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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Square bracket Upload Images   Link 
Bojana Bozovic 
13 days ago
how can I put open square bracket? I am using Access 2010, and Alt GR + F is shortcut for file info. Ok, I tape it somewhere else and do copy/paste in access, but I would like to know how to turn of that shortcut. Thanks!
Scott Axton
13 days ago
Bojana - Are you using a "standard 101-Keyboard" (English)?  If so the square brackets are usually located just above the enter key to  the right of the letter P Key.
Forgive me if I'm wrong but I'm guessing that is not the case and that English is not your primary language.  Correct?
Bojana Bozovic
9 days ago
Yes, I am using Latin keyboard and my primary language is Serbian :) Thank you for the answer, I know for the English keyboard, I was just wondering where is the list of shortcuts for access.
Richard Rost
9 days ago
You're right. I Google'd the Latin Serbian keyboard and it doesn't look like they give you a [ or ] character.
Richard Rost
9 days ago

Richard Rost
9 days ago
I would suggest using the ALT-key ASCII shortcut. Hold down the ALT key and on the numeric keypad type "091" for [ and "093" for ]
Adam Schwanz
9 days ago
Are those brackets on the F and G key?
Adam Schwanz
9 days ago
I'm not sure if it's the same keyboard you have, but online it looks like you can push control + F or control + menu + F to do [ and G for ]
Richard Rost
9 days ago
Oh yeah... I missed those. I was so focused on the right side of the keyboard WHERE THEY BELONG.
Alex Hedley
9 days ago
Would there be the OSK (on screen keyboard) app, think it used to be in Accessories.
Scott Axton
9 days ago
The AltGR key acts like a shift key or FN key on a laptop.  AltGR + F (in the original post )  produces the left square bracket,
I believe that what Bojana was asking was if this could be turned off (made permanent )  and I believe that the answer to that in my experience with dual language keyboards is no. in general. typically this is controlled by drivers for the keyboard at the Windows level.
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