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ABCD Part 2 Lesson 4 Upload Images   Link   Email  
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
Posted Lesson 4. It's uploading now. Should be done in about 30 minutes (it's big - over 50 min long). Developed groups for entities to be in (students, parents, vendors, employees, whatever you want to create!) Many to many relationship, so people can be in multiple groups, and groups can have multiple people. Forms to jump between them. Good lesson!
Michelle Maughan       
4 years ago
Hi Richard
Me again! Lesson 4 keeps stopping at 14.31.
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
OK. I'll recompile and re-upload it. That happens sometimes with these big video files. You can skip ahead in the video if you catch it before it locks up, but you'll miss a little. Recompiling it usually fixes it. Give me about an hour.
Alex Hedley              
4 years ago
Can you add the same Entity to a group multiple times?
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
Probably. I didn't put anything in there to prevent it. I'll add this to the bug fix list.
Michelle Maughan       
4 years ago
Hi Richard
After the SQL sort at the very end of lesson, I now get "Enter Parameter Value" EntityListName.
I have gone over the code again and again and can't find an error. i have copied and pasted below. Was working great until then. HELP.

Public Sub LoadGroupMembers()
    GroupSubF.Form.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM EntityXGroupQ WHERE GroupID=" & GroupList & " ORDER BY EntityListName"
    GroupSubF.Form.AllowAdditions = True

End Sub
Alex Hedley              
4 years ago
Does EntityListName exist in your EntityXGroupQ?
Have you tried making a new Query in the Editor, hard coding the GroupID and testing it that way?
This Query did change in versions, did you pick an earlier version and not add the extra columns with the new name calculations?
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
99% of the time unexpected "Enter Parameter Value" prompts are caused by a misspelling somewhere.
Michelle Maughan       
4 years ago
I know... you have said that many times. I just can't find it!
I will try again now that i have had a sleep, hopefully fresh eyes will find it.
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
I don't know how many times I spent HOURS trying to hunt down a bug... late at night... tired as can be... then I sleep on it and find the problem FIRST thing in the morning... like DUH!
Michelle Maughan       
4 years ago
Would you believe a restart fixed the problem! I forgot about the obvious!
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
I absolutely 100% do believe that. I've seen that a million times. Hence, the Troubleshooter.

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