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Windows 8 Beginner 1
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   13 months ago

FREE Upgrade Coming Soon!

2020 UPDATE: am currently in the process of upgrading my lessons for Windows 10. I expect to have them finished very soon. When they are released, you will get a FREE upgrade if you have purchased any of my Windows lessons after August 1st, 2020. In the mean time, if you're currently using newer versions of Windows, give these lessons a try. You might learn a few things. I don't get a whole lot of demand for Windows training, which is why I haven't bothered to re-record them until now. But don't worry... updated videos are coming soon!

Do you need to learn Windows 8? Whether you've recently purchased a new PC with Windows 8 on it, or you have a little experience with older versions of Windows, or you just want to see what the new features of Windows 8 are, this class is for you.   - History & Versions of Windows   - What's New in Windows 8   - The New Start Menu   - Windows Modern Interface   - Apps & Programs   - Configuring Windows 8   - PC Settings, Control Panel   - Customizing Windows 8   - Virus Scan, Firewall, Security Click here for more information on Windows 8 Beginner Level 1, including a course outline, sample videos, and more.

Locked out of PC Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
Dear Richard,
I just bought an HP envy 4-1117nr. It had Windows 8 pre-installed. Everything worked OK to set up my account.  I even activated my Norton anti virus. Upon restart, it tells me my password is incorrect. I am locked out now. Read More...
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window 8 Upload Images   Link 
ann gatcomb 
8 years ago
I was ready to give up and I came across your class. YOU  have a new follower forever Good instructions easy to follow and understand .......
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Windows 8 Upload Images   Link 
Tom Lehmann 
8 years ago
Hi Richard,
I just finished your tutorial for windows 8.  Wow, I went from major dislike of windows 8 to loving it after your course.  I wish it was built into my machine when I bought it or an App. Read More...
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Windows 8 Lessons Upload Images   Link 
Kevin Wratt 
8 years ago
Hi, Richard, I have just reviewed your Win 8 Lessons - fantastic, very well presented, and very clear easily followed.
Thanks very much, I have just setup Win8 on an ex XP computer for a couple who are in their 70's and have referred your lessons to them. Thanks from the land of the Kiwi  - NZ Read More...
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linux under windows 8 Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
8 years ago
Do you have a virtual machine?
You could use
And install the os on that

Or partition and dual boot
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linux under windows 8 Upload Images   Link 
8 years ago
Hell, is there any way possible i can install linux fedora with window 8, everyone online believe it is nearly impossible. If it is possible, how should i go about installing linux under windows 8
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you are a talented teacher Upload Images   Link 
Brian D 
8 years ago
HI Richard
Many thanks, you are a talented teacher.  I recently purchased a new computer & Windows 8 left me flummoxed. then thankfully i found your website and was saved. I am actually quite enjoying win 8 (I know i should not say that).I still have issues of course & am waiting for the "BLUE" upgrade before I look for a start button.In some ways that has helped . I just watch your lessons.I look forward to your next lessons. once again many thanks Read More...
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transitioning from Windows XP Upload Images   Link 
Mike Bent 
8 years ago
I have used computers since 1969.  I am transitioning from Windows XP and this course is making the transition smoother and faster than I thought it would.  I am looking forward to Level 2. Read More...
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Windows 7 and Vista Upload Images   Link 
Rubens Dorival 
8 years ago
Hi Rick.
what is a difrence between windows 7 and windows vista

Reply from Richard Rost:

They're just different versions of Windows. Vista was a train wreck (lots of problems). Windows 7 is my favorite to date. Windows 8 has a lot of great enhancements under the hood, but I hate the new Modern interface. Read More...
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This is great Upload Images   Link 
Lynn Dorris 
8 years ago
This is great.  Very well done.  Beats getting it out of books and it's faster too
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