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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students (paid customers) can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Having problems with your Access database? Before posting your question, check to see if it's already been answered. You can use the Search feature to look for keywords. There's also the Access Troubleshooting Checklist which covers solutions to many common problems. If neither of those things help, make sure you post exactly what you're doing, what the specific error message is, what you've tried, and any other details we might need to help you. Don't just say, "I get an error." Tell us what the error is and what you're doing. We're not mind readers. I wish. LOL

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Form Caption Alignment Link 
Richard Rost 
2 days ago
We had this conversation a little while ago about form caption alignment. Some of you were saying your form captions were left aligned. Others (like me) have them centered. I checked different versions of Access, different bits (32, 64) etc. and I couldn't figure it out. Read More...
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Double Whammy Link 
Austin Ritner 
2 days ago
Combined questions here.

You mentioned that there's a way to play a sound with a msgbox or when a (as you said) "notice form" pops up at the end of a timer. I've tried looking it up, but everything that I've found is for windows 32 bit? Read More...
Richard Rost
2 days ago
The code I have to play a WAV file uses the sndPlaySound32 function. I'll see if I can convert it to 64. I don't have 64-bit Office running on any of my machines, but I'm planning to upgrade soon. So you might have to wait a bit.

Use the WebBrowser control? MS just added a new one to Access. I've been meaning to do a lesson on it.
Austin Ritner
2 days ago
Ok, so I got the web browser to work, tried Google Maps, but it comes up with a script error saying
Line: 5564
Char: 424
Error: Pc
Code: 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?


Then in the actual browser, it says "It looks like you have enabled Internet Explorer Compatibility View. Google Maps will not work correctly unless this is turned off."

I don't even have Internet Explorer installed LOL
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New Orders 2021 Link 
Russ Phillips 
2 days ago
I'm trying to make a quick way to give new order numbers to existing customers and change the year from 2020 to 2021 but keep their "payed through" date and payment type and Frequency type and customer full name. I tried to do some queries but I cant make it happen.  can this be done?  I just don't want to have 2 screens and have a new order on one and transfer all the data from the old order to the new order
Richard Rost
2 days ago
I need more context than this, Russ. I have no idea what your setup looks like. Are you storing the year in some field instead of just an order date? What's this "paid through" value? I have no clue what your database does or how you have it working, and this just isn't enough information for me to go on. Sorry.
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Display a Random Picture Link 
Juan C Rivera 
3 days ago
Good Morning to all

Richard, working on a new project.  Im trying to

1 Get a number of files from a directory.  I got this done
A) files are all .jpg and of size H:1.5 V:8 Read More...
Richard Rost
2 days ago
So you're just trying to display a random picture from the specified folder? Here's what I would do:

Loop through all of the JPG files in specified folder
Load them into an array
You now have the count of items
Generate a random number from 1 to X
Display that pic

One of the other members recently asked me a question about displaying images in forms too. I was going to do a TechHelp video on it since the last time I talked about images for beginners was back in 2011 so the video can use some updating. I can make this the Extended Cut. Gimme a day or two.
Juan C Rivera
2 days ago
Big thanks

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Ordinal numbers Link 
Nancy Troutman 
3 days ago
Is there a way to get a form to add "st" to a number ending in 1, "nd" to a number ending in 2, "rd" to a number ending in 3 & "th" to the rest of the numbers?

Access generates the number (search frequency), so I cannot put it in myself.  Example:  I want it to say "This word is the 33rd most frequently searched word. Read More...
Alex Hedley
3 days ago
MyOrdinal is in the CodeVault

And a few of the courses.
Nancy Troutman
3 days ago
Thank you Alex.   I am new to this website and didn't know about the code vault.
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Custom Sort Order Link 
Austin Ritner 
3 days ago
Is there a way to make a custom sort order based on values selected in a combo box for a continuous form? For example, if I want to sort records by last name desc, i would like to select that from a combo box. If i need to sort by first name desc, i would like to just select a different value from the combo box? Any tips for a quick fix?
Richard Rost
3 days ago
Sure. Just create an SQL statement in the AfterUpdate event of your combo box and change the sort order that way. Someone else just asked me a question about sorting records in a continuous form, so I was going to make a TechHelp video on this. Stay tuned.
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Products not sorting correctly Link 
Michelle Seidelin 
4 days ago
Hello Richard

I have discovered a problem with my products is not sorting correctly here is the information from the sort order

SELECT ProductID, ProductName, UnitPrice FROM ProductT WHERE ProductCategoryID=2 ORDER BY [ProductID]; Read More...
Alex Hedley
4 days ago
Where is it not sorting correctly?
A Form, a Report, a Control like a dropdown?
If you run this as just a Query in the editor is it correct?

Does it appear to be sorting in an particular order?
Richard Rost
4 days ago
Remember a sort in a report or a form will override the underlying query
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Locking All But 1 Field Link 
Michel Paul 
4 days ago
I have just used the technic shown in the tech help about "Microsoft Access Disallow Editing - Main Menu, Startup Form, Password, InputBox, AllowEdits, More!"

Now That I locked the form from editing the Search drop down list that I have setup to look to find different customers is also locked. Read More...
Richard Rost
4 days ago
Yes, but it's a lot more complex. You essentially would have to leave the form UNLOCKED and lock all of the individual controls that you DON'T want to be edited. In the Extended Cut of this TechHelp video I show you how to loop through all of the controls on a form in VBA. You could use that technique to lock or unlock the ones you care about: Progress Bar 2.
Michel Paul
3 days ago
Thank you for the advise, Since I have 96 controls on the form it would be a lot of work. I was wondering if creating a separate form to put the Search combo box that would not be lock would allow none administrator users to use the search function to locate the correct customer out of about 170 customers in the database. Do you think it is feasible?
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How Long Function Link 
Emad Al-Baghli 
5 days ago
Hi, I want to make database called trak meetings.
1. I have StartDate and EndDate How can I Let Access count how many years, months and days and hours left?
for example if I have meeting will start after 3 days I want access tells me the meeting will start after 2 days and 12 hours and so on... Read More...
Richard Rost
5 days ago
I wrote a function called HowLong. You can use it for exactly this purpose. You can send it a DateTime value and it will return a string telling how long ago it was or how long until it occurs. With a little modification you could easily send it a 2nd date to get a difference between them. My function just uses Now().

It's available in the Code Vault for Gold Members.

Public Function HowLong(T As Date, Optional Exact As Boolean = False, _
            Optional Accuracy As String = "ymdhns", Optional InAgo As Boolean = True, _
            Optional Abbrev As Boolean = False) As String

Usage assuming today's date is 8/23/2020
(min and sec are advancing as I'm typing this, but you get the point):

HowLong(#8/1/2018#)                           2 years ago
HowLong(#8/1/2020#)                           22 days ago
HowLong(#8/22/2020 10pm#)                     17 hours ago
HowLong(#8/22/2020 10pm#, True)               17 hours, 30 minutes, 23 seconds ago
HowLong(#8/22/2020 10pm#, True, "hn")         17 hours, 30 minutes ago
HowLong(#8/1/2018#, True)                     2 years, 22 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes, 14 seconds ago
HowLong(#8/1/2018#, True, "ymdhn")            2 years, 22 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes ago
HowLong(#8/1/2018#, True, "ymdhn", False)     2 years, 22 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes
HowLong(#6/1/2018#, True, "ym", False, True)  2 yr, 2 mo
HowLong(#1/1/2010#, False, "mmdd")            127 months ago
HowLong(#1/1/2010#, True, "mmdd")             127 months, 22 days ago
HowLong(#1/1/2025#)                           in 4 years
HowLong(#1/1/2025#, True, "ymdh")             in 4 years, 4 months, 8 days, 8 hours
HowLong(#1/1/2021#, True, "hn", True, True)   in 3128 hr, 9 min
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Set Focus Link 
Michelle Seidelin 
7 days ago
Hello Richard

Just can't remember which lesson or tech help video you showed how to set focus to a certain field e.g. first name now that I have the DSUM working to get the next number instead of having the auto number is my customer number which you course which was caught way back at the beginning on level I now that I am trying to make it better I need to know which lesson to give the focus to the first name field is there is another field before that I don't want to set the tab to this one as I need to be able to use the first field when I need to Read More...
Richard Rost
6 days ago
Use either Control.SetFocus or DoCmd.GoToControl

SetFocus / GoToControl
Michelle Seidelin
6 days ago
Hello Richard I notice the set focus shortcut you have given me is to develop the 13 I am only up to develop a six as far as purchasing and only up to expert 12 as far as building can you suggest an easier way of setting the focus I tried to fiddle around with the tab order and the tab order seem to change okay I wanted to start on first name but when you go to a new record using a new record button which is the way it set up at the moment on the customer table/customer form there is no sign of the flashing cursor until I push the tab key any suggestions thanks for all your help

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