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Brent Rinehart         
4 years ago
I am loving the direction the ABCD Database is going keep it coming, I really think all the bugs and problems I have had with my database I built which is very simple can be very powerful going in the direction as the ABCD database is. If you could either setup a module similar to what I am looking to have done, point me in the right direction or let me know what it might cost to set something up like what I am mentioning below I would appreciate it, as I have mentioned before I have been working on this database to keep track off projects for my work, but my company doesn't pay me for my learning or time in preparing this database, I do it because I love this stuff. If I have not mentioned before I work for an Engineering/ Construction Firm my database is to keep track of new projects and all the stuff pertaining to that project.

Each New Project would track the following:

JobNo (in the format A20152)
Project Name
Project Address
Client Name
All Client Info
Contacts for the project
oTracking numbers
oTracking Emails
oTracking Titles
Employees Assigned to the project
oThere will be multiple titles working on the project within the company
Client Purchase Order
Contract Price
Rates for the different people that will be working on the project
Date Added
Date Completed/Closed

Thank You for your time and your amazing classes.

Brent Rinehart
Richard Rost             
4 years ago
I was definitely planning on putting a Project Management module in the ABCD. It's coming. When? I can't exactly say. I'm getting a LOT of other requests by Email. If you want me to bump it up on the priority list, contact me. Otherwise, hang in there. It's on the way. :)

One thing I'm going to do is allow things like Addresses (from the Address table) to be able to attach to different types of records. For example, right now an Address attaches to an Entity via the EntityID. Well, if we add a ProjectID to the Address table, then all we have to do is make the EntityID=0 in the AddressT (then it won't show up for any Entities) but then assign it a ProjectID and it will show up there. We can use the same table, same subform, etc. without reusing code. Same with phone numbers.

Now to assign Contacts to the project, we would just have a junction table ProjectsXEntitiesT with a subform on the project table.

It'll get there. Feel free to post any other notes / recommendations you have here on this thread and when I start it, I'll refer to them.

This thread is now CLOSED. If you wish to comment, start a NEW discussion in ABCD Features In Development.


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