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HTML & Web Design Forum
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost  
This forum is for the discussion of HTML and Web Design. Also, feel free to discuss any other Web design-related topics, such as CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, etc. I do have courses planned for these topics.

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Read HTML Web Design Forum by Collins Koranteng @ 10/28/2015
needs some assistance of your tutorials or files.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

What assistance do you need?
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Read HTML Web Design Forum by Abbas @ 10/18/2015
i hope that i shall get more experiences from you.
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Read HTML 5 by Zachary P @ 7/31/2014
Dear Richard,
I was wondering if you would be doing an HTML 5 series once the W3C fully releases it?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Yes, I would love to. I also want to cover JavaScript and ASP.NET in more depth.
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Read Disabling right click on web pages by MUBEEZI M @ 8/28/2013
Dear Richard,

As i visit several websites, i have noticed that for some, double click or right click is disabled. A pop windoww show up when you try any of the two actions above. Of what significance is it to disable these two events? Is it something worth doing? please let me know

Reply from Richard Rost:

This is something that web designers often do to prevent people from saving images (right-click, save image) or from viewing the source HTML code of their page. However, doing so really only keeps novice users from doing these things because you can screen capture ANYTHING on your screen with print-screen, and you can view the code almost as easily. It's like locking your screen door... it only keeps honest people out of your house.
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Read Google not indexing page by MUBEEZI M @ 7/24/2013
Thank you Richard for your guidance
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Read Google not indexing page by MUBEEZI M @ 7/23/2013
Dear Richard,

I know this might sound a bit weird. But i don't want Google to find some of my web pages. Is there a quick fix or do i have to do the opposite of "improving search engine visibility"? At the moment, i have set it in such a way that if such a page is found, anonymous visitors are redirected to the home page.

Thank you!


Reply from Richard Rost:

You can create a file called ROBOTS.TXT or you can use the META TAG to tell Google's spider NOT to index that page.
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Read PHP MySQL AJAX by Jason @ 6/14/2013
Well, it's been 2 years since my last post, any news on PHP and MySQL?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Hi Jason. Welcome back. Sorry... nothing yet. I have been wanting to make some lessons for AJAX especially, but I've been so busy with the Microsoft Office courses (especially Access) that I just haven't had time. I always base my decisions on what's popular on the Waiting List, and Access has TEN TIMES as many people interested in it than even the next most-popular course (which is Excel). That's where I have to spend my time, even though there are a LOT of other topics I really want to tackle.
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Read PHP, MySQL & AJAX by Jason @ 3/1/2010
Are we any closer to PHP, MySQL & AJAX?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Jason, we are getting closer. I now base what I work on next solely on the voting on my WAITING LIST. Right now, the order is:

1. Access 2007
2. Windows 7
3. Visual Basic 6 (surprising)
4. CSS

So as you can see, it is in the top 5 results. Right now, I'm working on some Access 2007 courses, followed by some Windows 7 tutorials. Then, I'll take another look at the WAITING LIST results and see where to go from there.

Here's a direct link if you want to vote for PHP/MySQL.
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Read Speeding up your Web site by Richard Rost @ 8/7/2009
Here is an EXCELLENT article I found on Speeding Up Your Web Site
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Read Access v. MySQL for Web Site by Richard @ 2/2/2009
Here is a question I get asked ALL the time...

- - -

My site is now live and I am set up for ASP and Access with my hosting company which also has FrontPage server extensions. So no problems there.

I spoke with their programmer and he said that he does not recommend MS Access, though because when multiple people are using the site at once, they are, in fact, each opening a different copy of the database and over time the whole thing gets gummed up and creates problems later on.

His recommendation was PHP with MySQL but I checked into it and I learned that to use PHP with Frontpage I would have to make some changes including disabling FrontPage server extensions. If I do this what are the consequences to the operability of FrontPage?

Do you have any advice as to which direction I should go? I have training on PHP, Joomla and MySQL available to me.

- - -

My reply:

- - -

I get asked this all the time. A lot of web developers out there are biased against using Microsoft Access for web site projects. They cite issues like this - where multiple users on your site can slow things down.

For the most part, this is not a problem. For the vast majority of small and mid-sized businesses, your web site will never generate enough traffic for this to be a problem. I run portions of my 599CD.com web site using back-end Access databases, and I've never had a problem. Unless you're expecting THOUSANDS of concurrent users on your site, an Access database should run just fine.

The good news is that when you finally do find yourself in a situation where your Access database is running slow, you should be able to afford an upgrade to an SQL-Server based solution, which is what I recommend. I have nothing against PHP and MySQL. They're good programs. This is just a matter of personal preference. I have had some difficulty configuring MySQL in the past, and the lack of solid support worries me.

It's the same argument for desktop-based databases. A lot of so-called professional database developers say not to use Microsoft Access to build your desktop database because it's too limited. I say, "nonsense!" Build your small or mid-sized business database in Access and then when you're finding that it's becoming slow, or the database is getting very large, then upscale to SQL-Server.

So, my personal opinion... develop your web site database now using ASP and an Access database. Later, when your site grows, it's not hard at all to upgrade from Access to an SQL server with MINIMAL redesign on your site. Just make sure you put your database declarations in an INCLUDE file so that you only have to change it in one place for your whole site. (If you don't know what an include file is, I cover it in my ASP classes).

For a good background on all of this stuff, and how to get started, see my WEB DATABASE SEMINAR. I walk you through setting everything up using ASP and Access, step-by-step. The first couple of lessons are FREE to make sure you can get everything working.


P.S. Oh, I don't recommend Joomla at all right now. I just had a good friend of mine pay some developer to build him a site in Joomla, and he had nothing but problems - plus the site runs REAL slow.
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Read PHP, MySQL & AJAX by Richard Rost @ 12/9/2008
Jason - hopefully soon. I still need to finish the Office 2007 courses I've been working on.
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Read PHP, MySQL & AJAX by Jason @ 11/24/2008
When do you think we might see some classes on PHP, MySQL, & AJAX?
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Read Web Building by Richard Rost @ 9/20/2008
Frank, I prefer Microsoft FrontPage. I still use FrontPage 2003 for all of my Web design. It's a good editor, leaves my code alone (some editors like to mess with your HTML or ASP code), and it's real easy to navigate. I've got a bunch of FrontPage classes online. Now, Microsoft has changed the name of FrontPage to "Expression Web" to go with all of it's Office 2007 software, but it's essentially the same program. Yes, I'll be covering it... eventually.
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Read Web Building by Frank @ 9/20/2008
What is a good WYSIWYG web building program. I am not all that familiar with HTML - I know a little - but I would like to build my own business website and have the ability to play music on it.
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