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Access SQL Seminar Part 3
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   10 years ago

This two-hour long seminar on Microsoft Access SQL picks up where PART 2 left off. You will learn how to manipulate the structure of your databases using simple SQL commands. You'll be able to build and modify tables, queries, indexes, relationships, and much more. These techniques are especially powerful for developers who have to support remote, back-end database files.

1. Learn how to create a modify a Table
2. Discover the different Access SQL Data Types
3. Create Indexes for your tables
4. Connect to external databases using SQL
5. Construct a CONSTRAINT clause
6. Work with table relationships
7. Learn the differences between ANSI-89 and ANSI-92 SQL
8. Set up Referential Integrity between your tables
9. Create stored views and procedures
10. Learn about Access database security via SQL

Click here for more information on the ACCESS SQL SEMINAR, PART 3.

Constraint Check Not Working Upload Images   Link 
Joe Hood 
5 months ago
Going through Lesson 8 Cannot get the following statement to work to add a validation rule to CreditLimit field.

FistName TEXT (20),
LastName TEXT (20),
Richard Rost
5 months ago
Yeah, that should work. I just tried it myself and it doesn't want to work for me either. I'm wondering if there's either a bug in the new versions of Access that nobody has caught yet (doubtful) or Microsoft changed it somehow. Let me do a little research. A quick Google search shows nothing. Unfortunately, this is one of those things I almost never use personally. If I'm going to create a table, I'll use a Recordset. :)
Richard Rost
5 months ago
OK. I think I found the reason. Hang on while I test it. I like to be sure before I explain.
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SQL Server Upload Images   Link 
Kenny Nelson 
6 years ago
I am very interested in the SQL Server class you mentioned.  Can you give an estimated time when that will be ready?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There's a small snippet on SQL Server in Expert 24. Read More...
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MySQL Form Upload Images   Link 
Kenny Nelson 
6 years ago
I LOVE THE MYSQL FORM!  What a great idea!  I am actually using it to create a VBA code library.  I added a description field to my MySQLT where I can put a key phrase such as Error Handling, and I store my error handling routine in the MySQL field.  Whenever I need some code, I know right where to find it without having to start from scratch!
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Is the create delete tmp table the appropriate way Upload Images   Link 
Tom Dlugosh 
6 years ago
Is the create/delete tmp table the appropriate way to copy records, manipulate some of the fields and copy the revised data back into the original table as new data or is there an easier way?

Reply from Alex Hedley:
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Upload Images   Link 
Zied Ben Afia 
7 years ago
Hi Richard !
is any DAO seminar coming soon?
If yes please let us know when exactly
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Indexes Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
Thank you Richard for the tip on Composite Keys.  That will do the trick!!

I just have not reviewed all of the Tip videos yet.

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Indexes Upload Images   Link 
Bradley Biles 
8 years ago
Hi Richard,

I know this is probably way past the time from when you created this seminar, but on the topic of Constraints when two fields are involved, my current project will have this situation and will be a required by the Nevada Gaming Commission.  We cannot have to gaming machines that have the same Model Number and the same Serial Number.  This Constraint is perfect for my InventoryT table & entry form to stay in compliance and double check the manufacturer. Read More...
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SQL Server Seminar Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
Count me in too...
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SQL Server Seminar Upload Images   Link 
Lone Vistoft 
8 years ago
You say in this seminar,  that there will soon be a SQL Server seminar. Are you able to provide information on when this will happen?
Kind regards Lone

Reply from Richard Rost:
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Alter table affects data Upload Images   Link 
Mubeezi Micah 
9 years ago
Dear Richard,

Strange but true!

I just noticed something at Time Index 5:20 in Video 4.
If i write an SQL command to say ALTER TABLE TempT ALTER COLUMN MiddleName CHAR(50).
It alters the table as expected. But it also alters the existing data! Read More...
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