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Microsoft Access Expert 12
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

Microsoft Access Expert Level 12 is 2 hours, 33 minutes long. This tutorial will focus on Sorting & Grouping Levels in reports. Topics include:

- Sorting & Grouping Levels
- Build an Order List Form
- Refresh vs. Requery
- Employee Work Log Entry Form
- Group Headers & Footers
- Customers Grouped by State
- Employee Hours by Week of Year
- Sales Grouped in $500 Increments
- Fix Collection Letter Reports

Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 12, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2013, but is also valid for Access 2007 and 2010 users. This class follows Expert Level 11. The next class in the series is Expert 13.

Orders in the Last 30 days Upload Images   Link 
Ronda F 
5 years ago
I never saw a resolution to this anomaly
, but spontaneously it began working again.

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Strange, glad it's working now :)
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Orders in the Last 30 days Upload Images   Link 
Ronda Ficklin 
5 years ago
As soon as the Order List, Browse Orders, Sales by Month and Lowest Product Price were added to the Main Menu as command buttons, the Orders in the Last 30 days stopped working. I am sure you address this later. Perhaps you can confirm that on this forum page. Read More...
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Topic addressed Upload Images   Link 
Robert Maddox 
5 years ago
Has this topic been addressed in an Advanced Lesson? If so which one?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Which topic?
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Time 3 31 Header Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
5 years ago
Hi Alex, thank you for your response. Could you perhaps be a bit more specific, about this discrepancy in field header section vs. different field Text Box in that section? Thank you very much! You and Richard are really helping me to learn Access (slowly, but surely.) Read More...
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Time 1 47 Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
5 years ago
(Time 1:47) Why don t you make the OrderT and OrderDetailQ have a Right Join? Isn t it more likely that an OrderDetail line item is for an Order we don t have anymore, than an Order that doesn t have any items? Read More...
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Time 6 45 Filling in all Fields Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
5 years ago
*(Time 6:45) (i)If you make a Query (based on the relevant Tables), which only has the fields you want to see   that s fine for the Form you make from it  But when end users go to the Form and add new records of data for  just  those fields   wouldn t it transfer back to the corresponding Tables (through the Query) for  only  those fields (and not the rest of the fields)  resulting in new Table records (in each of the underlying Tables) that are incomplete (from not having those other fields  data entered anywhere)? (ii)Then, if you make a new Query or Form based on those Tables in the future, and want to display one of the other fields' values that you did not included in the first Query   wouldn t all of those fields  values show up as blanks for every record (when they could have had a value, if there was some way to specify the rest of the fields  values in the first Query)? (iii)Could we instead somehow make a separate Table from our initial Query that only has those fields from the Query, and make that Table the Record Source for our first Form, so that the data gets transferred there(correctly), and doesn t fracture the original Tables with only  partial-data  records. Is there a way to do this (like, is that what a  Make Table  Query does to get around that issue), or is there another way you might know of around this problem? Read More...
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Requery vs Refresh Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
5 years ago
Is  Requery  always better to use than  Refresh Record ?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Rich wrote a Tip about this.
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Time 3 31 Header Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
5 years ago
(Time 3:31) When you put 1 field's control (Ex: FirstName) in a different field's Header section (Ex: EmployeeID Header) on the Report, how do both of those conditions functioning together or individually to make sense in Access? - (Ex: Does the EmployeeID Header kind of collect the corresponding Query's relevant "grouped" records together in its memory, and then the FirstName field in that EmployeeID Header takes the FirstName value in each of those related "grouped" records, and displays them one after another?   Like, why wouldn t you just make it a  FirstName Header , and add the  FirstName  control in that section?) Thanks for clarifying this topic   this topic is a little bit confusing the first time through the material... Read More...
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Indexed Upload Images   Link 
Joe Beniacar 
6 years ago
Hi Richard,
At time=30:00, is it a bad idea to set a HelperT s Short Text field (here, Activity) to Indexed = Yes (No Duplicates)? I tried this on my own database but for some reason, Access  seems to yell at me in corresponding Queries, related to typing in your own values...something about not being able to change the  one  side of the relationship. Read More...
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Salary Percentage with Graphs Upload Images   Link 
West Bobby 
6 years ago
Hello, I need to build a database for employee pay for truck drivers that are paid a percentage of so much per a mile, per a ton of weight that they haul ex: .13 cent a ton/mile.... 104 miles times .13 equals 13.52 a ton, the load has average 27 tons so 13.52 times 27 equals 365.04 now the driver gets 30% so 365.04 times 30% equals 109.51. Now the best part the miles and rate is ALWAYS changing, I currently do my figures in excel but I am looking for a way to create pie charts for the company's gain/loss, keeping up with income, and parts,insurance, and a lot of etc...... will access be able to help me if I learn it??? Read More...
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