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Microsoft Access Expert 14
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

Microsoft Access Expert Level 14 is 1 hour, 34 minutes long. This tutorial will continue our focus on Update Queries to manipulate data, and we'll begin learning about how to use Append Queries to copy records from one table to another. Topics include:

- More Update Queries
- Scrubbing (Cleaning) Data
- Data with Inconsistent Formatting
- Use Replace Function to Change Text
- CStr, Nz, InStr, Left, Right Functions
- Separate First & Last Names
- Fix Non-Relational Tables
- Append Queries
- Daily Student Attendence Table

Click here for more information on Access Expert Level 14, including a course outline, sample videos, and more. This course was recorded using Access 2013, but is also valid for Access 2007 and 2010 users. This class follows Expert Level 13. The next class in the series is Access Expert 15 which is now available.

Scrub Data Upload Images   Link 
Abraham Breuer 
7 months ago
in lesson 5 you explained the benefitsof an update query to fix non-relational data to relational data,
My question is, if the department field in the employeeTwouldn't match the exactname of the departmentT it won'tget it as a relation (Management won'tget a relation to managmnt), so changing the department field into a numericfield-type won't help for those whos spelling are spelt wrong, if so, you need to scrub them individually, what's the purpose of this update query?
Richard Rost
7 months ago
You nailed it. You need to make sure your data is clean. If people are typing in values wrong, then you'll have to scrub it. A few update queries will usually catch misspellings. It's hopefully something you only have to do once. This is usually for dealing with databases that you inherit from other people or clients. YOU, of course, know how to build a relational database and will be using Autonumbers for your IDs.
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Could you use an Append query to add records into Upload Images   Link 
Cheryl Hokanson 
5 years ago
Could you use an Append query to add records into the end of a checkbook type table which comes from an Excel spread sheet?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Certainly, Expert 20 shows import from other sources.
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Updating an expiration date Upload Images   Link 
Frank Fish 
7 years ago
OK, I found it; I needed to place [] around the field (as you showed in the video)
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Updating an expiration date Upload Images   Link 
Frank Fish 
7 years ago
Richard, I was updating a expiration date in my (backup)database, and used:

The result of the update removed the old date, and left the field blank. Did I miss something? are dates "updated" differently? Thanks FWFII
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Find function to find the space Upload Images   Link 
Bruce Reynolds 
7 years ago
Couldn't you use the find function to find the space in the FN calculated field in the query instead of SpacePos-1?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

There are usually more than one way to achieve the same goal. Read More...
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Upload Images   Link 
Robert Stockey 
7 years ago
Great Tips
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Many To Many Update Queries Upload Images   Link 
Richard W 
7 years ago
I did it myself.  No inter!!  I'm "on vacation" (ha).  I had imported both the schools and teachers into separate tables.  I then exported them in to separate Excel spreadsheets with the ID numbers, I matched the names up (with some effort), changed the numbers by hand and reimported them into Access.  No perfect, but I am getting there.  What's more, my wife, for whom this is all being done, SEEMS to be using the not yet complete database successfully.  I don't tackle small problems to begin with. Actually, I have three separate databases in Act! that I am trying to consolidate into one in Access.  I think it will work, but NONE of it deals with products, vendors, etc, so I have to use my imagination to interpret what you teach into my situation!  But I think I can at about the third or fourth time through a lesson. Read More...
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Many To Many Update Queries Upload Images   Link 
Richard Wilson 
7 years ago
Richard, I have watched all the lessons on Many to Many Relationships, the Relationship Seminar, the Action Queries, etc and cannot find an answer to my problem.  I have a Many to Many situation in which teachers hold faculty positions at several Universities, and a University will have many teachers.  I have all the data which I have imported from Excel Spreadsheets into tables: SchoolT and TeacherT.  Now I need to get it straightened out via a junction table.  Out of about 750 Teachers and 300 schools there are about 100 teachers with at least two schools.  Can you point to the lesson in which you might have covered something that would help in this problem.  I can do it by hand, but that is tedious at best.  Thanks. Read More...
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Perhaps you already cover this somewhere but I wou Upload Images   Link 
Alan Lipps 
7 years ago
Perhaps you already cover this somewhere but I would like to know how to take column headings from an Excel file and place them in a single Access field.

for Example:

In Excel:
Id     Q1     Q2         Q3
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SQL to split First and Last name Upload Images   Link 
Alex Hedley 
8 years ago
Saw a nice piece of SQL to do this whilst surfing some forums:

Left([Names of employees], InStr([Names of employees]," ")) As FirstName,
Mid([Names of employees], InStr([Names of employees]," ")+1) As LastName Read More...
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