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Scott Axton            
3 years ago
In the Extended Cut, at about 7:07 you say "I gotta come up with a tool that does this automatically...."

Well maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. (I know you can because I'm much older than you.)  
I can't remember where I learned this trick but it saves a TON of time when creating continuous forms.

1. Open a copy of ContinuousF

2. Set the Control Source in Properties

3. From the Add Existing Fields drag over the fields you want.  Arrange them vertically in the same order you want them to be from left to right.  They don't have to be aligned perfect left to right just stacked up and down.

4. Now select all the fields and click on the Arrange menu.  In the Table section, choose the "Tabular" button.

5. That will put the labels in the Form Header and leave the text boxes in the Detail section. BUT... you are in Layout mode now.

6. Deselect the group by clicking in the background of the detail.  Now click and resize each individual text box the way you want them.  Notice that all the other fields scoot away or follow the sizing (larger or smaller) still staying spaced.

7. Once you have everything pretty much the way you want it, Click and Drag in the margin to select both the labels and the fields.

8. Still on the Arrange menu, Choose the "Remove Layout".  Now you can individually move and size the fields or labels because they are not grouped any longer.
   You are back in Design Mode at this point and not in Layout Mode.

8a. For Reports you may have to select the labels and move them to the Report Header depending on the look you want AFTER removing the Layout.

Hope this helps!!  Scott (Axton) in Colorado Springs, CO
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Thanks, Scott! I really appreciate it when one of my students teaches me something. :)

I played with the "layout view" and "arrange" menu when it was first introduced (2007 or 2010 if memory serves). I remember not liking it. I had it completely mess up some of my other formatting and even some code! So since then I disowned it.

However this new trick you taught me is pretty cool. Thanks! I really haven't experimented much with layout techniques since I just told myself they were evil. Set in my ways, I suppose.

I think I'm going to make a video out of this! Thanks again.
Scott Axton            
3 years ago
Yeah - I'm not a fan of Layout Mode either.  I much prefer the design mode for the  flexibility  it gives you.
This is probably the only time I do use it and only before I put any code behind any of the fields.

Glad you liked it!
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Video finished. Uploading and posting it now!
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
All done! Arrange Tabular. Thanks again for the great tip. That will save me a lot of time in my videos. I'm sure my other students will appreciate it too.
Dan Jackson              
2 years ago
Cool Vid, cheers guys. Its an easy trick to learn but will save SO much time and great for us with OCD and everything has to align PERFECTLY!

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