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DateAdd returns bogus value Upload Images   Link  
Gary Becker 
3 months ago
I have a simple loop. I want to add 1 month to a date and each time it runs through the loop. Here is my code:
Private Sub MonthAddBtn_Click()

Dim CurMonth As Date
Dim X As Long

    StatusBox = ""
    CurMonth = #1/1/2023#
    X = X + 1
    Status "Current Month is " & CurMonth
    CurMonth = CurMonth + DateAdd("m", 1, CurMonth)
    Loop Until X = 5
End Sub

And it returns funny values.
Gary Becker
3 months ago

Adam Schwanz
3 months ago
It can be helpful to write out what you are actually telling the code to do instead of just using variables sometimes.

This line here
CurMonth = CurMonth + DateAdd("m", 1, CurMonth)

CurMonth is 1/1/2023 so we have
1/1/2023 + DateAdd("m", 1, 1/1/2023)
which turns into
1/1/2023 + 2/1/2023

See the problem? ;).

In this case just do CurMonth = DateAdd("m",1,CurMonth)
Brent Davis
3 months ago
I have watched the missing months video a million times and i cannot figure out how to get my status box to show only the end dates for each month. I am trying to do this with VBA:

Private Sub MonthListBtn_Click()

    Dim StartDate As Date, X As Long
    StartDate = DateSerial(Year(DATE), Month(DATE), 0)
    StatusBox = ""
    Status "Current Month is " & StartDate
    StartDate = DateAdd("m", 1, StartDate)
    X = X + 1
    Loop Until X = 12

End Sub

It turns out like this:

Current Month is 7/29/2024
Current Month is 6/29/2024
Current Month is 5/29/2024
Current Month is 4/29/2024
Current Month is 3/29/2024
Current Month is 2/29/2024
Current Month is 1/30/2024
Current Month is 12/30/2023
Current Month is 11/30/2023
Current Month is 10/30/2023
Current Month is 9/30/2023
Current Month is 8/31/2023

I want each date to be the last day of each month; 1-31-2023, 2-28-2023, 3-31-2023, etc.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.
Kevin Robertson
3 months ago
Try this:

Private Sub MonthListBtn_Click()

    Dim X As Long

    StatusBox = ""
    For X = 1 To 12
        Status "Current Month is: " & DateSerial(Year(Date), Month(Date) + X, 0)

End Sub
Gary Becker
3 months ago
Richard's EOMonth TechHelp video from about 10 days ago might also give you some ideas.
Kevin Robertson
3 months ago
Here's a link to the video Gary mentioned: Access EOMONTH
Brent Davis
3 months ago
Gentlemen, thanks for all the assistance!  You guys pointed me in the right direction and after a couple of hours working through it, I  was able to get it closer to what I Invision. A couple more steps and it should be complete. Having to work through it and finally seeing the outcome you Invision is really cool!!! Thanks

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