 hours ago
This all depends on how far along in the lessons you are. Early on, to keep things SIMPLE, I show you how to put products in the order details, but those items are still linked to the product table. If you change something in the product table (delete a product, for example, which you shouldn't do) then it is gone from order details.

Later on, in Access Expert 22, I show you how to "fix" the order entry system by copying that data from products to order details.
Michelle Seidelin    
13 hours ago
I have done the lesson 22 as I tried to explain in my first email the reason I want to delete items in the product table is that they are no longer available what I have done actually in the end is on the report where it was looking at product ID I have changed it to order detail T and selected product name and this keeps the information even when I delete an item from the ProductT which is what I was trying to do I fought about it after I had send you this email yesterday and this is what works

Just for it may be interesting for you to know what I did I have jumped from level 10 to level XXII just to do that part of the database to make the database up and running I know you say to follow a long with you and do it in order but this way I have are working database for my purposes

Thank you

Michelle send scratch at
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Multiple Customers at One Contact Link 
Ronald Thompson     
2 days ago
Hi Richard, I have been following along on the lessons for a while. A lot of the concepts you showed I have been able to re-use for things like integrating the Calendar into the Contact Base, so I can manage my day, week, month based on when I need to follow-up, so very cool. Many thanks! Read More...
Richard Rost    
2 days ago
It's funny you ask because I'm going to be doing this exact same thing with the ABCD soon. You need to set up a many to many relationship with a junction table. Then you can have as many people at the meeting (contact) as you like. :)
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Open Other Programs Link 
Ali Abdulla AlBinali 
2 days ago
Bought this course long time ago, which was great. i want to check if you have another solution for selecting the file =from the link it self in access instead of copying the link from explore and putting it in the attachment field. I mean that near the attachment field a folder yellow will open explorer directly from the source folder and selecting the file need. Read More...
Richard Rost    
2 days ago
If you just want to open Explorer to pick a file, you just need to open explorer.exe. You can issue a ChDir command before that to change to a different folder (or you may be able to use it as a command line parameter). It's been a while so I'm not sure without testing it.
Ali Abdulla AlBinali
2 days ago
Could I get a paid help for this?
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