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Austin Ritner      
4 years ago
When I try to open all of the orders for a certain customer, it asks me to enter parameter value: Forms!OrderF!OrderID.

The WHERE condition on the button is CustomerID=Forms!CustomerF!CustomerID.

How do I fix this?
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
Somewhere you must be asking for that OrderID. Walk me through your steps. Are you opening a FORM or a REPORT? Are you using the Wizard?
Austin Ritner      
4 years ago
Trying to open a report and yes using the wizard. Trying to make it so I can view ALL orders for a customer in a report instead of the one thats currently open.

I copy/pasted the button onto the CustomerF and thats when it asks for the OrderID.

I've gotten it so that it's filtered to JUST the one on the screen, but it's just viewing all invoices for that particular customer that I'm having an issue with.
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
I had to review lesson 1 to see what I did. It's been a while since I recorded that lesson. Honestly I don't use this method myself. I almost never use macros, but I teach them in Expert classes because it's easier than VBA. I may change that in the future. Macros can be confusing. Somehow that macro is still looking for your OrderID. I would recommend creating the button new from scratch. Don't copy the other one. Your where condition should be correct. There are actually better methods of doing this. You can use VBA with a WHERE condition. I cover that in Access Developer 5 where I show printing checks. You can also do it with a query, like I show in this Tip Video. I should make an updated TechHelp video on this one.
Austin Ritner      
4 years ago
ok, on Order2Q, i still have the OrderID field and the criteria in that field is Forms!OrderF!OrderID

Could that guy be the culprit? Do I need to just take that out?
Austin Ritner      
4 years ago
oh my goodness. I just took out that criteria on Order2Q and it worked. I see all orders for a particular customer.... ugh... guess i just needed some fresh eyes. been working on this DB for quite a while haha
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
That happens. LOL. It took me a few minutes because I have to put myself in the mindset of the student. I had to review what I covered in that lesson because my mind is always thinking of the most efficient way to do things in Access (which is usually the more advanced). You can do this with one line of VBA code:

Docmd.OpenReport "ReportNameR",,,"CustomerID=" & Forms!CustomerF!CustomerID

But that's not something you'll get to until Access Developer 5.

Richard Rost             
4 years ago
In any event, I haven't covered this in a TechHelp video yet and that Tip video is quite old. Maybe I'll record an update. The list for TechHelp requests is pretty long tho.

This thread is now CLOSED. If you wish to comment, start a NEW discussion in Access Expert 13.


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