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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Having problems with your Access database? Here are Rick's Rules if you want help. 

Rule #1: Before you ask for help with a WEIRD problem, meaning Access isn't behaving normally, then make sure you run down the Access Troubleshooter which covers solutions to many common problems. If you have a weird problem and you don't say "yes, I ran down the Troubleshooter" then I'm just going to point you to Rick's Rule #1.

Rule #2: Before posting your question, check to see if it's already been answered. You can use the Search feature to look for keywords. Save me some time having to only point you to another post where your question has already been answered.

Rule #3: If neither of those things help, make sure you post exactly what you're doing, what the specific error message is, what you've tried, and any other details we might need to help you. Don't just say, "I get an error." Tell us what the error is and what you're doing. We're not mind readers. I wish. Also, be sure to read this article on Context. It matters!

Rule #4: Links to files or images on other sites are NOT allowed. Don't try posting a link to your database on Dropbox or any other web site. If you have someone specifically offering to help you, you can email them your database. You can upload screen shots here using the Upload Images link provided on comments. Post your question, then you can upload a screen shot.

Rule #5: I encourage students to help each other out. I love seeing that. However, don't take advantage of someone else's good will and ask to send them your database for free tech support. I don't work on databases for free, and I don't expect my students to either. If you're looking to have someone else fix your database, you can post a request for service in the Access Developer Network. Not here. 

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Access Invoicing Upload Images   Link 
Emile Dellieu 
8 days ago
Dear Richard,

I own a used goods store in South Africa where we sell anything and everything.
I have looked at several of your free vids and Beginner 2 ($1).
My system uses several tables, however, the vendors vouchers are reports originating from one table and we sell using a different table. I fdid this because I could not get the invoicing to work from the main table that included Vendors, Stock items and customers. Now, it is a procedure to copy the stock items from the vendorsT to the productsT so that we can make an invoice. I have tried AppendQ, UpdateQ etc... But no joy.
I obviously need help, which members package should I subscribe to? Thank you Emile
Adam Schwanz
8 days ago
By taking the normal courses you'll learn how to do this along the way. Around expert 8 or 9 I think it starts getting into invoicing. I would suggest going this route as I'm sure you'll learn some other things along the way that you didn't know. I strongly recommend doing them in order and not skipping ahead.

More Advanced Option - If you have some access/vba experience, here's a few links that may help.
Richard Rost
8 days ago
Hi Emile. Doing all of that isn't easy. I take several lessons to show how to do all of that, and to do it RIGHT involves some VBA programming. Adam started you off with some good links. I'd start here: Invoicing. Watch the pre-requisites that go before it if you don't know how to build a basic database, like the Blank template video. Honestly, if you want to build the best solution, I'd suggest signing up for the Learning Connection. Finish the Beginner Series and at least Expert 1 and 2. By the time you're up to about Access Expert 10, you'll be able to do what you need.

Just like a doctor has to go through pre-med and medical school before he's a doctor, you've got to put in some time learning Access and going thru the pre-requisites before you jump right into building a full invoicing system.
Emile Dellieu
7 days ago
Thanks for that, but, I have attended beginner 1 & 2 and 20 years ago created an entire VB system for examinations using Access 97. I'm rusty, but understand the basics of VB and databases. I have seen Invoicing 1 about 10 times (and all the prerequisites) and have followed your instructions.Therefore, what I am looking for is the continuation of invoicing, to use multiple linked tables and querries to get an output.

I'm no doctor, but I am a nurse at this :).

Does invoicing 2 offer multiple table opertion?
Richard Rost
7 days ago
The Extended Cut for the Invoicing video shows how to use a separate product table, pick a product, and then add it to the order details table. If you want more than that, I'd suggest moving to Access Expert 10 then.
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