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Multi-Field Search Form
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

One of the most requested questions I get asked is how to create a multi-field search form in Access. Well, I put together a short 10-minute free video for the ACCESS TIPS section on how to do this. This is only a TEENY, TINY preview of what's to come in the Search Form Seminar I'm preparing, which will be released after the SQL Seminar parts 2 and 3. There's SO MUCH more you can do with search forms in Access... but this will get you started.

Open Results in Form Upload Images   Link 
Austin Ritner 
14 months ago
I was watching your multi-field search form video, and at the end you mentioned opening another form after running the query. Once I get the query results, I need to be able to open a result. (As you can with a list form). How do I do that?
Richard Rost
14 months ago
If you need the search results to show up in a form, just make a form based on the query that this Tip produces, and in your code, instead of OpenQuery, use OpenForm. Now if you want to click on a result in that list, you can either use Continuous Forms and a GO button, or instead feed the results into a ListBox on that form (my personal favorite) and then an OnDoubleClick event can open another form.
Austin Ritner
14 months ago
Ok I've got the results showing up in the listbox, but when I try and double click, it opens ALL the records not the one I specifically want. Would a listform be better in this instance?
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filter a listbox to search for records Upload Images   Link 
jannette j 
3 years ago
I would like to create a form in which a listbox displaying records from Project is filtered based on the selection of a comboboxs Dept and Tech , Date From and DateTO combo boxes containing the Project Data Read More...
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ALike Upload Images   Link 
Bernard Goah 
8 years ago
Thanks a million, Mr. Rost! Now, I can enter Like freely.
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ALike Upload Images   Link 
Bernard Goah 
8 years ago
"ALike"  keeps appearing.  I just want to type "Like". Someone please make it stop. I am using MS Access 2007.

Reply from Richard Rost:

You may have ANSI 92 compatibility mode on. Go to File > Access Options > Object Designers > Query Design > and make sure the checkboxes are OFF under SQL Server Compatible Syntax (ANSI 92). Read More...
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New Access Tip Search Form Upload Images   Link 
Brad Y. 
9 years ago
I got the search form working really easily.  Thanks!  

My only problem is that I can only run the search once, then I have to close the query.  Once I close the query I can then run a new search from the form. Read More...
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I found it Upload Images   Link 
9 years ago
Hi Richard
after i sent the last thread  I found my mistake: I wrote with one criteria field "=forms" expression, but when I delete these criteria the form work very well, but I think we have to refresh query after we click run query button to work. So can we make the button do the two functions (run query and refresh it)? and how can i add (=forms) expression without any proplems? Read More...
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working just one time Upload Images   Link 
9 years ago
hi and thanks for thise great video, i try the with my data and worked very nice, but for one time, then it stopped to work, and i try to make another one but does't work at all, so what's the problem?
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New Access Tip Search Form Upload Images   Link 
Josef Stirnimann 
9 years ago
Hello, I enjoyed your 10 minute video of the access search form.
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New Access Tip Search Form Upload Images   Link 
Tandin Phuntsho 
10 years ago
Dear all,
i know that working with access is very effective and very helpful but i have a problem in creating a search form in access and in importing data from excel to access, so please help me. Read More...
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New Access Tip Search Form Upload Images   Link 
Farman Ullah Khan 
10 years ago
please in want to learn in access 2000 in form all tool box commands.

can this is possible?
i am trying every day but i am not clear in this tool box.

Reply from Richard Rost:
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