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Email Seminar Progress
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   8 years ago

I've been working on the Access Email Seminar for several days now. It's coming along nicely. I've already recorded over 2 hours of material. So far I've covered all of the basic ways to send email from Access using Outlook.

I've covered using Microsoft Word to create nice, formatted documents you can send out to a group (which some of you received samples of). I've covered automating Outlook using Access VBA - actually controlling the fields and properties in code.

I'm guessing I've got another 2 days of recording to go before the seminar is ready for release. I still have to cover file attachments, exporting Access reports as PDF files and then attaching those (really cool stuff), sending to LARGE batches of people, customizing your emails with merge tags like **FIRSTNAME** and so on.

Then I have to still cover using NON-Outlook email servers like GMail or your own company mail server. You can connect to ANY normal SMTP server with the technique I'm going to show you. We'll build our own separate Mail Server Database that you can connect to with linked tables, send your emails there, and it will sit over in the corner on a timer, sending out emails on whatever schedule you like. Cool stuff.

Optionally, I may also cover how to READ emails into Access. I haven't decided if I want to cover this yet or not since this seminar is primarily about SENDING email. If you want to see this, let me know. I personally use this in my database for reading in BOUNCE messages from my mail server (if I send you an email and it's undeliverable, my database can read the bounce messages back in and mark you NOT to be sent to next time). It's also handy for importing emails from people who reply to the NOREPLY@599cd.com email address even though the email says NOT to. :) So if you want to see this, post in the comments below.

Here's the full outline of what I have recorded SO FAR...

01. Sending Email Manually (16:35)
Create Customer Database
Customer Table
Customer Balance Report
Email Button
Send Object As Dialog
Brief Discussion of Output Formats
Export as PDF
Send and Receive in Outlook
Command Button Wizard
Build Event
Embedded Macros
OpenReport Macro Command
Where Condition
VBA Code Editor
Docmd.OpenReport acViewPreview

02. EmailDatabaseObject SendObject (17:49)
Mail Report in Command Button Wizard
EmailDatabaseObject Macro Command
Specify Output Format PDF
Send to Static Email Address
Send to Current Customer
To, Cc, Bcc Fields
Subject Line
Message Text
Edit Message
Unsafe Actions
Access Security Warnings
Access VBA SendObject Command
Adding FirstName to Custom Message Text
Limitations of SendObject Method

03. Email Merge to Word (16:14)
Pros and Cons
External Data, Word Merge
Send Company Newsletter
Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard
Use Current Document
Use an Existing List
Edit Recipient List
Edit Document - Compose Email
Add Formatted Text
Insert Hyperlinks
Insert Pictures
Layout Email with Tables
Complete the Merge
Merge to E-mail
Embedded Images

04. Automating Outlook Email 1 (22:54)
Create Send Email Form
VBA Primer with MsgBox
Adding a Reference to Outlook
Microsoft Outlook 15.0 Object Library
CreateObject, CreateItem
To, Subject, Body Properties
Displaying the Message
Sending the Message Immediately
Outlook Security Warning
Send to Multiple TO Recipients
Add a CC and BCC
Stop Code Execution
Invalid Use of Null
Checking for Required Values
If Not IsNull

05. Automating Outlook Email 2 (27:09)
Sending Formatted Emails
Plain Text vs Rich Text
HTML Codes in Text
Using Word for Exporting HTML
HTML Filtered
Putting Images Files to the Web
Upload to Google Drive
Change URL in HTML for Image
Switch from Plain to Rich Text
Send to Outlook

06. Automating Outlook Email 3 (15:44)
Create Separate Email Form for HTML
Send Email Button on Customer Form
OpenForm Command
Set Forms!EmailF!MsgTo to EmailAddress
Send Balance Report via Automation
Creating Your Own Subroutine
Switching Plain v Rich Text in VBA
Enter Key Behavior for New Lines

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