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Welcome to the Microsoft Access Forum. Access is by far our most popular topic here at Computer Learning Zone. This forum is for everyone to read but only students can post here. If you'd like to become a student, all you have to do is enroll in one of my courses, which you can do for as little as $1. After you create a logon, you will have full access to the Forums.

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at delivery amount date Upload Images   Link 
Bruno Segers 
5 hours ago
Hi Richard, I would like to add the delivered amount and date to my delivery status in my orders, which in turn will replenish the stock correctly. If everything is delivered at once, it will still be possible to work out. But if the goods arrive in 2 or 3 times, this is a other question for me. How do I best work this out? Read More...
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Replicate Inventory Upload Images   Link 
Walter Hamilton 
7 hours ago
I'm building an inventory management system and need to be able to replicate systems.  We have several systems that are made up of several boxes which each contain numerous component items.  I have three tables set up: Read More...
Adam Schwanz
4 hours ago
So you want to be able to choose an EndItem to replicate, and have it also replicate the associated Containers and Items?

Access Developer 19 Nested Recordsets
Walter Hamilton
3 hours ago

Thanks.  I'll check it out now.  I really appreciate it.
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docmdopenform nested subforms Upload Images   Link 
Elaine Heltman 
8 hours ago
I want to create double-click event using docmd.openform to open a form with nested subforms. How do I construct docmd.openform with 2 conditions: LesseeID from the main form  (MatterDetail_F2), and the LeaseID from the subform (TestLease_SubF). Read More...
Adam Schwanz
5 hours ago
Are the forms not linked like a parent/child? You should be able to just open the main form and have the child (subform) fill in automatically. Otherwise if they are not linked, an image could help see what you're trying to do.
Elaine Heltman
3 hours ago
Yes, they're linked. Here's the whole process: Via a search form (thank you Search Seminar), double click on a "Well" result and the WellDetail form opens, showing the Well details (whose Record Source is a query that includes LesseeID and LeaseID) and also showing the user the related Lessee and the related Lease. Lessees and Leases have a 1 to M relationship, as do Leases and Wells. From this WellDetail form the user can doubleclick on the Lease and another form opens with more detail - easy. But, when the user doubleclicks on the Lessee, I want a different form to open (the nested form) that shows the Lessee (in the main form) and opens to the Lease (subform) as was shown in the the WellDetail form, not just the first Lease in the subform, which are in numerical order. I'll attach 2 snips that I hope will clarify. I appreciate your help.
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Control button with long text Upload Images   Link 
James Beland 
30 hours ago
I have Windows 10 Pro. Using Access 2013. I have a field named "LastName" in EmployeeT. I tried to build a list to access from a button on a form. I've done this a lot but now with 13, I'm having problems. I did notice a few problems using short text Vs. long text for this. Now I can't even see my query list when building a button.
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SQL in VBA Upload Images   Link 
Kaibaua Airam 
2 days ago
Hello Everyone

I try to use this code
GotoCombo.RowSource = "SELECT EmployeeID, FirstName & "," & LastName AS FullName, IsActive FROM EmployeeT WHERE IsActive=Yes; " Read More...
Kaibaua Airam
2 days ago

Richard Rost
2 days ago
That's not a valid string. Watch Concatenation.

If you're trying to put actual " characters inside your string you need "". See Double Double Quotes.
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Web Database Seminar Upload Images   Link 
David Britz 
2 days ago
The Web Database Seminar sounds intriguing but I'm concerned that ASP (as opposed to .NET) will be outdated technology. Is it still relevant, and can we expect a similar seminar updated for .NET? That remains my achilles heel!
Richard Rost
2 days ago
Classic ASP is still perfectly alive and well. I prefer it, in fact. The site you're using right now is built completely with Classic ASP. Sure, .NET has some advantages, but for most sites, Classic ASP is just fine. I always recommend learning ASP first, then learn the additional .NET commands and syntax. It's like learning Basic before trying to learn something like C++. I will be updating this seminar EVENTUALLY, but not any time soon, unfortunately.

If anything, I'd recommend my Access SQL Server Online Seminar. That covers a little bit of ASP, enough to get you started.
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MS Cloud and Access DB Upload Images   Link 
Chuck Hobbs 
2 days ago
I store my Access DB in the MS Cloud. I have a PC and a Laptop that I work on. I stopped using the attachment images in order to not bloat my DB with pictures and replaced it with the images being stored in the same file folder as the DB and linking them to an image control on a form or report. This works great! Read More...
Richard Rost
2 days ago
The relative path needs to be the same for both devices. I would suggest using something like Google Drive for Desktop where you can assign a drive letter like

G:\My Drive\MyPics

to that folder. While I would never run an Access database from inside a cloud drive like that, it should be safe to store your images there for the database to refer to.
Chuck Hobbs
35 hours ago
I did both google drive and drop box and they both include the computer name in the path. I must not be doing something correct.  Having the images just on the PC and not having them on the laptop is just annoying but not critical. I even tride using my home network to the same end. I suppose I should look into getting a server for my home.
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Concerning Report Listbox Upload Images   Link 
Thomas Carter 
2 days ago
Concerning the Report Listbox extended video and using VBA to loop through the reports into a list box or drop down box.  It is set up to choose all reports within a database, is there a way to choose specific reports?  Meaning if you have a database set up into sections like training, personnel, etc... can you make multiple lists that only seek out reports concerning those specific areas like training, personnel, etc...?  Thank you for your time.
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago
I would add a prefix to the names of your reports ("PersonnelAdminR", for example) then look for that prefix using string functions.
I see you're a beginner so perhaps beyond you skill level at the moment, but certainly doable.
Thomas Carter
2 days ago
Worked with Access for several years, rusty as it has been a few since I have done anything with it.  Recently been building a new database for my job so I am slowly getting back into how things work.  Also, been a while since I worked with any VBA coding, not an expert but not necessarily a beginner either.  Just looking for some direction as I get myself back into what I know and can remember about this particular database system.  I added a prefix already, just trying to figure out a string function which will work.  So, that is where I am at the moment, like I said just looking for ideas to spark my memory and remove the cob webs of non use over the years, thank you for your assistance.
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Grouping birds Upload Images   Link 
Colin Smyth 
2 days ago
I have a database of the birds that I have seen and photographed. I have created a query which lets me see the birds seen between two dates. Sometimes I may have seen the same bird twice and so two sightings are recorded. At the end of the year I want to either make a form or a report that shows me all the birds that have been seen in that year, but I only want each individual bird to show once even though it may have been recorded as being seen more than once. How do I arrange that.
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago
Aggregate Query
Colin Smyth
2 days ago

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Empty record when search fails Upload Images   Link 
Peter van Soest 
2 days ago
When I use this code to search for a record, Acces creates a new (empty) record, when the search fails.

How can i fix that?

Private Sub ZoekAchternaamBtn_Click()

        Dim s As String
Kevin Robertson
2 days ago
I think what is happening is the filter is returning no results therefore displaying no results. If you don't want your form showing no records try this.

    Dim S As String
    Dim numRecords As Long
    S = InputBox("Enter (Part of) the name", "LastName", "")
    If S = "" Then Exit Sub
    numRecords = Nz(DCount("CustomerID", "CustomerT", "LastName LIKE ""*" & S & "*"""), 0)
    If numRecords = 0 Then
        MsgBox "No records found"
        Me.FilterOn = False
        Me.Filter = "LastName Like ""*" & S & "*"""
        Me.FilterOn = True
    End If

Richard Rost
2 days ago
Nice solution.
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