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Microsoft Access Expert 8
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

Microsoft Access Expert Level 8 is 1 hour, 55 minutes long and focuses beginning to build our Order Entry System. We'll start out by learning how to create Calculated Query Fields. We'll calculate an extended price and sales tax for our order items. We'll learn how to properly Round values to avoid fractional penny errors. We'll build an Order Form and Order Details Form (for line items), and lots more. Topics include:

- Order Entry System
- Order Form and Details Subform
- Calculated Query Fields
- Figuring Sales Tax if Taxable
- IIF Function (If/Then/Else)
- Proper Rounding of Values
- Bankers Rounding
- Nesting Functions
- Final Product and Tax Totals

Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 8, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2013, but is also valid for Access 2007 and 2010 users. This class follows Expert Level 7.

Field on Form Upload Images   Link 
Michelle Seidelin 
6 months ago
Hello Richard.

I'm writing to you to ask you if you have any suggestions on how to add another field to the iform which would be  to be fed by another table which holds my prices for items which can we put onto the form and work out my cost all materials as I make pay invoice for a job Read More...
Alex Hedley
6 months ago
If it's a single field you can use a DLOOKUP.
If you have 2 prices in the product table, purchase and selling you could just add both to the query and show both.
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Order Entry Problem Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
8 months ago
I cant enter enter new records in my order detail query
SELECT OrderDetailT.OrderDetailID, ProductT.ProductName, ProductT.ProductPrice, OrderDetailT.Quantity, [ProductPrice]*[Quantity] AS PriceExTax, IIf([IsTaxble],Round([PriceExTax]*0.2,2),0) AS TaxPrice, [PriceExTax]+[TaxPrice] AS PriceInclTax Read More...
Richard Rost
8 months ago
Not surprised. A lot of the time when you create a query with a JOIN it becomes non-updateable. Use a form with a subform.
Abraham Breuer
8 months ago
but the form will also show my orders and not allow me to edit
how can I make it editable?
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Subform Error Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
9 months ago
I followed so far till Expert8,  but unforcedly I got here stuck, I listened over and over the lessons and can't catch what I am doing wrong.
I build the orderF and then the orderdetailF but when I want to put in a new record to an old order it only gets the record of what I put in but without updating the rest of the values to that item
Richard Rost
9 months ago
I'm not sure I follow. Can you provide a little more detail?
Abraham Breuer
9 months ago
i buildcustomerT, product, orderT, orderdetailT, then a query that puts together the product names ect. to the orderdetail, then i built orderF, then a orderdetailFfor a sub form, so when i open up my order form and it displays the sub form if i am putting in a new detail into the orderdetail section, it wouldn'tcome up the price, instead, it comes up to $0.00, I hoped that if I build a query putting the product and price together with the orderdetail ID it should come up the price when enteringjust the product item,
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Enforce Referential Integrity Upload Images   Link 
Ida H 
3 years ago
I am having a problem with Enforcing Referential Integrity.    I have watched the video Expert 8 Lesson 5 Several times and can not seem to find my problem.   I have set my relationships per the video for the CustomerT, OrderT and OrderDetailT.   However, when I hope my OrderDetailForm it still allows me to add a record even though it does not give a OrderID.  I am running Access 2010.   I looked at the forum and someone else had the same problem but there is no solution posted.  I know once the Order form is created and I add the OrderDetailF as a subform it will not much matter. However, based on video I should be getting an error message at this point.   Read More...
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Junction Table Upload Images   Link 
Mike Holmes 
5 years ago
This is probably a basic questions on junction boxes but I need to ask anyway.  I have created a junction box with Owners and Sites.  I have formed relationships in the junction T with the Owner IDs and Site IDs.  When I do a Query to get information from the OwnerT and SiteT, I bring the * in for the Owner T and fields from the SiteT.  However, when I run the query, there is no information about the Owners or Sites.   Read More...
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Cartesian Product Upload Images   Link 
Virginia Mergl 
5 years ago
I posted a question yesterday but I figure it out myself. Because I forgot a relationship between PetID and PriceID, the query was showing one pet with all price codes (42). Now that I figure it out it is working properly. Sorry about that, thank you
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Cartesian Product Upload Images   Link 
Virginia Mergl 
5 years ago
Hi, I am having a problem with a query to make up my invoice prices, I have only one record on my tables and when I run the query it shows 42 times the same record. I can not figure out what I have done wrong. Thank you. Read More...
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Storyboard Upload Images   Link 
Eric Michalek 
5 years ago
Up to Expert 7, it seemed good enough to understand each step individually.  The fundamentals now understood, I m having a rough time keeping up with the concepts of what the lessons are trying to accomplish. Read More...
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SUM ExtPrice Error Upload Images   Link 
Ryan Weemhoff 
5 years ago
Following up on my initial follow up post. I realize I was jumping ahead to access 12.1 with an OrderListF question. I now know the correct way to do it using a query with an aggregate sum function. However, I'm simply experimenting on my own as I work through the lessons. I thought setting the source of an OrderListF to the OrderT and then setting the control sources for the CustomerName and Total to the OrderF would work...but it didn't. Not sure why though, relative to all the internal logic of access/database design. If there is an easy explaining please provide. Otherwise feel free to dismiss question and forego publishing these comments in the forum. Thanks. Read More...
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SUM ExtPrice Error Upload Images   Link 
Ryan Weemhoff 
5 years ago
Thanks for your reply. I figured it out. I was putting the sum control on the order form instead of the suborder form. However, I am trying to create an OrderListF (record source: OrderT; displaying orderID, CustomerID, OrderDate, and Total), but I cannot get the total to work. My control source is OrderDetailF.Form!Total but my return is "#Name?" Read More...
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