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Katherine Slama     
3 years ago
In my database, my work order form and associated material list form for that WO is similar to the one in this seminar. What I would like to do is create a new work order record "Y" by coping specific records from an existing work order "X" (which I've figured out how to do using a button). What I also want to happen when I click this button is to also copy the material list from my existing work order "X" to my new work order "Y". Is this possible? Do you already have a video on this (free OR to purchase)???
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Yeah, you'd have to copy a record along with all of it's related (child) records. Like copying a customer with all of their contacts. It can certainly be done but you'll want to use a recordset. I would be happy to add this to the list of topics for the next Developer class.
Katherine Slama     
3 years ago
Thanks Richard! I had a feeling that was going to be your response... Seems like I'll be looking into learning more about record sets
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
I mean you COULD do it with a bunch of GoToRecord commands and some Append Queries, but that's messy and doesn't work 100% of the time. You could copy the current OrderID to a variable, copy the current Order to a blank new one, then run an append query to copy all of the other order's detail items... it's just a mess. I'd much rather use a recordset.
Katherine Slama     
3 years ago
I'd rather keep it clean and I'm interested in expanding my Access knowledge anyways, so I'll be looking into your recordset courses. Thank you so much!
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
I added this as an example for the current class. I'll probably be able to get it into D24, if not D25. If you really want to learn Recordsets from the beginning, start with D16.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Added to D24. Turned out to be a REAL good couple of lessons!
Katherine Slama     
3 years ago
Ooooooh! I can't wait to check it out! Thanks Richard!!!!

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