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Excel 2010 Now Available
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   11 years ago

I just finished posting Excel 2010 Beginner Level 1 to the web site. You can now download it or watch it in the Online Theater.

As of right now, you can purchase Excel 2010 Beginner Levels 1 through 5, although only Level 1 is online right now. I will be completing the other four courses very soon. As soon as they're released, you'll get an email notice if you pre-purchase them.

Also, I haven't posted FULL updated outlines on the web site YET. These are basically just updated versions of the Excel 2007 courses, so the outlines are almost exactly the same. I just need to update the screen shots and change a few minor things. I'm going to wait until all five Excel Beginner courses are finished and just do them all at once.

Any questions? Post them here.

Excel 2010 Now Available Link 
rexford mensah 
6 years ago
upgrade please

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are there particular features in 2013 that you want covered?
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Excel 2010 Now Available Link 
Bill Arnett 
10 years ago
Thanks Rick
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11 years ago
hi rick

do you have a plan in the future to cover vba for access?

Reply from Richard Rost:

I cover a lot of VBA in my Access 300-level classes. I am planning a more comprehensive VBA course for the near future. Read More...
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downloading Link 
11 years ago
Hi Rick, thanks for your reply. I have now been able to download the Excel 2010 course. However, I was in the process of downloading all the upgraded courses that are in my MYOLP course list, and was able to do this until 17th October 2010 (last month)  and I was by far not finished. Does that mean that I can only download them if I ask for passwords to play them in the Amicron Theatre, so that I don't have to go online? What happens if one day  I decide to cancel my membership? Do I lose access to all the courses I have paid for? I have been a Myolp member for 6 years, and before that I purchased a number of courses. I am still going back to these courses to find answers for friends with older versions. I am personally working with Windows 7 and Office 2007 and I don't think that it is likely that I will be upgrading to 2010, as I am turning 70 next year and think I have learned enough to last me for the rest of my computer life.  Can you please find me a solution for this? Read More...
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Downloading new courses Link 
11 years ago
Hi Rick, yes I know I can watch it in Theatre, however, in your blog it said download or watch. I have always been able to download courses to my computer and then watch with Real Player, which did not take internet time, so please tell me how I download the course to my computer. Thanks :), Caecilia Read More...
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Download Link 
Caecilia Davies 
11 years ago
Hi Rick. I tried to download Excel 2010, but it did not work. How do I do it?

Reply from Richard Rost:

Caecilia, you're an MYOLP member. Just log on to the Theater and watch it there. Read More...
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