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Microsoft Access Email Seminar
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   7 years ago

The Microsoft Access Email Seminar will teach you just about everything there is to know about sending and receiving email using Microsoft Access - with or without Microsoft Outlook. This seminar is for the intermediate to advanced Access developer. Topics include:

  • Microsoft Access Email SeminarSend Email Using Outlook
  • Export Access Reports as PDFs
  • Attach Files to Outgoing Email
  • Disable Outlook Security Warnings
  • Mail Merge Using Access and Word
  • Create Rich Text or HTML Email
  • Include Images in Emails
  • Broadcast Bulk Email Batches
  • Send Email Without Outlook
  • Connect Directly to a Mail Server
  • Create an Email from a Web Page
  • Embed Custom Mail Merge Fields
  • Add a Send Delay to Large Batches
  • Build Regular Email Templates
  • Assign Customers to Mailing Lists
  • Construct a Mail Server Database
  • Acquire Data from Incoming Emails
  • Build a Web Form to Collect Survey Data
  • Extract Files from Access Attachments
  • Track Email Deliverability
  • Email to SMS (Text Message) Gateways
  • Extract Attachments from Incoming Mail Click

Click here for more information on the Microsoft Access Email Seminar, including a complete course outline, sample video, sample database file, and lots more.

NEW! See my updated video for sending Email using Access and Outlook: Send Outlook Email


  • You may have to turn 2-factor authentication OFF for your Google account if you're having problems sending mail. I'd recommend creating a 2nd account just for sending mail from Access. This way your primary account is still safe and secure with 2FA.
  • You may need to make an App Password for your Google account. Go into your Google Account settings (not Gmail, your Google Account) and go to Security - Signing in to Google - App passwords. There you can setup a special username and password just for your Access app to send email thru your Gmail account. Not sure if I covered this in the seminar or not because it wasn't required at the time.


Problem setting up Gmail Upload Images   Link  
Michel Paul 
4 months ago
I have been following the seminar and did the exercice along with the lessons.

In lesson 12, I have setup the Gmail SMTP configuration as explained on the video, except when I try to send the e-mail I get an error "The transport failed to connect to the server"

When I hit the Debug button, it highlights the "Msg.Send" part of the code. The error message doesn't mean anything to me.

I have checked my G-mail configuration and the double verification is turned off.

Can you help?
Richard Rost
4 months ago
You have to make sure two-factor authentication is off. Make sure your ports are correct. There's not much more I can tell you. As long as you followed the steps from the seminar exactly, it should work. Is your password correct? Check all of your spelling. Without seeing your database, it's impossible for me to tell what's wrong. Does the sample database work?
Michel Paul
4 months ago

Michel Paul
4 months ago

Michel Paul
4 months ago

Michel Paul
4 months ago

Michel Paul
4 months ago

Michel Paul
4 months ago

Thanks for your time.

I have uploaded screen capture of the problem and also captures from the VB editor.

I have verified my Gmail account and confirmed the two-factor authentication is off.

I also verified my user and password for Gmail by adding the account to Outlook without any problems.

I believe that I have followed the instruction correctly.

Hope you can find the issue or I will have to use the outlook methods, because these seem to work.
Scott Axton
4 months ago
Michel -
Have not tried this but you may need to turn on the Allow less secure Apps.
Its on the account management page under the security tab.
Scott Axton
4 months ago

Richard Rost
4 months ago
This is new. It was added after I recorded the Seminar. I never had to do it, but from what I see online some people say this fixes problems: Display Unlock Captcha.
Richard Rost
4 months ago
You could also try using port 587
Richard Rost
4 months ago
You could also be timing out. Try setting a longer timeout duration:

smtpconnectiontimeout = 30
Richard Rost
4 months ago
This could also be a FIREWALL problem. If you have a firewall on your network (hardware or software) you may need to open up the port you're using.
Michel Paul
4 months ago
Hi everyone that responded.

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Finally Scott solution about  turning on the Allow less secure Apps in the Gmail account, seem to have done the trick.
I don't receive errors anymore and the e-mail go through fine

Thanks Scott and everyone else that have responded.

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