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Asset Management Seminar Part 1
By Richard Rost   Richard Rost on Facebook Richard Rost on Twitter Richard Rost on LinkedIn Email Richard Rost   5 years ago

In the Microsoft Access Asset Management Seminar, Part 1 you will learn how to build a database to manage your assets. You will learn how to create grouped assets (with unlimited grouping levels), track locations, owners, values, and keep a complete log of changes to the asset's history.

- Develop proper asset management tables, queries, and forms
- Create asset groupings (unlimited parent / child relationships)
- Track asset owner, location, condition, values, serial number, more.
- Maintain a change history for any changes to asset

This seminar is 2 hours and 9 minutes long. Click here for more information on the Microsoft Access Asset Management Seminar, Part 1 including a complete course outline, sample videos, and lots more.

Asset Seminar Part 2 Link 
Richard Rost     
5 months ago
This is back on the consideration list. Who is still interested?
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Part 2 Link 
Mary Phillips     
22 months ago
I see Part 2 was intended a long time ago.  Is it still a possibility?  If so, when could it be expected?
Thank you.
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Part 2 Link 
Leon L 
2 years ago
Hoping to also see a part 2 to this series.
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Part 2 Link 
3 years ago
Part 1 was done in 2015. Its now almost 2018. Will there be a part 2?

Reply from Alex Hedley:

Back in the Saddle is asking for Seminar suggestions, cast your vote there! Read More...
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Asset Management Seminar Part 1 Link 
Shane J     
3 years ago
Can't wait to see Part2
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Asset Management Part 2 Link 
Deon R     
3 years ago
Hi Richard,

- Scan barcodes
- generate barcodes
- Depreciation - Accumulated depreciation
- Financial report on Asset depreciation

Just to mention a few.

We could really use part 2 of this Seminar. Read More...
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Asset Management Seminar Part 1 Link 
Sam W 
3 years ago
Did you ever complete Asset Management Part 2?  I have ordered Part 1 and would like to see what you have developed in Part 2.  I am interested in the Bar Codes (especially how to enter bar codes already used), I am also interested in the tracking changes (how to display name or serial number, not just the item numbers 9 to 4). I would also like to see how to list items in a particular location in a report style (I have 100's or even 1,000's of pieces I track and would like to list all of these items in 1 report for inventory purposes, plus add bar codes to this list). Read More...
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Asset Management Seminar Part 1 Link 
Jon T 
3 years ago
Hi Alex, yes, exactly.  It would be great to have a log where an asset is loaned out to an entity and you have a loan record where the from and to date are completed with the to field completed when they return the asset. Read More...
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Asset Management Seminar Part 1 Link 
Jon Turner 
3 years ago
I'm in agreement with all the elements you say you're looking at introducing but as with some other comments, I'd like to track signing out equipment to individuals in a 'temporary loan' subform/table.  Also, I'd like to be able to tackle the servicing of assets and keeping servicing records. Read More...
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Part 2 Link 
James Gray     
3 years ago
Any ideas of timing for the second seminar?  Seems like Rich is pretty busy lately and new courses are coming out pretty slowly....

Reply from Alex Hedley:

I think Rich wants to finish the Macros for Advanced and release a few Beginner 2016 courses for Excel/Word etc. Read More...
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