If you can't explain it simply,
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Thanks Richard Link 
Selby Halfpenny 
15 days ago
Dear Richard, I hope you had a great Christmas. All the best for 2021. Excellent lessons. Thanks for your help over the many years I have been with you learning Access and Excel.

Selby Halfpenny
Richard Rost
15 days ago
You're very welcome, Selby. Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for the compliment, and the continued support.
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Alex and Me in a Nutshell Link 
Richard Rost 
21 days ago

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Thanks for Great Tutorials Link 
Phillip Morphis 
42 days ago
When I was at UT Austin, I took a Fortran class, dropped from being so frustrated. Prof encouraged me to take it again, made an A. For me, learning computers is a matter of learn once, get frustrated, then learn again. Love your courses.
Richard Rost
42 days ago
Yep. You're very welcome. Often times you'll get something the 2nd or 3rd time you see/read it. This is why I try to include a few examples with each new concept, and of course you can re-watch the videos as many times as you like.
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HTA Tip Lessons Link 
Kelvin Williams 
45 days ago
Dear Richard,
I have been going through the lessons on HTA by Alex Headley. I have just finished Beginner Level 4 (Styles) and there was a link to the next topic on Tabs but it doesn't seenm to be complete. I was wondering if these lessons are complete yet.
Richard Rost
45 days ago
That's a question for Alex. :)
Alex Hedley
45 days ago
Ill have to look back through my notes to see what I was going to do with Tabs
Its not on the main list so must have accidentally left it in the page Nav.
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YouTube Membership Status Link 
William Dowler 
2 months ago
How do I check what level membership I have (Silver, Gold, etc.) and how would I go about upgrading from one level to the next? Many thanks.... Bill D.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Hi Bill. The YouTube memberships are all handled by YouTube (billing, account status, etc.) which I kind of like. I don't have any control over it BUT they handle all the management and billing. I believe you can check your status by going to my Channel and clicking the JOIN button again. Or click here. That should tell you your status.

All I can see is the person's username on YouTube, how long they've been a member, and their membership level. A lot of people are "someguy23" but fortunately you used your real name. So, I can tell you that you are, indeed, a Gold Member. Thank you.

Also, like I say in my videos, in order to get your perks, you have to email me and let me know. Now that I know, I just set you up with your Gold Member perks: access to the Gold Member Only download folder to get all the templates I build in the Extended Cut videos, and the Code Vault.

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Voice Recognition Software Link 
Roy Zanca 
2 months ago
Miscellaneous Question: @ Voice to text transmission programs!!!
Richard, you mention all the time that you use voice to text translation but you never mention the product's name or how we can take a look and maybe try it out. Read More...
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Hi Roy. I think I answered you in an email before. Yeah, I'm not too happy with Microsoft's dictation software. I've also tried Dragon and that left me wanting too. My favorite is Google's voice rec for Android, but that's not available for PC. Surprisingly, the software that I use the most is a plugin for Google Chrome (the web browser) called Dictation for Gmail. It's free, light, simple, and easy to use. Granted, it only works in Gmail, but that's no problem. I mostly use it for email, and if you want to put the text somewhere else, just copy and paste it.
Roy Zanca
2 months ago
Thanks, As you know i've been eating, living and breathing 15hours a day on my JB project

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Theater Player Small Link 
Richard Guenther 
2 months ago
Why am I not able to go full screen on windowa 10,
I tried in google chrome and brave browser
Richard Rost
2 months ago
See this post.
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Theater Player Small Link 
Thomas Normile 
3 months ago
My question involves the theater player.  I cannot make it full screen and cannot see the examples.  I am 76 years old and the tiny screen is not sufficient. I use a 26" monitor, but the video will not get any bigger than the default small window?  Please help.
Richard Rost
2 months ago
Sorry about that. It's a limitation of the videos the way I used to record them. That window is small and unfortunately it can't get any bigger in the Old Theater. All of the NEW videos that I record, however, are in HD and can be scaled up to full screen if you want. For example: Access Developer 17.

If you want to make the older videos larger, you can always DOWNLOAD them from your My Courses page. Once they're on your computer they will open in whatever media player you use (VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.) and you can make them as big as you want.
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BandiCam Link 
Richard Lanoue 
3 months ago
I was thinking of getting BandiCam per your recommendation.  Do you get a referral by mentioning you?
Richard Rost
3 months ago
Yep. I'm an affiliate on their site. You can click on this link and I'll get a small commission. Thanks. I appreciate you asking: Bandicam

It really is good software. I wouldn't recommend anything I don't personally use and endorse. I switched from Hypercam which was my recording software since 2004 because Bandicam is easy to use, records direct to MP4 (which saves a lot of space over AVI files) and has a nice feature set.
Richard Rost
3 months ago
I became an affiliate AFTER I personally switched to their product. I usually do that when I find a piece of software I like and want to recommend. I tried signing up with GoDaddy as an affiliate because I use them for web hosting, but for some reason their affiliate network declined my application. So... no referrals for them. LOL
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Video Software Link 
Richard Lanoue 
4 months ago
I learned how to embed a video in a spreadsheet.  Do you recommend what type of video capture you use on your tutorials?   I want to make a spreadsheet that has a video tab that intructs the user how to measure and fill out the spreadsheet acordingly.... any advice, recomendations?
Richard Rost
4 months ago
I used Hypercam for many years, from my start in 2004 until just this month. 16 years, not a bad run. It's a good piece of software too. I just decided to switch it up and try something new. I'm using Bandicam now. I like it. Nice and simple. Good set of features. Inexpensive. I record my videos in short segments then I use Bandicut to join them together (the software's main feature is to cut apart large videos, but you can also use it to put lots of small videos together).
Richard Lanoue
3 months ago
Does it format it in Mp4?  When it records video, is there certain software it won't record, any restrictions?
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