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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses, which you can do for as little as $1. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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Open DB from form Upload Images   Link 
Eddy Geijselaers 
4 hours ago
Hi Richard,
Building my "Needful things" DB runs into chaos.
to many tables, query's, forms etcetera to keep track on to which DB belongs which.

Might been easier to build several small DB's and open those from a main menu. Read More...
Alex Hedley
4 hours ago
Why would opening Access be any different to opening Word or Excel?
Did you try the same process?

There's ShellEx or Application.FollowHyperlink
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Barcode Scanner Upload Images   Link 
Leon Heick 
5 hours ago
After watching your video on barcode scanning, I created a table and report to scan the office computer devices. I am trying to barcode scan the barcode tag on the HP desktop. I am using a Symcode Model: MJ-R40/2D scanner. The scanner cannot read the barcode tag on the desktop (HP Elite Desk 800 G5 SFF) but the scanner can read the barcode on the HP monitor E243i Monitor. Both devices are HP products.                                             I tried scanning several desktops with no success. Please help me. Thank you.
Scott Axton
5 hours ago
If you open up Notepad can you scan into that?

If not it is more tan likely a setting in your scanner.  It has to be capable of reading the type of barcode you are scanning.  It's not possible from here to tell what symbology that barcode is.  You will most likely have to look deeper in your scanners documentation.

Scott Axton
5 hours ago
** more than likely
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Insert date Upload Images   Link 
Tony Roberts 
11 hours ago
I am trying to insert the current date into a long text field at the point where the cursor currently is vai a click button

Any help?
Alex Hedley
10 hours ago
Check out the course outline for SelStart.
Scott Axton
7 hours ago
If you are typing in the box you can use the key shortcut of CTRL + ;   (semicolon).

Also take a look at the Customer Contact Template

This is where Richard shows you how to add a StatusBox to your form.  He demonstrates other uses than status.
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List of all available drives Upload Images   Link 
John Davy 
15 hours ago
I am looking for a way (VBA) to create a list of all available drives on a computer so I can populate a listbox of the Available drives Suggestions?
Adam Schwanz
13 hours ago
What are you looking to do with the drives? I looked around online a little bit and found this, I had to modify it to get it to work properly with access but it may give you some ideas at least.

Private Sub Command0_Click()
    Dim X As Object
    With CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        For Each X In .Drives
            If .FileExists(X.Path & "\Users\User\Downloads\inspections\inspections.accdb") Then
                Set GetDriveLocation = .GetFile(X.Path & "\Users\User\Downloads\inspections\inspections.accdb")
                MsgBox GetDriveLocation
            End If
    End With
End Sub

It will look for a certain file in all available drives then msgbox the file path on the drives that have the file there.

You could probably modify it further to only return the drive letter, and then use that for what you're trying to do? Just an idea.
Adam Schwanz
9 hours ago
I was just testing this some more. It's actually really simple

Private Sub Command0_Click()
    Dim X As Object
    With CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        For Each X In .Drives
            MsgBox X
    End With
End Sub

That will tell you all the drives on the machine.
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Tables relationships Upload Images   Link 
Phil Coxon 
19 hours ago
Hi, Im looking for advice regarding tables,
Lets say I have multiple companies, all with employees, and multiple workstations, all employees have email accounts, company terminal logins and passwords. Read More...
Scott Axton
18 hours ago
The answer is a definite - "it depends".  Tons of what if's and how intertwined the companies are. Such as accounting, payroll, physical location, products or services, and on and on.  You probably could combine them but I bet if you ask your accountant they will want everything kept separate if for no other reason than legal issues.

I see that you have started the beginner series and you are asking Expert level if not Developer level questions.
First and foremost I recommend you get a good solid base down now with the beginner and expert courses.  Don't try and directly design your db yet.  Follow along with the courses first.
Then , get the yellow pad out and start identifying what data you need and what tables you might need.

Watch the Relationships video first.
I can think of at least 10 others that I could point you to.

Point is you have to learn crawl before your ready to run a marathon.

Scott Axton
18 hours ago
Way more advanced and NOT a teaching course is Richards Access Business & Contact Database.  There is GREAT info there but it is assumed that you know a good deal about Access.
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SQL Server vs SharePoint Upload Images   Link 
Marily Cruz 
2 days ago
What is the difference between SQL Server and Share Point? I need help. I am not sure what to do. Any information is greatly appreciate it.
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago
SQL Server is good, SharePoint sucks ;). Just personal opinion haha. Those links Alex gave you will explain everything.

Also Access Online
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Creating a dbase Upload Images   Link 
Johan vd Westhuizen 
2 days ago
I have copied a dbase template for creating quotations and invoices. Because is web-based, I have limited options on changing it, but it's an awesome database. I want to add customer orders to it, but I don't have the know-how. It must be similar to the Northwind dbase, as the template that I'm using is basically the same
Scott Axton
2 days ago
Copied from this site?
You are getting the "know-how" by starting at the beginning and following along with the lessons.  Pretty soon you will be able to make your database do what ever you want.
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago
What kind of web based database do you have that is running on access? That's a new one to me. Unless you've already setup some kind of SQL server or sharepoint.
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Combo Box Ways to view 3 Upload Images   Link 
Angela Day 
2 days ago
Help please  I have a question about views from a Form combo box.

I've set up a combo box where in the drop down there are 3 columns (Item,Batch Number,Best Before Date) I can only see one column of data on the form though when I make a selection. Read More...
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago

ComboBoxes don't work that way. You will only see the first visible column when the box is closed.

If you want to see the other fields on the form build a query that links your main table and the table that contains the data you want to display. Set the RecordSource equal to the query, add the combo and the extra fields to your form. When you update the ComboBox the related fields will also be updated.
Angela Day
2 days ago
Thank you Kevin - I'm a complete beginner - I've just gone through the beginner series so struggling a little I'll give it a try   I just want to be able to run a report / query which identifies batch numbers sold and to who if there's a product recall   but the key information in the order form entry is the item name  - so in the combo box I made 3 pieces of info available  item/batch number/best before date.     I figured Access would know all the info was there.... hopefully trying this means I can access it - pardon the pun  ;-)
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Resume Tracking Upload Images   Link 
Walter Hamilton 
3 days ago
I'm looking at add Resume Tracking to our Management Database.  Ideally I'd like to be able to upload a resume to SharePoint from within the Access Database, rename it according to a name scheme based off of name, date, etc.  It would be awesome if we could search all resumes for keywords as well.  Has anybody done this?
Scott Axton
2 days ago
Management of documents, images, widgets  is all basically the same.  See Images to get you started.

Searching in the content of the documents is a whole different nut to crack.  I will have to defer the suggestions for that one to the other guys.  Quite honestly I'm not even sure that is possible.
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago
You could always make your own "key words" field. A notes type area that you put in stuff when you add the resume like: woodworking, welding or whatever skills or key words you want to be able to look for. Then you could quickly look through the resumes later that match.

I'm with Scott on the content searching though. Although I have seen Windows bring up some search results based on the content inside, maybe it is possible to use Windows API to bring up the search and find them.
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field is to small to accept Upload Images   Link 
Mark Pierce 
3 days ago
Hello all,
Has anyone ever run into the error in Access of "The field is to small to accept"?
I am getting this when a user tries to attached a document to a record (yes I know attachments are evil, but this system has not been updated yet). Read More...
Scott Axton
3 days ago
First and foremost did you run down the  Troubleshooter?

I'm assuming you are using a split db. Correct?  You may need to compact a repair the back end db as well.

Is it any file attachment or just this one?  
It might  be naming too.  Try to rename the file and see if it attaches.  Might something be in the name.

Just a couple of ideas to get you started.

Mark Pierce
3 days ago
Yes I went over the troubleshooter.
No it is not a split db, I compact and repair often. I do backups so every time before I compact.
If the user renames the file, takes a few letters out of the name he can attach the filed. However I can from my PC attached the very same file he cant attach without any file name modification.

If I was getting the same error and reducing the file name I would say that what needs to be done. The fact that it works for myself and others and the issue is with only this user is the problem.

thanks for the suggestions Scott.
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