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Despina Karayanni 
Hello Richard,
I used this module (the analog clock), together with the calendar control module, in the appointments single forms (in the form DatepickerF) and they both appear wonderfully! However, I didn't manage to use them in continuous forms (e.g. the contact subform (customer w contacts-the parent form). Actually, what calendar control module did was that it filled in all the empty records with the same date that I had chosen for just a specific cell. I didn't make any attempt with the clock (cause I thought that I would face the same problem). Do you have some piece of advice upon this matter? Thank you very much in advance.
Despina Karayanni
Hello again,
I abandoned the embedded version, which produced the aforementioned problem in the continuous form contactF and I tried the popup version.
The popup version of the date picker (mydate2), together with the analog clock in the continuous form contactF,  and it worked O.K. However, as a subform (the CustomerContactF is the parent form) it doesn't work. Both modules give a message that they can't find the ContactF. Furthermore, I get the following debug messages:

1) for the date (mydate2) I get:   RDate = Nz(Forms(ReturnForm).Controls(ReturnField).Value, 0)

2) for the MyTime1:    RTime = Nz(Forms(ReturnForm).Controls(ReturnField).Value, Now())
  MinuteHand.Top = DLookup("LineTop", "HandInfoT", "HandValue=" & myMinute + 100)

How can I define the path of the returnform and the settings for the timer mytime1?
Thanks you very much again.
Richard Rost
OK, I took some time today and reviewed the template. It would take a MAJOR rewrite of the SelectTime function to allow the Time Picker to return a value to a subform. In fact, it would probably be easier to just write an entirely new function. I would suggest just hard code the location you want to return the value to into a copy of the popup timer form.
Despina Karayanni
Thank you for your reply, however how could I do this? Can you be more specific? Thank you very much again.
Despina Karayanni
Hello again,
To be more specific, I copied the code and did a copy of the popup timer, it appears OK. in the subform, however, it does not paste the selected time on the specific time field. Any help? Thank you very much again.
Adam Schwanz
Sorry I probably won't be much help because this is one I don't own, so I can't see the code. Are you trying to use it to select a time from inside of a subform and apply it to the main form?

However, If you can read and follow along what the code is doing, what I would do is hard code it, as Richard said, so it doesn't mess up things elsewhere. Go through that new hard coded function and find where it's getting any values from, and where it's sending any values to and hard code the fields it needs into it, instead of sending it the values.
Richard Rost
The popup form returns a value to the form and field you specify. Instead of doing that, you can just make a specific popup form that your subform calls - make a copy of mine - and just hard code the result to go back to a specific place, like:


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