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Access SQL Seminar Part 2
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

This nearly five (5) hour long video seminar will pick up where Part 1 left off. You will learn more about the SQL programming language. We will focus on action queries, aliases, joins, crosstabs, union queries, aggregate functions, and more.

This seminar has several goals. You will:

1. Learn about Action queries and when to use them
2. Discover how to launch queries from VBA code
3. Create Aliases for your field and table names
4. Learn the different types of Table Joins
5. Construct a Union query
6. Work with a Crosstab query
7. Perform calculations in your SQL statements
8. Explore the different Aggregate query functions
9. Utilize string, math, time/date, and other query functions

Click here for more information on the SQL SEMINAR PART 2.

SQL2 Lesson 3 Upload Images   Link 
Ina van Rooyen 
4 months ago
When I run the VendorPriceUpdateF, and select a Category from the Category List Combo, no items appear in the List Box.
I've done the lesson twice and end up with exactly the same problem.
I'm using Access from Office 365 and do find that there are very small differences compared to Access 2010. Not sure what the issue is.
Scott Axton
4 months ago
Ina -
Nine times out of ten I find that I have a typo if things are not running properly. Quote in the wrong place or parentheses not correct, etc.  It's really hard to help you trouble shoot what is happening when we cant see what you have.
please copy and post your SQL here and that will help us move forward.

Also, open the tables and verify for yourself that you do indeed have data that should be showing up.  If there is truly no matching data that would be a whole different issue.

Are you receiving any error messages?
Ina van Rooyen
4 months ago
Hi Scott, when the form opens all the items are listed in the List Box. When I select a specific category, the list box is empty with no error message.

CategoryCombo SQL
Private Sub LogIt(Description As String, Notes As String)

    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO LogT (Description, Notes) " & _
        "SELECT '" & Description & "', '" & Notes & "'"
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

    LogIt "Price Update Form Opened", "Blah"
End Sub

Private Sub RefreshProductList()

      If IsNull(CategoryCombo) Then
        WhereStr = ""
        WhereStr = "WHERE Category = " & CategoryCombo & " "
    End If

ProductList.RowSource = "SELECT ProductIDID, ProductCode, ProductName, " & _
        "Category, LastUpdated, UnitPrice, NewPrice, Profit " & _
        "FROM ProductVendorNewPricingQ, " & _
        WhereStr & _
        "ORDER BY ProductName;"

End Sub

Private Sub CategoryC
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Format Percent Upload Images   Link 
Joe Hood 
8 months ago
Hello Everyone, I have tried everything I can to get the MarkUp field to show up as a percent after switching the Category. Starts off as 20.00% but shows up as 0.05, 0.75, or 0.80 depending on which product is selected. Is this just a bug in Access 2016 or am I missing something? Thanks Joe
Richard Rost
8 months ago
It's tough to say what's wrong without seeing your database. Make sure you've got the value set up as a floating point number in the table (double, preferably) and then set the format as Percent. Remember the FORM's formatting will override anything in the table.
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Product List Blank Upload Images   Link 
John McFarlane 
11 months ago
In lesson 10, after following the video many times when I open ProductTopF my product list is blank. Any ideas for I've even started from scrach by creating a new blank form and follwed the video with the code line by line but the Product List is opening blank. If I place Order by as ProductList I get the list populated - any suggestions?
Richard Rost
11 months ago
Hi John. Without seeing your database it's almost impossible to tell you what you did wrong. Hundreds of people have taken this seminar without having this problem so it's most likely something you spelled wrong. Try removing the "TOP" clause and see if it works then.
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Remote copy for data entry Upload Images   Link 
Adonis Briceno 
3 years ago
Richard,.... On you lesson 23-1, "Remote copy for data entry", you said that to explain how to edit remotely a database so the changes can bu uploaded and updated to the main server-database required programming (minute 2:38 to 3)... on which video you explain this process?
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RowSource Upload Images   Link 
Nick Cerri 
3 years ago
Hello there,

For whatever reason, Access 2010 does not recognize productlist.rowsource when I attempt to write my own code. When I follow along with the video it seems to work fine but when I remove all the code and add in mine I don't get the dropdown where you can select "rowsource". In addition, it's giving me a Run-time error '424': Object required error. Any thoughts? Read More...
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SQL Seminar Upload Images   Link 
James G 
5 years ago
Just trying to clean up the many, many queries and trying to learn SQL so I might start writing queries into the datasource myself, no other reason at this point.  My curiosity is that it works when it is a query without issue and does not work when I copy and paste the SQL into the datasource.
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SQL Seminar Upload Images   Link 
James Gray 
5 years ago

I have owned this seminar for quite a while now and am using it to develop SQL to put into existing forms and reports to replace formal queries as the data source.  In one instance I have a crosstabe query that is the data source for one of my reports.  The query works just fine for the report but when I copy the SQL and place it into the report data source I get an error: "Cannot use the crosstab of a non-fixed column as a subquery".  The report uses only one query as its datasource and that query is not dependent upon any other query.  If I return to using the query itself as the datasource, everything returns to normal and the report runs fine.  Any ideas? Read More...
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Sample db Upload Images   Link 
Errol Babel 
5 years ago
hello your the best, where can i find the
sample database files for Access SQL 2 and 3 . i cant not find them in the samples.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There weren't any for that course, you could follow along and make them for yourself or it's in the handbook to copy from Read More...
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Table SQL Upload Images   Link 
Richard L 
5 years ago
Yes,  I made an input form not unlike the ones from the "Search Seminars" usind VB Code(Lesson 23).  If I had a query I could just use.

DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, "QUERYNAME", _
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Table SQL Upload Images   Link 
Richard Lanoue 
5 years ago
Can you do this but instead of from a Table, From an SQL that was generated by a search Form?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Are you wanting to create a Table from SQL?
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