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Calculating GST Upload Images   Link   Email  
Dave Ingram      
3 years ago
In an earlier lesson we had state taxes, federal taxes etc. I understand perfectly. In new Zealand we have just one sales tax called G.S.T. ( Goods & Services Tax) @15%.
All goods are sold inclusive of G.S.T. To get the G.S.T. content you have to multiply by 3 then / 23 which gives you the G.S.T. content. To normalise the Data Base how can I have this in on place i.e. in the Organisational table. At the moment I have the calculations in the queries, which is not ideal. I am sure the answer is simple, it just escapes me at the moment.
Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
If I understand what you're saying, you just want an easy way to always use NZ tax, you could make a global function and send it the number in question.

Something like

Public Function NZTax (X As Double)
X * 3 / 23
End Function

Then just send it the value in your calculations

Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Don't forget the Superman III Problem.

Public Function NZTax (X As Currency) As Currency
   NZTax = Round(X*3/23,2)
End Function

Juan C Rivera             
3 years ago
Good Morning Richard I like the NZ with a function.  this is a 1st for me on your next talk Quick Queries can you talk on this or maybe do a tech tip and include this?
Big Thanks
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
Juan, I've already covered NZ a LOT in my other lessons. Like this one.
Richard Rost             
3 years ago
But I think you might have that confused with NZTax - which Adam so named because it's for New Zealand. Nothing special about that function name. :)
Dave Ingram      
3 years ago
Thanks for the input. This where my lack of knowledge takes over. I understand the function, not sure where I put it? I am only at level 12 on the expert series, with a long way to go yet. Really appreciate the help.
Juan C Rivera             
3 years ago
WOW I need to make sure i have coffee before sending emails. When I saw NZTax () my eyes saw Public Function NZ(tax) as currency.  I was just stun that that was possible.  Now 3 cups of Cafe Bustelo Im bouncing off the walls I see what I did.  
Sorry everyone, just going crazy here.

Adam Schwanz             
3 years ago
Yea Dave, you might want to hold off on this until you reach developer classes and actually get into VBA, it's jumping a few too many steps. Just remember it's possible and work to it.

I can tell you to put it in a global module, but you may not understand that either or how the function works throughout the database.

You'll have a much better understanding and appreciation for VBA if you hold off on it until you start the developer lessons.

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