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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses, which you can do for as little as $1. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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access help Upload Images   Link 
Mark Desens 
10 hours ago
Hi I just signed on and paid for the beginner level 2 not quite the expert yet. I need help with my tables. I am building a database for my nonprofit organization. I have one table named volunteer signup, these volunteers will be added to our list inside the database. Now I got that table in a form view and when I add volunteers in clears the form out to add volunteers to a volunteer signup query. As they signup using the form the query doesn't automatically add the person I need to refresh the query to see them. How do I make the query add them so I can see them without refreshing it?
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Cell in SubForm Upload Images   Link 
Dg Ewing 
14 hours ago
I cannot get this to work:

Private Sub IcwMemID_Click()
     'Data for the field IcwMemID on subform A_IcwInputF is coming from recordsource A_IcwInput_wMDKAQ
     'This field [IcwMemID] is passed from A_IcwT to the above qry and is the same as MemID in the Read More...
Adam Schwanz
13 hours ago
Why are you declaring a variable just to use the field as the variable? You can take that whole part out.

Also since you mentioned it, going to assume the double __ is correct

DoCmd.OpenForm "A__MDKAMemExtMainF",,,"MemID=" & IcwMemID

Now you mentioned subforms, i didn't follow what you said there, that could change the syntax you need. Are ALL of the fields you're using in the subform with this button click event as well? Or are some fields on the main form, some on the subform?
Dg Ewing
11 hours ago
Thanks Adam,
I tried without declaring a variable and that didnt work so I shot in the dark and added it.  I did not think that I needed it.

the subform has 4 fields, and the field IcwMemID in the subform is a foreign field in the IcwT, that represents the MemID in the MemT which is the source for the main form.

The mainform opens but the MemID is blank as well as all fields in the main form and the subforms.

I also tried the following, and it opened the main form with the record that it should have, but when enter any of the fields on the form,  I got a msg that " the changes your requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values in the index...."   It thought that I was trying to duplicate the entire record

                Private Sub IcwMemID_Click()
                                 Me.Parent!MemID = Me!IcwMemID
                End Sub

I have been shoting in the dark for 2 days....I know that it is going to be something really simple
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Version of Access Upload Images   Link 
Carol Herriot 
16 hours ago
I have Office 365 subscription product that includes Access.  I understand that Access was retired from Office 365 in 2018.

My databases say (Access 2007 - 2016 File Format) after the path and file name. Read More...
Scott Axton
16 hours ago
If you have a 365 subscription you have the latest version.  

It isn't / wasn't retired but they sure make it difficult to find.
Access is kind of a "red headed stepchild" for some reason and they don't update it as frequently as say Word or Excel but it is updated.

Check out this article for more info:  Is Microsoft Access Going Away?
Adam Schwanz
14 hours ago
Yes, you should have the latest version with O365, If you want to check what version you have though, you can click File -> Account -> next to About Access button, you can also check that you have automatic download/install enabled on the Office Updates button there.
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Updating Junction Table Upload Images   Link 
Quintin Polly 
18 hours ago
Good afternoon:
I have a many to many relationship in my Internal Control Task Monitoring Database. Currently, I have a Risk Table and a Control Table that are joined by a RisksControls Table. I have created a Risk form that has the associated controls displayed in a nested continuous subform. I am able to add risks and controls through this form. When added the Risk and Control tables update with the new records. However, the RisksContorls junction table does not update. How can I get the junction table to update?
Alex Hedley
17 hours ago
Might be worth watching Enrollment Tech Help
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Warranty expiry reports Upload Images   Link 
Rajashree Natarajan 
2 days ago
I have a audiology database. Table 1 has FN, LN, DOB,Location seen. Table 2 has addresses. Table 3 has insurance information. Table 4 has hearing aid information with warranty expiry. Table 4 is insurance billing for various procedure and hearing aids. It also has date when they will be next eligible for their hearing aids.  I want to be able to create a query /form where I can , on a click of a button, send letter to patients when their warranties have expired and another button to let them know they are eligible for new aids for the current month. The problem is when I create a query, I cannot enter any data as it is getting info from many tables. Is there a way to do this? I am a not a developer but an avid access user who is learning from all Richards's videos? Can someone guide me in simple steps.
Alex Hedley
2 days ago
TechHelp: Not Updateable
Rajashree Natarajan
11 hours ago
What does that mean? I am sorry but I didn't understand. Does it mean I cannot get a report  printed?
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newrecord in detail vs footer Upload Images   Link 
Kirby Records 
2 days ago
I have made larger navigation buttons for my forms. the docmd.gofirst, docmd.golast and docmd.goprevoius work fine. The docmd.gonext works fine until the last record when it wants to bring up a new blank record. I don't want the user to enter a record this way so I was using the following code: Read More...
Adam Schwanz
2 days ago

If Recordset.EOF Then
End If
Kirby Records
2 days ago
I solved my imediate issue.
Use the following code in place of the above:

Private Sub btnNextRec_Click()
   On Error Resume Next
   Me.AllowAdditions = False
   DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
   Me.AllowAdditions = True
End Sub

This stops .GoToRecord from finding a new record only when the btnNextRec is clicked , and sets the form back to normal before exiting the sub.
It still doesn't explain why the original code functions differently in detail and footer sections.
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Access Query as Excel Data Upload Images   Link 
Walter Hamilton 
2 days ago
I'm trying to use an Access Query as an External Data Source for Excel.  The Query doesn't show up as available within Excel but other queries do.  I'll attached a screen shot of the list of queries within the Access Database and another of the list of queries available within Excel.
Walter Hamilton
2 days ago

Walter Hamilton
2 days ago

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DCount Upload Images   Link 
William Dowler 
2 days ago
Is there a way to use a variable instead of the table name in the DCount function?
I use variables in the criteria, no problem, but can't seem to find a way for DCount to recognize a variable as a table name. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks.....
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago
Yes. Here is some sample code to count all the records in the Customer Table:

    Dim TableName As String, myCount As Long
    TableName = "CustomerT"
    myCount = Nz(DCount("*", TableName), 0)
    MsgBox myCount

Hope this helps.
William Dowler
2 days ago
Thanks Kevin. That's what I had but there was another problem (me being stupid) that was causing it to fail.
Fixed that and all is well. Thanks for your help.
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Field description missing Upload Images   Link 
Jennifer Showalter 
4 days ago
The field description is not showing up ever. I am not sure when it is supposed to be there but it would be useful for certain fields. How do I show them?
Richard Rost
4 days ago
It's only in table design view
Scott Axton
4 days ago
There is a "close 2nd" in that you can set a "tool tip" or Control Tip in the properties.  This is text that will show up when you hover over the field.
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Imaging Student Database Upload Images   Link 
Carol Herriot 
4 days ago
Is there a Student Database for the Imaging Seminar?  I can't seem to find it.  It is listed on the Student Databases page.
Richard Rost
4 days ago
Watch lesson 12, about 1:41 into the video
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